We have been receiving death threats from John-Karl Robin and reported this to the RCMP + instances in Canada. We are truly scared for our lives due to the death threats.
Let's not forget that John Karl Robin stole over 800.000 USD from multiple investors. He is currently playing a victim. Also he has been frauding with documents. John Karl Robin is not a victim in this case, he is the one who has been frauding and should face prison for his crimes.

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John-Karl Robin takes it a step further by photoshopping fake Binance and BitMEX e-mails claiming his accounts to be locked.

According to John-Karl Robin this is all fake!

And ofcourse a new 'statement'

Did John-Karl Robin get locked out of his accounts?

No. The screenshots are fabricated by John-Karl Robin himself.

How do we know?

Confirmed on Reddit by the Binance support and BitMEX's CTO. But John-Karl Robin is obviously still in denial.

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Original Binance Reddit thread

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