👻 John Karl Robin and Aurore Robin

Learn in the series of events how John Karl Robin liquidates over $1.000.000 USD and leaves his investor (Kai Siong Leow) behind with $0

MIRROR Direct link: https://koinvx.exposed/audiofiles/CryptHawk20200313.mp4 (290 MB)
Due to the multiple DMCA claims of John Karl Robin at Mega.nz. There is a direct mirror link (self-hosted) if the video above is unavailable
💭 Discord chat history

The complete chat history between John Karl Robin and Kai Siong Leow. You can read in the series of events how the investor owns more than $1.000.000 in crypto assets. John proceeds to drain him out his money with so called 'service fees' worth more than $41,450.

📉 ByBit trade history

The complete history of all the Bybit trades John Karl Robin made on the account. Includes losing more than $400.000 in a few trades.

📖 Summarized communications

This document created by Kai Siong Leow shows how much money Kai Siong Leow gave John to trade with, how much money was used as service fees and more. It explains the whole story in detail.

📞 Scammed by John Karl Robin?

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