CryptKai10/16/2019, 5:39:15 PM

Hi CH, how do i join for accumulation strategy? I have 100k XRP for trading.

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:39:41 PM

you know the details?

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:39:47 PM

saw that in the channel?

CryptKai10/16/2019, 5:39:58 PM

i dont know details

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:40:07 PM

1. It's 100% stress free and no need to look at the charts non stop! 2. I give you a list of buy/sell orders to put at different levels with a specific amount depending on your stack. 3. You respect that you make money and you accumulate. It's based on data and an algo only. 4. We buy and sell at different points to better optimize the take profits and the buy back and not miss anything in case of a stronger move. 5. It comes with a full educational package for free, private streams and group chat / voice sessions. 6. It's rolling continuously it means we can get filled non stop without being worried of sleeping or being away! 7. Minimum requirement is 20k XRP (you trade yourself). Depending on your amount it requires a stronger strategy with more orders depending on the liquidity but again it does not require to day trade and be on the charts 24/7 You receive targets in a private group and have discussions 24/7 with education too We make 9-11% min per week My fee is 8.5% one time lifetime, I have 4 spots left, 60 members right now and some big whales playing 1Mil+ so you can learn more

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:40:09 PM


CryptKai10/16/2019, 5:42:35 PM

wow... i can trade 1 mil XRP too?

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:42:52 PM

if you have them lol

CryptKai10/16/2019, 5:43:44 PM

what's your fee? Any discount?

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:44:04 PM

I do it depends how much you play

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:44:11 PM

above a certain level it's a personal strategy

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:44:23 PM

it means we work differently like I'm your everyday guide

CryptKai10/16/2019, 5:44:40 PM

1 mil XRP.

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:44:56 PM

ok so we can work on something

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:44:59 PM

if you behave

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:45:04 PM

I'm gonna make you a lot of money

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:45:13 PM

we're gonna play on the liquidity and stuff like these

CryptKai10/16/2019, 5:45:17 PM

thanks CH

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:45:22 PM

we're going to optimize etc

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:45:25 PM

so for the fee 5%

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:45:32 PMEdited 10/16/2019, 5:45:36 PM

is that fine and we can work on a big plan

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:45:50 PM

5% is lifetime you make it back in less than a week

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:47:00 PM

we can also play alts

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:47:06 PM

if you want to leverage we can also

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:47:26 PM

and I start now because it's going to start right now for some strong moves

CryptKai10/16/2019, 5:47:40 PM

i only have access to Coinbase Pro and Kraken currently.

CryptKai10/16/2019, 5:48:07 PM

what exchanges you use?

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:48:29 PM

coinbase pro is fine

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:48:31 PM

kraken too

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:48:37 PM

binance if you have

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:48:41 PM

or bitfinex

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:48:50 PM

bitfinex with vpn is great

CryptKai10/16/2019, 5:49:23 PM

i have institutional accts in Coinbase Prime and Kraken. And i can call OTC desk in Ktaken if need to sell large orders.

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:49:30 PM

oh cool

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:49:35 PM

that's really nice to work

CryptKai10/16/2019, 5:49:51 PM

i cannot trade in Binance due to US rusident

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:51:38 PM

yeah but finex with a vpn

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:51:40 PM

would be amazing

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:51:43 PM

but we can work on the rest

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:51:50 PM

my other big boy is on coinbase pro

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:52:09 PM

you want to play some alts too?

CryptKai10/16/2019, 5:54:15 PM


CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:54:47 PM

we have some nice setups here

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:54:59 PM

could put you on some good quick swings

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:55:04 PM

like 2-4 days max too

CryptKai10/16/2019, 5:55:37 PM

Thats great.

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:57:22 PM

kinda smooth strategy as I give you everything

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:57:28 PM

entry / exit / volume etc

CryptKai10/16/2019, 5:57:32 PM

im based at Texas.

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:57:48 PM

so if you're in we can start

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:57:59 PM

and we catch some good entries before it starts

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:58:04 PM

because it might not take long

CryptKai10/16/2019, 5:58:26 PM

yes im in

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:58:36 PM

gonna upgrade you

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:58:38 PM

let's roll

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 5:58:46 PM

you can pay in XRP / BTC / ETH I don't care

CryptKai10/16/2019, 5:59:22 PM


CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:00:26 PM

just tell me and go I give you the wallet

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:00:29 PM

upgrade you

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:00:36 PM

you have immediate access to the channels with the guys

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:00:39 PMEdited 10/16/2019, 6:00:41 PM

and I start working

CryptKai10/16/2019, 6:00:51 PM

Yes, Im in

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:01:10 PM

how do you prefer to pay the 5%

CryptKai10/16/2019, 6:01:22 PM


CryptKai10/16/2019, 6:01:38 PM

how much XRP?

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:01:45 PM

gonna be 5% so 50K lifetime

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:01:52 PM

and all the strategies in everything

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:02:13 PM

and we roll now

CryptKai10/16/2019, 6:02:29 PM

now? im at work..... full time 😒

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:02:35 PM

yeah I mean now

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:02:41 PM

not like right now lol

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:02:46 PM

I mean I start working on everything

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:02:56 PM

and start by giving you some setups, targets and shit

CryptKai10/16/2019, 6:03:03 PM


CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:03:24 PM

no prob

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:03:27 PM

no rush

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:03:31 PM

rLW9gnQo7BQhU6igk5keqYnH3TVrCxGRzm Tag: 185997484 50K XRP

CryptKai10/16/2019, 6:04:26 PM


CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:12:49 PM

yeah sure

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:12:59 PM

Bitifnex is non US unfortunately

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:13:10 PM

but would have been nice

CryptKai10/16/2019, 6:14:40 PM

i also have access to CALEB & BROWN to set up custom trade on any crypto but the fee is about 2.75%

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:15:54 PM

oh yeah forget about this

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:15:57 PM

kraken is perfect

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:16:10 PM

binance US might worth the shot too

CryptKai10/16/2019, 6:16:38 PM

Unable yo open binance US due to Texas rwsidwnt

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:16:44 PM

oh shit

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:18:28 PM

yes please

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:18:30 PM

would be amazing

CryptKai10/16/2019, 6:19:36 PM

i can take half day off if there is an urgent opportunity....

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:19:46 PM

ok good to know

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:19:52 PM

but normally should be ok

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:20:02 PM

as I know targets like 24-48h before

CryptKai10/16/2019, 6:20:18 PM


CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:20:52 PM

will be easy to roll like this

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:20:57 PM

and have access to alts with binance

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:21:16 PM

you keep me posted when you send the XRP over I will confirm and I'm currently working on it right now

CryptKai10/16/2019, 6:22:16 PM

give me an hour.... i go home to send it to u

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 6:23:15 PM

yeah no rush

CryptKai10/16/2019, 7:28:01 PM

i will send 50k XRP to you after work, tonight.

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 7:28:42 PM

yeah sure no prob

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 7:28:49 PM

just keep me posted so I can start working

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 7:30:46 PM

I have a lot of work to do on your strategy

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 7:34:04 PM

I can do that

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 7:34:06 PM

no prob

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 7:34:13 PM

with this stack I really can easily

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 10:13:12 PM

OK I'm ready

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 10:13:20 PM

reviewed and work on the next setups

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 10:13:24 PM

we're good to roll

CryptKai10/16/2019, 11:23:14 PM

Thanks!! I will folow your signals religiously.

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:23:24 PM

of course you will lol

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:23:38 PM

and you will make money not religiously ha ha

CryptKai10/16/2019, 11:23:56 PM


CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:24:18 PM

keep me posted when you're back I'm all ready

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:24:24 PM

you tell me also if you have fiat on exchanges

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:24:28 PM

or other coins like btc etc

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:24:34 PM

to work on alts strategies

CryptKai10/16/2019, 11:25:24 PM

im still at work. I will send 1 XRP as test. After confirm I will send the rest 49,999 XRP.

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:25:39 PM

1 will be rejected by finex

CryptKai10/16/2019, 11:25:43 PM

Give me about 2 hrs.

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:25:49 PM

but address works just sent from my ledger 100k

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:25:58 PM

yeah yeah no prob

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:26:06 PM

I'm already working hard on the whole thing

CryptKai10/16/2019, 11:27:46 PM

looking forward to learn a few TA tricks from you.

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:27:58 PM


CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:28:15 PM

I'm starting new education classes for the people in the accumulation program

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:29:03 PM

could start fast with that stack

CryptKai10/16/2019, 11:29:28 PM

U give me lots of hope and encouragement.. thanks

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:29:37 PM

I mean you have 1Mil XRP

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:29:45 PM

it's kinda easy to use this to make at least 15k min per week

CryptKai10/16/2019, 11:30:10 PM

Really?! super excited

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:30:11 PM

I use 100k$ in trading and make 25k per week

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:30:23 PM

it's just about choosing the right coins

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:30:26 PM

and swing them fast

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:30:47 PM

made 17k in 4 days with bat

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:30:50 PM

now riding XRP

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:31:02 PM

Will ride OMG to make 20k at least

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:31:13 PM

It's all about riding the good ones and leaving at the perfect time

CryptKai10/16/2019, 11:31:43 PM

but im currently confined at Kraken and Coinbase Prime. I will apply institutional accts at Bitrue, Binance US and Bitstamp tonight.

CryptKai10/16/2019, 11:32:08 PM

Do you use Bitrue?

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:32:19 PM

fine for me kraken

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:32:23 PM

I don't like bitrue

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:32:29 PM

Bitstamp is fine

CryptKai10/16/2019, 11:32:29 PM

it has access to many alt but nit much liquidity

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:32:35 PM

Binance US is perfct

CryptKai10/16/2019, 11:32:40 PM


CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:32:46 PM

binance will be nice

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:35:53 PM

bitfinex with no KYC and VPN would be nice

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:35:58 PM

no real prob

CryptKai10/16/2019, 11:36:56 PM

ok but i assume can't trade large vol with no kyc

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:37:29 PM

you do

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:37:36 PM

bitfinex is not a prob

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:37:44 PM

they require KYC for FIAT

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:37:52 PM

I trade 1.2MIL$ on finex

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:37:55 PM

no KYC

CryptKai10/16/2019, 11:38:18 PM

good to know... then i will get a non kyc acct at bitfinex tonight

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:39:19 PM

get a vpn tho

CryptKai10/16/2019, 11:39:43 PM

i have vpn.... Express VPN

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:40:55 PM


CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:41:05 PM

And bitfinex let's be honest is the best platform

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:41:12 PM

in term of usage it's crazy how simple it is

CryptKai10/16/2019, 11:42:05 PM

great to have pro trader... thank you

CryptHawk10/16/2019, 11:42:16 PM

will help you to understand everything

CryptKai10/17/2019, 1:00:21 AM

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 1:00:27 AM

got it

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 1:00:31 AM


CryptKai10/17/2019, 1:00:36 AM


CryptHawk10/17/2019, 1:00:41 AM

we're all good

CryptKai10/17/2019, 1:00:57 AM

49000 on the way

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 1:02:45 AM

ok will check I'm live

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 1:05:43 AM

not there yet

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 1:05:46 AM

will tell you

CryptKai10/17/2019, 1:06:11 AM


CryptHawk10/17/2019, 1:08:25 AM

got it

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 1:08:31 AM

upgrading you

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 1:08:34 AM

and let's roll

CryptKai10/17/2019, 1:08:44 AMEdited 10/17/2019, 1:09:22 AM

I'm taking tomorrow off work. Will have time to learn whatever you throw at me. I will apply accts at said exchanges later tonight, after putting kids to sleep.

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 1:08:57 AMEdited 10/17/2019, 1:08:59 AM

ok perfect

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 1:09:06 AM

whenever you're here tell me

CryptKai10/17/2019, 1:09:41 AM

im here any time

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 1:09:46 AM

ok cool

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 1:09:59 AM

finishing my live and gonna start sending you some stuff and see if potential

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 1:10:08 AM

also open accounts on finex etc

CryptKai10/17/2019, 1:10:18 AMEdited 10/17/2019, 1:11:05 AM

for now... how much XRP to send to Kraken and Coinbase Prime?

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 1:10:28 AM

that's what I am going to calculate

CryptKai10/17/2019, 1:10:34 AM

ohh.. sorry.. take your time

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:24:03 AM

keep me posted when your exchanges are available

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:24:07 AM

we can start working on bitfinex

CryptKai10/17/2019, 2:24:48 AM

signed up for bfinex.

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:25:01 AM

ok so we can send some there and play

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:25:09 AM

we're gonna start with 200k

CryptKai10/17/2019, 2:25:10 AM


CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:25:32 AM

so we will have them ready to sell on the next wave

CryptKai10/17/2019, 2:26:00 AM

any estimate time? in Days?

CryptKai10/17/2019, 2:26:56 AM

will send 200k XRP to finex in 2 hrs

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:27:01 AM

ok super

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:27:06 AM

next wave days

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:27:12 AM

probably friday

CryptKai10/17/2019, 2:27:16 AM


CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:27:20 AM

maybe the weekend

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:27:27 AM

we'll see depending on the next impulse

CryptKai10/17/2019, 2:27:36 AM

yep.. just follow u

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:27:48 AM

I will give you detailled targets tho

CryptKai10/17/2019, 2:28:02 AM


CryptKai10/17/2019, 2:23:47 PM

Good morning CH

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:23:51 PM

hey there

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:24:07 PM

how are you today

CryptKai10/17/2019, 2:24:20 PM

I have 100k XEP in finwx

CryptKai10/17/2019, 2:24:36 PMEdited 10/17/2019, 2:24:48 PM

feels great

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:24:50 PM

ok perfect so we'll start working on this

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:24:59 PM

do you want to play with a little of leverage

CryptKai10/17/2019, 2:25:05 PM


CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:25:08 PM

ok perfect

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:25:12 PM

we will sell these XRP later

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:25:16 PM

so we will be on USD

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:25:26 PM

and we'll transfer to margin

CryptKai10/17/2019, 2:25:38 PM


CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:26:01 PM

Did you look at bitfinex interface

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:26:07 PM

all is clear or you have any question?

CryptKai10/17/2019, 2:27:15 PM

i need to step away for 30mins... taking the kids to school... let me know the strategy. thanks

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:27:38 PM

no rush

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 2:27:40 PM

we have time

CryptKai10/17/2019, 3:04:31 PM

Hi CH. I'm back. I put 200k XRP in the margin wallet.

CryptKai10/17/2019, 3:04:50 PM

in finex

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 3:04:55 PM

no no

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 3:05:02 PM

we will sell first to usdt when top

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 3:05:08 PM

and we will put these USDT in margin

CryptKai10/17/2019, 3:05:21 PM


CryptKai10/17/2019, 3:06:26 PM

ok , I will wait for your sell XRP to USDT strategy setup.

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 3:06:33 PM


CryptHawk10/17/2019, 3:06:38 PM

because we'll have specific targets

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 3:06:45 PM

then we will be able to play for real

CryptKai10/17/2019, 3:07:52 PM

Now, I transfer all 200k XRP from margin to exchange wallet?

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 3:08:00 PM

no no

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 3:08:05 PM


CryptHawk10/17/2019, 3:08:07 PM


CryptHawk10/17/2019, 3:08:13 PM

did not know you transferred

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 3:08:18 PM

no margin for now

CryptKai10/17/2019, 3:08:25 PM

just want to confirm, thanks

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 3:08:26 PM

we need to sell from exchange to get some usdt first

CryptKai10/17/2019, 3:08:38 PM

yes .. that's my understanding

CryptKai10/17/2019, 3:32:40 PM

I only see XRP/USD pair in finex . There is no XRP/USDT pair.

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 3:33:12 PM


CryptHawk10/17/2019, 3:33:14 PM

this is this one

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 3:33:19 PM

XRPUSD all the time

CryptKai10/17/2019, 3:33:25 PM


CryptKai10/17/2019, 4:43:08 PMEdited 10/17/2019, 5:16:52 PM

Status Update ---------------- My Wallet: 800k XRP (trading) Bitfinex Exchange Wallet: 200k XRP No trade setup yet Exchanges available for trading: 1) Coinbase Prime 2) Kraken 3) 4) Bitfinex Applying Institutional Acct: 1) Binance US 2) Bitstamp

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 5:26:56 PM

Hey we’re probably gonna sell some xrp soon

CryptKai10/17/2019, 5:53:47 PM

I almost sold all

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 5:53:57 PM


CryptHawk10/17/2019, 5:54:00 PM

that's what I wanted

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 5:54:03 PMEdited 10/17/2019, 5:54:05 PM

but got a power outage lol

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 5:54:10 PM

weather is shit today

CryptKai10/17/2019, 5:54:42 PM

That's ok

CryptKai10/17/2019, 5:56:04 PMEdited 10/17/2019, 6:16:33 PM

Status Update ---------------- My Wallet: 800k XRP (trading) Bitfinex Exchange Wallet: $60302 USD (sold 200k XRP at $0.3015)

CryptKai10/17/2019, 6:13:50 PM

Enjoy your coffee.

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 6:16:39 PM

that's perfect

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 6:16:48 PM

we're done for now going to start working on your re-entry plan

CryptKai10/17/2019, 6:17:00 PM


CryptHawk10/17/2019, 6:17:16 PM


CryptKai10/17/2019, 6:43:58 PM

should i sell more xrp?

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 6:45:04 PM

yeah unload here if possible

CryptKai10/17/2019, 6:45:23 PM

ok .. 800k xrp sells

CryptKai10/17/2019, 7:02:31 PM

is 0.295 cent good price to sell 800k XRP?

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 7:02:50 PM

no thought you did it before

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 7:02:53 PM

wait for B retest

CryptKai10/17/2019, 7:03:19 PM

ask Kraken OTC ... they quote me this price.

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 7:03:32 PM

oh it's not the finex one?

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 7:03:35 PM

so just hold

CryptKai10/17/2019, 7:03:42 PM


CryptHawk10/17/2019, 7:03:45 PM

we might play more on finex

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 7:03:53 PM

you sold all on finex I think

CryptKai10/17/2019, 7:04:22 PM

what's the lowest price I can sell at finiex?

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 7:04:46 PM

0.299 now

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 7:04:53 PM

and we can have probably a bit higher

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 7:04:55 PM

by spreading

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 7:04:59 PM

I can work on something

CryptKai10/17/2019, 7:05:08 PM


CryptKai10/17/2019, 10:38:07 PM

Status Update ------------- Bitfinex Exchange Wallet: USD $299,980 (Sold all 1 mil XRP @ $0.29998) Exchanges I can trade: 1) Coinbase Prime 2) Kraken 3) 4) Bitfinex

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 10:38:30 PM


CryptHawk10/17/2019, 10:38:39 PM

at least you sold

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 10:38:46 PM

that's an amazing price

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 10:38:53 PM

so gonna work on the targets to ladder

CryptKai10/17/2019, 10:39:58 PM

Been sitting at home all day long ... might not have such luxury if at work tomorrow. Can you let me know when you have targets so that I can set and forget πŸ™‚

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 10:40:28 PM

yes of course I'm already on it

CryptKai10/17/2019, 10:40:49 PM

Thanks Picasso πŸ™‚

CryptKai10/17/2019, 10:44:52 PM

fyi ... I'm only 5 mins driving distance between home and work. Instead of putting all buy orders, I can stage in several orders at different times, even when I need to set orders during work hours, I can just make a quick trip home to do it.

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 10:45:59 PM

ok perfect we'll see that

CryptHawk10/17/2019, 10:46:05 PM

working on it tho

CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:07:49 AM

Is that the strategy in XRPHive I follow or you have a customized strategy for my case? Margin trade?

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:08:33 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:08:41 AM

do you use margin on finex?

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:08:48 AM

I have to know to prepare something different

CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:09:11 AM

i can margin trade

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:09:16 AM

we will play both

CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:09:24 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:09:27 AM

what's you balance there?

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:09:45 AM

300k I think

CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:09:46 AM

$0 now but I can move

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:09:56 AM

I mean on exchange bitfinex

CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:10:01 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:10:17 AM

ok move 50k to margin for now

CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:10:23 AM


CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:12:31 AM

Done. Moved $50k from exchange to margin wallet in finex

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:14:49 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:15:02 AM

next bounce even if small open a 100k XRP short

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:15:06 AM

SL 0.305

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:15:10 AM

TP 0.29

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:15:27 AM

ladder by 25k when you get some green

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:15:48 AM

or now when it bounces a bit

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:16:04 AM

or you just did it as I saw 100k sell lol

CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:16:14 AM


CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:16:52 AM

what timeframe i should see ... 15 min ?

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:16:57 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:17:06 AM

even starting to sell here asap is good

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:17:12 AM

about to drop

CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:17:15 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:17:20 AM

otherwise you wait for the long

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:17:42 AM

gonna eat back in 45

CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:17:47 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:32:56 AM

Did you open a short

CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:33:25 AM

no πŸ™‚ ... not yet .. learning how to do it πŸ™‚ first time margin trade

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:33:34 AM

Ok next Time

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:33:42 AM

Going to explain after diner

CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:33:56 AM


CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:43:56 AM

First live margin trade now: Margin sell 25k XRP at $0.2991

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:44:31 AM

Perfect add on the way up

CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:44:40 AM


CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:44:46 AM

but how to close the position

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:44:56 AM

Buy the same amount

CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:45:03 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:50:25 AM

let's add some

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:51:33 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:51:36 AM


CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:51:45 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:53:44 AM

short that shit

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:53:46 AM

chop chop

CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:54:00 AM


CryptKai10/18/2019, 12:58:54 AM

Later when in profit, I will close the margin trade with a market order (click x) ?

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:00:42 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:00:55 AM

you can add to position when we rise slowly

CryptKai10/18/2019, 1:01:30 AM

add short position ? That's what I'm doing now.

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:01:42 AM

yeah perfect

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:01:47 AM

till 100k - 150k it's fine

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:01:50 AM

will average

CryptKai10/18/2019, 1:03:08 AM

Status: short 200k XRP at 0.300503

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:03:19 AM

ok let's wait now

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:03:26 AM

should double top

CryptKai10/18/2019, 1:03:29 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:03:40 AM

we wait in case

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:03:43 AM

if truncated 5

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:03:47 AM

we will add a bit higher

CryptKai10/18/2019, 1:03:52 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:03:55 AM

otherwise we close never mind

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:03:59 AM

but should stop here

CryptKai10/18/2019, 1:04:01 AM

i wait

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:04:18 AM

better close at a very small loss in case if I see it wants to continue

CryptKai10/18/2019, 1:04:33 AM

do tell me

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:05:23 AM

yeah for now it's fine

CryptKai10/18/2019, 1:05:30 AM


CryptKai10/18/2019, 1:06:30 AM

That's how you make so much $$ during the bear market ... haha ...

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:07:37 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:07:44 AM

I always have very tight stops

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:07:50 AM

so I can re-enter fast in case

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 1:07:58 AM

it's over here

CryptKai10/18/2019, 1:09:52 AM

yep .. can see it going down

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:48:21 AM

My current status: short 347,486.738676 XRP at $0.30128116

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:49:02 AM

XRP/USD Tradable Balance $226,008.76 LIQUIDATION XRP/USD Maintenance 15.00% Required Equity $15,703.68

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:49:02 AM

ok we stop here

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:49:06 AM

'cause that's big

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:49:10 AM

if we have a tight SL

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:49:16 AM

because loss will be big otherwise

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:49:37 AM

ok ... should I set stop loss?

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:49:52 AM

yes 0.30550

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:49:57 AM

you have to put multiple 100k orders

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:50:23 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:50:31 AM

wouldn't like this trade to be a loss for the first one ha ha

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:50:37 AM

it's strong but showing bear div

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:50:40 AM

so should be good

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:50:55 AM

and choose stop not stop limit

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:51:16 AM

i believe you ... will definitely for gain

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:51:29 AM

yeah sure but we never know a stop hunt or so

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:51:34 AM

these bots are bastards

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:51:39 AM

so tight stop = security

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:51:50 AM

ok .. what stop price? 0.305?

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:51:55 AMEdited 10/18/2019, 2:52:01 AM


CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:52:19 AMEdited 10/18/2019, 2:52:28 AM

put multiple stops ? ladder out?

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:52:30 AM

yeah 100k per 100k

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:52:36 AM


CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:52:45 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:52:49 AM

we cancel them all when below 0.295

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:52:57 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:52:58 AM

but we should be ok here

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:55:25 AM

when we will close we have to close 50k per 50k or 100k

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:55:29 AM

you will set market

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:55:34 AM

50k and 100k

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:55:42 AM

and we will just press on the big dump to buy

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:55:48 AM

careful to not long back at the beginning

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:56:04 AM

because the position is too big we can't close it with the cross on the position

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:56:18 AM


CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:57:04 AMEdited 10/18/2019, 2:59:27 AM

so I'm watching the market or set an margin long order to cancel the short?

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:57:22 AM

sorry for the noob question

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:57:36 AM

I mean margin and not limit

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:57:40 AM

but market when we close

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:57:47 AM

and we buy 50k per 50k or so when it dumps

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:57:57 AM

I will probably be here when it will happen but just in case

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:58:02 AM

you just have to buy back your position

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:58:52 AM

buy clicking "x" that say close the position with market order ... so I have to watch the market until close.

CryptKai10/18/2019, 3:04:37 AM

for setting stop order, i go to exchange buy with stop order at 0.30500-520-530-550 100k per 100k xrp ?

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:06:20 AM

It says close but won’t accept the big volume

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:06:37 AM

You will do the same thing you did when you shorted

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:06:42 AM

But will buy

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:06:47 AM

On margin not exchange

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:39:14 AM

and we are in profits

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:39:28 AM

so this is going to bounce a bit here for wave 2

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:39:32 AM

then it will collapse

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:39:55 AM

so let me explain for the buy back because it will go fast and we want the wick

CryptKai10/18/2019, 3:39:55 AM

ok .. i stay on

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:40:08 AM

when it will drop on wave 3 we will start taking 50% profits on the fat candle

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:40:22 AM

you set 50k orders at market and not limit and each time we fat candle we buy back

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:40:45 AM

we will buy back slowly after

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:40:50 AM

and sell the rest on wave 5

CryptKai10/18/2019, 3:41:07 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:03:00 AM

how are doing these profits

CryptKai10/18/2019, 5:03:34 AM

unrealized profit of $1089

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:03:47 AM

so far so good

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:03:50 AM

let's continue

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:03:55 AM

should be a 4k

CryptKai10/18/2019, 5:05:21 AM

I'm setting limit margin buy orders at .29611 , .29508 with oco to cancel stop buys

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:06:03 AM

0.291 etc

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:06:06 AM

should be ok

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:06:10 AMEdited 10/18/2019, 5:06:13 AM

not here not over

CryptKai10/18/2019, 5:06:44 AMEdited 10/18/2019, 5:07:27 AM

The 2 orders will buyback 147k XRP. I will set a few more orders at around 0.291 for remaining 200k XRP. Any thought?

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:07:46 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:07:48 AMEdited 10/18/2019, 5:07:52 AM

or so yeah

CryptKai10/18/2019, 5:09:30 AMEdited 10/18/2019, 5:09:48 AM

not at this low 0.291? .. Ok ... will set all remaining orders at around 0.2955 for 200k XRP buyback

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:09:52 AM

we're gonna wick 0.289 or so

CryptKai10/18/2019, 5:11:09 AM

So I close all shorts by 0.2955 and ladder in exchange buying back XRP?

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:11:22 AM

close short 0.292-3

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:11:30 AM

we will have multiple taps

CryptKai10/18/2019, 5:12:11 AM

ok .. should I set exchange limit buys now or later?

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:12:19 AM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:12:24 AM

might not be before tomorrow

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:12:28 AM

unless it happens one shot

CryptKai10/18/2019, 5:13:17 AM

I will stay another 2 hrs then head for sleep.

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:13:34 AM

go to bed close short here if you prefer

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:13:43 AM

so you can buy tomorrow and sleep well

CryptKai10/18/2019, 5:14:31 AM

ok ... i will stay another hour.

CryptKai10/18/2019, 5:16:02 AMEdited 10/18/2019, 5:20:20 AM

Are you based in Canada? Eastern Time zone? ... ok ... u mentioned last Monday "yeah mostly in the US but had to spend a year here in Canada some opportunities".

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:27:48 AM

EST yeah

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:27:57 AM

live in FL

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 5:28:00 AM

but right now in Canada

CryptKai10/18/2019, 6:29:48 AMEdited 10/18/2019, 8:50:16 AM

Status Update ------------- Bitfinex Exchange Wallet: USD $300,860 (closed all shorts with profit $880) then later @ 1:42am CT bought back 1,035,610 XRP !! Accumulated 35,610 XRP. Another 14.39k XRP to go to cover the cost of 50k XRP . Not bad for joining your channel for only 1 day!!!!! πŸ™‚

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:20:53 PM

not bad but you're gonna have to wait more next time for my targets

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 12:21:00 PM

Re-entered too early

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:02:03 PM

Good morning CH. There is more dip coming?! Can always sell to buy lower. My average price bought is $0.290107

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:03:04 PM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:03:14 PM

sell here

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:03:15 PM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:03:18 PM

bought too early

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:03:19 PM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:03:31 PM

it's pushing here last wave so perfect to sell

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:03:39 PM

how low you think it is going?

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:03:49 PM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:03:57 PM

went to my target at 0.285

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:03:58 PM

sell as much as possible?

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:04:06 PM

that's why I told you yesterday we wait

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:04:13 PM

sell as much as possible asap indeed

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:04:26 PM

did you long back?

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:04:34 PM

or just bought back the regular stack

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:04:43 PM

yes long back

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:04:49 PM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:04:50 PM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:04:52 PM

close it

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:04:58 PM

it should be in small profit

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:05:12 PM

ok sell now

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:05:36 PM

yes please

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:08:44 PM

150k XRP market sell at 29.29 cent

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:10:16 PM

100k XRP market sell at 29.201

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:10:46 PM

ok cool

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:10:48 PM

now we wait

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:11:19 PMEdited 10/18/2019, 2:11:38 PM

got to go take care of kids now ... anything i can set and forget for next 1 hr?

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:15:47 PM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:15:50 PM

we talk later

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:15:52 PM

we're good

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:20:28 PM

thx ..

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:42:55 PM

I'm back.

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:43:02 PM

hey big boy

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:43:20 PM

what's up Picasso

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:44:02 PM

reading chart signals now

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:44:49 PM

yeah just posted a bunch of crap lol

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:44:52 PM

waiting for retrace

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:44:58 PM

then it will be time to moon hard

CryptKai10/18/2019, 2:45:22 PM

can't wait but need to buyback before mooning!!

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:45:59 PM

yeah of course

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 2:46:01 PM

we will

CryptKai10/18/2019, 3:13:30 PM

Need to step away (for 3 hrs) to go to work. I will be back home for 1 hr lunch. Should I set limit exchange buy orders?

CryptKai10/18/2019, 3:14:49 PM

If you don't have targets yet, that's fine and let me know ASAP when you have it.

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:19:28 PM

should be ok

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:19:31 PM

set limit indeed

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:19:33 PM

in case

CryptKai10/18/2019, 3:20:07 PM

any price near .28 ?

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:20:20 PM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:20:27 PM


CryptKai10/18/2019, 3:20:34 PM


CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:20:35 PM


CryptKai10/18/2019, 3:28:50 PM

thanks CH !! Appreciate.

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:29:03 PM

Complementary buy targets. - 0.28515 - 0.28450 - 0.28350 - 0.28290

CryptKai10/18/2019, 3:29:31 PM

use this instead? ... ok ... I adjust my orders now

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:31:16 PM

spread all

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:31:20 PM

these and higher

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:31:22 PM

to not miss

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:31:30 PM

small orders first bigger on lower price

CryptKai10/18/2019, 3:41:49 PM


CryptKai10/18/2019, 3:48:31 PM

targets set at: - 0.28516 20225 xrp - 0.28452 75k xrp - 0.28352 80k xrp - 0.28292 82k xrp

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:48:48 PM

super if we did not hit all

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:48:53 PM

we will market the rest when back

CryptKai10/18/2019, 3:49:12 PM

ok.. be back in 3 hrs during lunch

CryptKai10/18/2019, 3:49:19 PM

hv good day there

CryptHawk10/18/2019, 3:50:43 PM

have a good one

CryptKai10/19/2019, 5:25:19 AMEdited 10/19/2019, 5:25:27 AM

Current status: Bitfinex wallet: 785610 XRP Exchange long 257,225 XRP: - $0.28516 20,225 xrp - $0.28452 75k xrp - $0.28352 80k xrp - $0.28292 82k xrp

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 5:25:40 AM

seems nice

CryptKai10/19/2019, 5:25:48 AM

Hi Hawk. Should I do leverage long?

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 5:25:52 AM

we will adjust depending on what gets filled or not

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 5:26:01 AM

yeah on these low orders yes

CryptKai10/19/2019, 5:26:03 AM

Just back

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 5:26:04 AM

not here

CryptKai10/19/2019, 5:27:08 AM

ok .. wait for action

CryptKai10/19/2019, 6:58:11 AM

Should i sell more XRP at this level?

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 6:58:32 AM

Could but going to bed

CryptKai10/19/2019, 6:58:51 AM

My average sold price is $0.29195

CryptKai10/19/2019, 6:59:20 AM

sell now and set buy orders then go bed?

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 6:59:34 AM

Yeah might be ok

CryptKai10/19/2019, 7:00:25 AM

goo night Hawk

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 3:29:00 PM

Sell more shit for sure on the next little green

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 3:29:03 PM

we'll buy lower

CryptKai10/19/2019, 3:30:03 PM

market sell !!!

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 3:30:32 PM

not now

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 3:30:38 PM

but yeah we're gonna do that slowly

CryptKai10/19/2019, 3:30:44 PM


CryptKai10/19/2019, 9:25:12 PMEdited 10/19/2019, 9:25:44 PM

all buys set 0.283 - 0.2859, worth $303k

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 9:25:55 PM

maybe we ladder a bit down

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 9:25:57 PM

I would wait a bit

CryptKai10/19/2019, 9:26:26 PM

im out now. will reset lower after going home

CryptKai10/19/2019, 9:26:40 PM

also need to get ipad pro today

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 9:27:01 PM

the new one is dope

CryptKai10/19/2019, 9:28:33 PM

will get that πŸ‘

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 9:28:46 PM

bought the new imac pro for trading

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 9:28:48 PM

crazy shit

CryptKai10/19/2019, 11:21:43 PM

Hi Hawk. Just back home. Should I readjust the targets lower?

CryptKai10/19/2019, 11:21:46 PM

Status update: All XRP/USD Exchange buy orders set at 80,000 @ .28591 80,000 @ .28530 79,343 @ .28524 80,272 @ .28504 80,000 @ .28491 80,000 @ .28461 80,000 @ .28431 80,000 @ .28390 95,000 @ .28381 80,000 @ .28360 95,000 @ .28350 95,000 @ .28331 63,998 @ .28301

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 11:22:00 PM

seems to be pretty good boy!

CryptKai10/19/2019, 11:22:12 PM


CryptHawk10/19/2019, 11:22:24 PM

you know that's my job

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 11:22:29 PM

I was working on this right now

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 11:22:36 PM

so next time let me give you all the details hahaha

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 11:22:42 PM

at least I work

CryptKai10/19/2019, 11:23:02 PM

You definitely will have chance to work haha

CryptKai10/19/2019, 11:25:20 PM

Have a gaming desktop for trading at home. Now, need to get an IPad Pro for on-the-go or at work. Not worry about missing a trade.

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 11:26:31 PM

works too

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 11:26:47 PM

ok gotta go 'cause I'm meeting some investors here

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 11:26:55 PM

I need to raise some funds for the app

CryptKai10/19/2019, 11:27:00 PMEdited 10/19/2019, 11:27:09 PM

have a great day sir

CryptHawk10/19/2019, 11:27:06 PM

So chop chop a suit and a bow tie and go

CryptKai10/20/2019, 4:18:25 AM

Bought all XRP back.

CryptHawk10/20/2019, 4:18:31 AM

I love you man

CryptHawk10/20/2019, 4:18:34 AM

did you get the wick?

CryptKai10/20/2019, 4:19:07 AM

Now I have 1,057,497 XRP

CryptHawk10/20/2019, 4:19:28 AM

how much did you start with?

CryptHawk10/20/2019, 4:19:31 AM

don't remember

CryptHawk10/20/2019, 4:19:34 AM

is it a long?

CryptHawk10/20/2019, 4:19:36 AM

or regular

CryptKai10/20/2019, 4:19:46 AM

gain 57,497 XRP Thanks man!!!

CryptKai10/20/2019, 4:20:07 AM

start with 1 mil XRP on Thursday (2 days ago)!!!!

CryptKai10/20/2019, 4:20:32 AM


CryptKai10/20/2019, 4:20:37 AM


CryptKai10/20/2019, 4:20:45 AM


CryptKai10/20/2019, 4:20:48 AM


CryptKai10/20/2019, 4:21:32 AM


CryptKai10/20/2019, 4:22:22 AM

I'm buying Ipad Pro ... can't miss any trade

CryptKai10/20/2019, 4:23:49 AM

got to go.. wife asking help... have good night

CryptHawk10/20/2019, 4:24:23 AM

have a good one

CryptHawk10/20/2019, 4:53:51 AM

thinking about it again

CryptHawk10/20/2019, 4:53:56 AM

lol you made the fees back one shot!

CryptKai10/20/2019, 4:54:20 AM


CryptHawk10/20/2019, 4:54:23 AM


CryptHawk10/20/2019, 4:54:26 AM

that was wild

CryptHawk10/20/2019, 4:54:30 AM

I'm fucked up

CryptKai10/20/2019, 4:54:57 AM

now take the profit off table to my own wallet ... only play with 1 mil xrp

CryptHawk10/20/2019, 4:55:15 AM

yes sure

CryptKai10/20/2019, 4:55:30 AM

thanks man again ...

CryptKai10/21/2019, 12:40:09 AMEdited 10/21/2019, 12:47:44 AM

Status Update: Today morning: I sold 10,000 XRP (@ $0.29125) and bought 8447 ETP @ $0.34376. Start this week with following positions: Bitfinex exchange wallet: 990,000 XRP (bought @ $0.2867 yesterday) & 8447 ETP Note: Profit of 57,491.31 XRP (bought @ $0.2867 yesterday) moved to my own wallet. (THANK YOU!!)

CryptKai10/21/2019, 6:10:11 AM

Good night Hawk!!

CryptKai10/21/2019, 2:51:38 PMEdited 10/21/2019, 2:52:08 PM

With the targets, the amt is too large for an sell order (247,500 XRP for 25%) ... I will further break down to smaller ?

CryptHawk10/21/2019, 2:52:04 PM

that's fine

CryptHawk10/21/2019, 2:52:11 PM

but will optimize with you

CryptHawk10/21/2019, 2:52:19 PM

finishing to working on the sheet and back to you

CryptKai10/21/2019, 2:52:22 PM

please ...

CryptKai10/21/2019, 2:52:30 PM

Thanks Hawk.

CryptKai10/21/2019, 2:53:24 PM

Here's my position now: 990,000 XRP and 8447 ETP

CryptHawk10/21/2019, 2:56:38 PM

ok great

CryptHawk10/21/2019, 2:56:49 PM

that's what I had when you told me

CryptHawk10/21/2019, 2:56:54 PM

so we're good so far

CryptHawk10/21/2019, 2:56:57 PM

leverage or no?

CryptKai10/21/2019, 3:09:55 PM


CryptHawk10/21/2019, 3:10:00 PM


CryptKai10/21/2019, 9:01:57 PM

wait for $0.34 to swing?

CryptHawk10/21/2019, 10:43:51 PM

probably before

CryptHawk10/21/2019, 10:43:54 PM

gonne keep you posted

CryptKai10/21/2019, 10:50:58 PM


CryptKai10/22/2019, 12:38:40 AM

Hi Hawk. I'm ready to put in XRP sell orders (my position: 990,000 XRP and 8,447 ETP). Let me know any time when you have optimized sell strategy. Do you consider split selling into BTC & USD?

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 12:38:54 AM

I eat and on it

CryptKai10/22/2019, 12:39:11 AM


CryptKai10/22/2019, 3:06:39 AM

any optimized strategy? Split 50/50 to BTC and USD sells?

CryptKai10/22/2019, 3:07:33 AM

need to set before going to sleep... as you said the target might reach tomorrow morning

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 3:12:40 AM

just usd

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 3:12:50 AM

yeah put the targets

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 3:12:55 AM

when do you come back

CryptKai10/22/2019, 3:13:33 AMEdited 10/22/2019, 3:13:54 AM

another 4 hours before heading to bed

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 3:13:41 AM

oh ok

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 3:13:42 AM


CryptHawk10/22/2019, 3:13:49 AM

it will wait till tomorrow we're good

CryptKai10/22/2019, 3:14:10 AM

thanks for confirm!!

CryptKai10/22/2019, 3:24:56 AM

Short link tonight with XRP as collateral?

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 3:25:08 AM

you have binance

CryptKai10/22/2019, 3:25:27 AM


CryptHawk10/22/2019, 3:25:56 AM

let me check

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 3:26:21 AM

a bit after

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 3:27:35 AM

you can start entering indeed

CryptKai10/22/2019, 3:28:40 AM

dp i need to sell XRP to USDT to enter short?

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 3:28:49 AMEdited 10/22/2019, 3:28:50 AM

oh ok so keep xrp

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 3:28:52 AM

we're about to go

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 3:28:55 AM

so keep it

CryptKai10/22/2019, 3:29:17 AM

ok .. do nothing now .. just set sell orders for XRP. Thanks.

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 3:29:25 AM

just keep xrp

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 3:29:29 AM

will probably update the targets

CryptKai10/22/2019, 2:53:19 PM

Status update:

(image attachment not found)

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 2:53:39 PM


CryptHawk10/22/2019, 2:53:45 PM

gonna work on some intermediate swings

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 2:53:51 PM

we will probably unload some

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 2:53:56 PM

and buy back just for the accumulation

CryptKai10/22/2019, 2:54:07 PM


CryptKai10/22/2019, 3:02:30 PMEdited 10/22/2019, 3:20:17 PM

Hawk ... above is the old orders ... my mistake ... below is the current orders (0.304 - 0.307) ... which is your Intermediate Swing in the Charts-Signals.

CryptKai10/22/2019, 3:07:26 PM

Status update (corrected):

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai10/22/2019, 7:56:20 PM

Status Update: Per your urgent update in Discussion, I changed all sell orders to the following in accordance to the "XRP Accumulation Strategy" Sheet:

CryptKai10/22/2019, 7:56:32 PM

(image attachment not found)

CryptHawk10/22/2019, 8:00:40 PM

Ok perfect I will keep you posted

CryptKai10/22/2019, 8:00:48 PM


CryptHawk10/22/2019, 8:00:51 PM

Depending on the next update and pivot

CryptKai10/22/2019, 9:53:25 PM

Status Update:

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai10/23/2019, 3:42:54 AM

Hawk, should I get in BTC ???? I sold all XRP at avg $0.29.

CryptKai10/23/2019, 3:43:52 AM

Can't get home early enough to catch it before drop.

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:44:20 AM

for now wait for BTC

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:44:22 AM


CryptKai10/23/2019, 3:45:05 AM

ok ... wait for your signal

CryptKai10/23/2019, 5:53:48 AM

Hawk, should I buy BTC now and then sell for XRP later?

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 5:53:57 AM

yeah you could

CryptKai10/23/2019, 5:54:05 AM

all in BTC !!!

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 5:54:08 AM

expecting a bounce

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 5:54:12 AM

but tight SL

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 5:54:30 AM

7,900 out

CryptKai10/23/2019, 5:54:32 AM

let me know when to sell for XRP.

CryptKai10/23/2019, 5:54:41 AM


CryptHawk10/23/2019, 5:54:44 AM

oh keep XRP

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 5:54:52 AM

for now no need to sell at this price

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 5:54:56 AM

so don't long btc

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 5:55:04 AM

thought you had fiat available

CryptKai10/23/2019, 5:55:05 AM

i sold all XRP at $0.29

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 5:55:10 AM

oh ok

CryptKai10/23/2019, 5:55:15 AM

fiat avail now all fiat

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 5:55:20 AM

so yeah BTC long

CryptKai10/23/2019, 5:55:27 AM

$287k fiat

CryptKai10/23/2019, 5:55:32 AM

ok do now

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 5:55:52 AM

buy like 50k$ BTC with leverage

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 5:55:53 AM


CryptKai10/23/2019, 5:56:12 AM


CryptHawk10/23/2019, 5:57:19 AM

price is good now

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 5:57:22 AM

should bounce

CryptKai10/23/2019, 6:02:45 AM


CryptHawk10/23/2019, 6:03:22 AM

you also can buy XRP

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 6:03:28 AM

it should bounce here

CryptKai10/23/2019, 6:04:40 AM


CryptKai10/23/2019, 6:23:59 AM

What's the SL for BTC?

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 6:29:24 AM

Below previous wick

CryptKai10/23/2019, 6:37:03 AM


CryptKai10/23/2019, 7:07:23 AM

Status Update: 1) Sold all 990,000 XRP @ $0.28992 to get fiat of $287,029 2) Margin buy 36.881507 BTC @ $7986 with stop loss set evenly at $7840-7860-7880-7900, and margin sells evenly at $8180-8185-8190-8195

CryptKai10/23/2019, 2:18:11 PM

Hi Hawk, Let me know if I need to change target sell and stop loss. Thx!!

CryptKai10/23/2019, 2:23:13 PM

If BTC still doesn't bounce, then most probably gonna go south. πŸ˜‚ Let me know if I need to close the margin long. Thx.

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 2:33:15 PM


CryptHawk10/23/2019, 2:33:19 PM

did you have a stop or no

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 2:33:24 PM

so far looks ok

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 2:33:29 PM

but needs confirmation

CryptKai10/23/2019, 2:37:15 PM

stop loss set evenly at $7840-7860-7880-7900

CryptKai10/23/2019, 3:21:54 PM

Status Update: Bought 1,023,764 XRP, added 33,764 XRP more.

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:23:11 PM

fuck me!

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:23:27 PM

we're gonna have to upgrade going that fast

CryptKai10/23/2019, 3:25:32 PM

sorry did not honor your targets ... just buy buy buy !!!!

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:25:59 PM

no prob lol

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:26:05 PM

it hits all the targets tho

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:26:17 PM

gonna have to work on a stronger strategy for you

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:26:20 PM

as you're growing up fast

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:26:28 PM

gonna have to be more complex to double more

CryptKai10/23/2019, 3:26:29 PM

i was at btc ... cause me missing your targets

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:26:37 PM

yeah fucking BTC

CryptKai10/23/2019, 3:26:48 PM

yeah ... dip shit btc

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:27:10 PM

so I'm gonna have to start working bigger on your strat

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:27:20 PM

you're making more than I was expecting faster with the targets

CryptKai10/23/2019, 3:27:21 PM

please !!

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:27:27 PM

more work

CryptKai10/23/2019, 3:27:40 PMEdited 10/23/2019, 3:27:54 PM

I'm NOT even opmitized yet :))))

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:27:54 PM

but you respect the targets so that's fine

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:28:00 PM

gotta see how we can play alts

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:28:04 PM

and even make far more

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:28:13 PM

just need to see how I manage my time for you

CryptKai10/23/2019, 3:28:13 PM

yes .. the sweet alt

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 3:28:25 PM

gonna require 2-3h more or so

CryptKai10/23/2019, 3:28:38 PM

shit .. got to go to work ...

CryptKai10/23/2019, 3:28:41 PM

talk later

CryptKai10/23/2019, 6:53:10 PMEdited 10/23/2019, 6:53:42 PM

I'm chill with Hawk in the helm. Never ever panic. Thanks for your holding hands and always be here.

CryptHawk10/23/2019, 6:54:46 PM


CryptKai10/24/2019, 4:31:24 AM

With current position of 1,023,764 XRP, how much should I set the sells at $0.31 range ?

CryptKai10/24/2019, 4:32:11 AM

all or say 300k XRP of the amt for the swing?

CryptHawk10/24/2019, 4:32:59 AM

that's 0.35

CryptHawk10/24/2019, 4:33:05 AM

we'll sell 50% only I think

CryptHawk10/24/2019, 4:33:12 AM

I need to see how the impulse goes

CryptKai10/24/2019, 4:33:37 AM


CryptHawk10/24/2019, 4:33:41 AM

we have time

CryptHawk10/24/2019, 4:33:44 AM

so no rush

CryptKai10/24/2019, 4:33:53 AM

any estimate time?

CryptHawk10/24/2019, 4:33:58 AM

3-4 days

CryptHawk10/24/2019, 4:34:05 AM

or 2 days

CryptHawk10/24/2019, 4:34:09 AM

if they want it friday

CryptKai10/24/2019, 4:34:19 AM

ohh .. i will do it tomorrow ... haha .. good night

CryptHawk10/24/2019, 4:34:45 AM

you too

CryptKai10/24/2019, 3:34:04 PMEdited 10/24/2019, 3:35:00 PM

Good morning Hawk. Status update: 523,764 XRP in Exchange Wallet; Also set SELL orders of 500,000 XRP in accordance with your XRP Accumulation Strategy as follows.

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai10/24/2019, 8:17:33 PM

I'm cancelling all the sell orders above, just in case.

CryptKai10/24/2019, 8:19:59 PM

I will re-enter once you confirm later.

CryptKai10/25/2019, 3:26:09 PM

Good morning Hawk!

CryptKai10/25/2019, 3:40:40 PM

Status update: I set SELL orders as follows to sell 1 mil XRP at average $0.29094

CryptKai10/25/2019, 3:40:56 PM

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai10/25/2019, 3:41:27 PM

I plan to buyback as follows:

CryptKai10/25/2019, 3:42:34 PM

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai10/25/2019, 3:43:23 PM

Let me know if you think I should use less position for this swing. Thanks.

CryptKai10/25/2019, 6:04:18 PM

Status update: Sold ALL 1 mil XRP at $0.29094

CryptKai10/25/2019, 6:04:34 PMEdited 10/25/2019, 6:04:40 PM

Wait your signal to buyback

CryptHawk10/25/2019, 6:05:51 PM


CryptHawk10/25/2019, 6:05:52 PM


CryptHawk10/25/2019, 6:05:54 PM

good job

CryptHawk10/25/2019, 6:05:58 PM

what's the profit?

CryptKai10/25/2019, 6:06:14 PM

I will set the following buy initially .... get back to work ... and wait for your signal

CryptHawk10/25/2019, 6:06:21 PM

you were leveraging ?

CryptKai10/25/2019, 6:06:29 PM

non lvrg

CryptHawk10/25/2019, 6:06:33 PM


CryptHawk10/25/2019, 6:06:36 PM


CryptHawk10/25/2019, 6:06:39 PM

keeping you posted asap

CryptKai10/25/2019, 6:06:52 PM


CryptKai10/25/2019, 6:07:21 PM

profit about $12 k

CryptHawk10/25/2019, 6:07:31 PM


CryptHawk10/25/2019, 6:07:33 PM

I love that

CryptKai10/25/2019, 6:28:36 PM

Set BUY orders for now and wait for your signal to adjust later:

(image attachment not found)

CryptHawk10/25/2019, 6:28:42 PM


CryptKai10/25/2019, 6:28:50 PMEdited 10/25/2019, 6:28:57 PM

OK .. CANCCEL all buys

CryptHawk10/25/2019, 6:29:01 PM

just wait

CryptKai10/25/2019, 6:29:04 PM

I mean ok πŸ™‚

CryptHawk10/25/2019, 6:29:06 PM

for everything

CryptKai10/26/2019, 1:22:24 AM

Status update: BUY orders set in accordance to your XRP Accumulation Strategy Sheet

(image attachment not found)

CryptHawk10/26/2019, 1:22:38 AM

ok great!

CryptHawk10/26/2019, 1:22:48 AM

will probably give you some more specific targets

CryptKai10/26/2019, 1:23:49 AM

Please do ... leverage or not ... or other coins !!

CryptHawk10/26/2019, 1:26:40 AM

other coins not yet

CryptHawk10/26/2019, 1:26:44 AM

soon but not yet

CryptHawk10/26/2019, 1:26:50 AM

first call will be a 30% lol

CryptHawk10/26/2019, 1:26:52 AM

but not now

CryptKai10/26/2019, 1:27:06 AM

Anything you see fit .. I will just follow.

CryptKai10/26/2019, 1:27:30 AM

30% !! wow!!

CryptKai10/26/2019, 3:28:50 AM

CAn I short XRP ?

CryptHawk10/26/2019, 3:32:35 AM


CryptHawk10/26/2019, 3:32:41 AM

slow and steady

CryptKai10/26/2019, 3:34:12 AM


CryptHawk10/26/2019, 3:52:51 AM

don't short more please for now

CryptHawk10/26/2019, 3:52:57 AM

being bought back a lot

CryptKai10/26/2019, 3:56:36 AM

cancel all shorts ... not filled ... no loss

CryptKai10/26/2019, 3:56:44 AM


CryptHawk10/26/2019, 3:57:45 AM


CryptHawk10/26/2019, 3:57:46 AM

for now

CryptHawk10/26/2019, 3:57:51 AM

not a big fan

CryptKai10/26/2019, 3:58:08 AM

no more short ... no leverage ...

CryptKai10/26/2019, 3:58:36 AMEdited 10/26/2019, 3:58:56 AM

thx so much ... appreciate

CryptHawk10/26/2019, 3:58:52 AM

waiting to see

CryptHawk10/26/2019, 3:58:55 AM

not comfortable right now

CryptKai10/26/2019, 4:18:58 AM

Exchange buy orders set at $0.23321 - $0.23881 for total 1.27 mil XRP !!

CryptHawk10/26/2019, 4:23:47 AM

if we get there

CryptHawk10/26/2019, 4:23:49 AM

will update

CryptKai10/26/2019, 4:24:02 AM

ok ... orders set.

CryptKai10/26/2019, 5:40:41 AM

Status update: Buy orders set

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai10/26/2019, 5:41:11 AM

Have a great week end.

CryptKai10/26/2019, 5:59:05 PM

Status update: Buy orders set, according to you Accumulation Strategy sheet. Thanks!

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai10/27/2019, 5:12:21 PMEdited 10/27/2019, 5:13:17 PM

Hi .. are u there??

CryptHawk10/27/2019, 5:12:31 PM

away but there for now

CryptHawk10/27/2019, 5:12:32 PM

tell me

CryptKai10/27/2019, 5:12:47 PM

I cancel all my orders ...

CryptKai10/27/2019, 5:13:04 PM

do as u said ...

CryptHawk10/27/2019, 5:13:17 PM

yes please

CryptHawk10/27/2019, 5:13:23 PM

I will provide targets asap when I am back

CryptKai10/27/2019, 5:13:28 PM


CryptHawk10/27/2019, 5:13:31 PM

but in case I am not here just get ready to market

CryptKai10/27/2019, 5:13:45 PM

wow ..

CryptHawk10/27/2019, 5:14:30 PM

should be ok tho

CryptHawk10/27/2019, 5:14:33 PM

just chill for now

CryptKai10/27/2019, 5:14:54 PM


CryptKai10/27/2019, 7:20:05 PM

Hawk, should I buy now?

CryptHawk10/27/2019, 7:20:13 PM


CryptHawk10/27/2019, 7:20:16 PM

watching first

CryptHawk10/27/2019, 7:20:17 PM

I need data

CryptHawk10/27/2019, 7:20:24 PM

if we push never mind I can't take that risk

CryptHawk10/27/2019, 7:20:28 PM

it looks fishy

CryptHawk10/27/2019, 7:20:31 PM

we'll buy the retrace

CryptKai10/27/2019, 7:20:53 PM


CryptKai10/27/2019, 7:40:41 PM

Ref your tweet, there is no big dump now and look for re-entry?

CryptHawk10/27/2019, 7:40:50 PM

for now we stick to the plan

CryptKai10/27/2019, 7:40:56 PM


CryptHawk10/27/2019, 7:40:57 PM

and even if it pushes

CryptHawk10/27/2019, 7:41:02 PM

we will wait for the retrace

CryptHawk10/28/2019, 1:40:10 AM

if mini retrace

CryptHawk10/28/2019, 1:40:12 AM

I'll tell you

CryptKai10/28/2019, 1:40:45 AM


CryptKai10/28/2019, 3:56:14 AM

Status update: Sold all 1,031,998 XRP @ $0.2908. Now sitting at fiat $300,128, awaiting for re-entry targets.

CryptKai10/28/2019, 4:14:58 AM

Since my bag is a bit heavy, is there enough liquidity to fill my bag?

CryptHawk10/28/2019, 4:16:29 AM

yes a lot

CryptHawk10/28/2019, 4:16:37 AM

it's rising hard

CryptKai10/28/2019, 4:17:12 AMEdited 10/28/2019, 4:17:22 AM

rising hard isn't good for filling bag πŸ˜‚ if I understand correctly

CryptHawk10/28/2019, 4:17:26 AM

will drop and you will fill your bag on the fat red

CryptKai10/28/2019, 4:17:54 AM

ok ... will wait for your instruction

CryptKai10/29/2019, 4:50:02 AMEdited 10/29/2019, 4:50:23 AM

Hi Hawk, any thought on what customized strategy for my case? Just curious. Especially when XRP going into dollar next year.

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 4:55:24 AM


CryptHawk10/29/2019, 4:55:33 AM

I'm working on different scenarios

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 4:55:47 AM

buying a certain amount of XRP on the way down

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 4:55:55 AM

but also spreading and going for some alts

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 4:56:07 AM

we might have very big opportunities real soon

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 4:56:26 AM

alts are just doing their wave 1 so I want to be ready so we can buy the retrace before the big one

CryptKai10/29/2019, 4:58:24 AM

I want to be ready to get the full benefit of this coming bull run. Let me know what I need to do from my part when time is right. Wish you and your family have a smooth transition back to Florida and your office setup.

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:00:51 AM

transition is always good when it comes to florida ha ha

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:01:07 AM

you're gonna be ready for the big one I am not worried at all

CryptKai10/29/2019, 5:01:25 AM


CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:01:37 AM

gonna get some sleep

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:01:42 AM

tomorrow is another day

CryptKai10/29/2019, 5:01:50 AM

Good night

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:02:19 AM

thanks you too

CryptKai10/29/2019, 12:51:11 PMEdited 10/29/2019, 12:51:21 PM

Good morning Hawk. It is hard to buy $300k XRP without a wick down, not enough liquidity unless I push the price real hard

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 12:52:08 PM

liquidity is fine so far

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 12:52:24 PM

sell walls are pretty big for now

CryptKai10/29/2019, 1:10:26 PM

loss many XRP ... but I believe you will help me to gain more later.

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 1:11:25 PM

price does not matter

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 1:11:44 PM

$$ profits matter and buy back on the retrace is important

CryptKai10/29/2019, 1:12:53 PM


CryptHawk10/29/2019, 1:14:36 PM

you still have leverage for example and your volume

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 1:14:42 PM

when we'll catch the retrace

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 1:14:46 PM

you will have a nice long

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 1:14:54 PM

we will be able to get in and make more $$

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 1:15:01 PM

on a lower retrace we will still buy more XRP

CryptKai10/29/2019, 1:48:55 PMEdited 10/29/2019, 2:08:44 PM

Status update: I market bought all 983,575 XRP at $0.3052. Currently hold 983,575 XRP (Loss 87,876 XRP)

CryptKai10/29/2019, 1:49:40 PM

Anyway, I'm fine. Wait for the bull run.

CryptKai10/29/2019, 1:50:28 PM

There are lots of opportunities to make money. Appreciate your guide. No worry here.

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 2:12:08 PM

but was not a buy back tho

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 2:12:12 PM

sell on wave 5

CryptKai10/29/2019, 2:19:51 PMEdited 10/29/2019, 2:21:15 PM

Sorry Hawk. I missed understood your message. Miss communication on my part. 😩

CryptKai10/29/2019, 2:50:18 PMEdited 10/29/2019, 3:32:08 PM

I make a hugh mistake. I thought you ask me to buy back now. So I bought at $0.3052 for 983,575 XRP.

CryptKai10/29/2019, 2:50:42 PM

Should I sell again if it go back to $0.305 ?

CryptKai10/29/2019, 5:27:04 PM

Should I sell back to fiat?

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:27:16 PM

you're fully in?

CryptKai10/29/2019, 5:27:27 PM

yes ... alll in XRP

CryptKai10/29/2019, 5:27:33 PM

big big mistake

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:27:42 PM

don't know if we'll have a bounce here

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:28:02 PM

does not look good

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:28:07 PM

if small bounce yet

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:28:10 PMEdited 10/29/2019, 5:28:15 PM

is it leverage?

CryptKai10/29/2019, 5:28:16 PM

ok sell now t get back to fiat

CryptKai10/29/2019, 5:28:23 PM

no lvlrg

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:28:55 PM

waiting for a bounce first

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:28:59 PM

if no bounce we gtfo

CryptKai10/29/2019, 5:29:10 PM

plese give me signal to sell ... need to get out

CryptKai10/29/2019, 5:29:18 PM


CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:47:53 PM

Exit here

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:47:57 PM

never mind

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:48:02 PM

we will buy lower

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:48:13 PM

chop chop

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:48:25 PM

never mind for this one plenty of opportunities

CryptKai10/29/2019, 5:57:13 PMEdited 10/29/2019, 5:57:27 PM

Let me be clear ... should I sell now?

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:57:30 PM

yeah yeah start getting out asap slowly

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:57:39 PM

when it comes up a bit sometimes

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:57:47 PM

but just watch it

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:57:53 PM

before the big drop

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:58:06 PM

we might have one little up but this is kinda uncertain

CryptKai10/29/2019, 5:58:36 PM

confirmed sell when it comes up

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:58:50 PM

I don't even know if up a bit

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:58:54 PM

looks super weak

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:59:06 PM

this is the prob when you enter when you're not supposed to

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:59:11 PM

it's hard to get out

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:59:25 PM

so when this red sometimes goes up sell some

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 5:59:29 PM

but I wouldn't wait

CryptKai10/29/2019, 5:59:58 PM


CryptHawk10/29/2019, 6:02:37 PM

I would not really wait

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 6:02:45 PM

start laddering out slowly

CryptKai10/29/2019, 6:06:23 PM


CryptHawk10/29/2019, 6:06:49 PM

when you get that kind of small bounce that's where you can go

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 6:06:56 PM

prob is your position is a problem itself

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 6:07:03 PM

was not supposed to be in

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 6:07:17 PM

so hard to say hey sell now as it could bounce a bit higher to sell better

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 6:08:10 PM

sell when bounce

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 6:08:12 PM

on wave 2

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 6:08:17 PM

0.303 or so

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 6:08:28 PM

if we don't make it there just unload

CryptKai10/29/2019, 6:09:52 PM

i sold out all XRP

CryptKai10/29/2019, 6:11:14 PM

My brain just fuck up this morning ... my bad

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 6:11:47 PM

yeah no prob

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 6:11:51 PM

now we wait and analyze

CryptKai10/29/2019, 6:11:57 PM


CryptHawk10/29/2019, 6:11:58 PM

even me I am waiting for a decision

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 6:12:02 PM

point is the USD value here

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 6:12:05 PM

to recover lower

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 6:12:10 PM

not a prob to miss one trade

CryptKai10/29/2019, 6:12:21 PM

only loss $4k

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 6:13:37 PM

yeah will be recovered down there

CryptKai10/29/2019, 6:13:55 PM


CryptKai10/29/2019, 10:42:04 PM

Do you still see XRP will take a hugh dump to low 0.25?

CryptHawk10/29/2019, 10:42:09 PM


CryptHawk10/29/2019, 10:42:13 PM

0.27 - 0.26

CryptKai10/29/2019, 10:42:31 PM

great glad thhat I'm out in fiat again

CryptKai10/31/2019, 1:08:08 PM

Good morning Hawk.

CryptHawk10/31/2019, 1:08:20 PM


CryptKai10/31/2019, 1:08:42 PM

Status: $296,499 fiat

CryptKai10/31/2019, 1:08:56 PM

Possible for me to swing while working today?

CryptHawk10/31/2019, 1:08:59 PM

Perfect keep it that way

CryptHawk10/31/2019, 1:09:00 PM

For now

CryptKai10/31/2019, 1:09:56 PM


CryptKai10/31/2019, 1:10:43 PM

Will consider take a day off.

CryptKai10/31/2019, 8:28:08 PM

Seems my original plan to accumulate more XRP to sell in the dollars next year could change? In any case, with your guide, I will play whatever market presents itself to gain more money.

CryptHawk10/31/2019, 8:41:50 PM

hey buddy

CryptHawk10/31/2019, 8:41:56 PM

for now I am out because I have a meeting

CryptHawk10/31/2019, 8:42:01 PM

but we stick to the plan for the next swing

CryptHawk10/31/2019, 8:42:04 PM

and then buy the big low

CryptKai10/31/2019, 8:42:29 PM


CryptKai11/1/2019, 3:05:40 AM

Glad to know you do what you preach... I was thinking earlier about what you would do with your XRP bag. I sold all 3.3 mil XRP too.

CryptKai11/1/2019, 4:01:10 AMEdited 11/1/2019, 4:10:12 AM

fyi ... I changed my Discord Acct name from XRPy to CryptKai#0543, not HODL XRP ... but swing to make money.

CryptKai11/1/2019, 1:49:13 PM

Good morning ing Hawk! Time to make money!

CryptHawk11/1/2019, 1:55:03 PM


CryptKai11/1/2019, 1:55:18 PM

Hi Hwak

CryptHawk11/1/2019, 1:55:18 PM

Good to know lol

CryptHawk11/1/2019, 1:55:29 PM

I was like who’s that

CryptKai11/1/2019, 1:55:43 PM

You boy!!

CryptKai11/1/2019, 1:56:09 PM


CryptHawk11/1/2019, 1:56:29 PM

Seems like I fucked people’s mind lol

CryptKai11/1/2019, 1:56:29 PM


CryptKai11/1/2019, 1:56:54 PM

Not me. I'm here for money

CryptKai11/1/2019, 1:57:25 PMEdited 11/1/2019, 1:57:35 PM

Sold 3.3 mil XRP

CryptHawk11/1/2019, 1:57:48 PM

Ok good

CryptHawk11/1/2019, 1:57:53 PM

Watching the charts

CryptHawk11/1/2019, 1:57:59 PM

Will keep you posted

CryptKai11/1/2019, 1:58:03 PM


CryptKai11/2/2019, 4:09:38 AM

Thinking to start a short at $0.298. Any suggestion for optimization?

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 4:09:47 AM

possible indeed

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 4:09:51 AM

I would watch 0.302

CryptKai11/2/2019, 4:10:36 AM

what's the stop loss?

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 4:10:44 AM


CryptKai11/2/2019, 4:11:05 AM

ok ... position size? Laddering in?

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 4:11:53 AM

potential wick at 0.304

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 4:11:56 AM

I don't see it tho

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 4:12:01 AM

laddering from 0.30150

CryptKai11/2/2019, 4:12:12 AM

ok thanks!!

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 4:12:30 AM

if if shows a lack of strength short festival

CryptKai11/2/2019, 4:13:11 AM

in these few hours or tomorrow?

CryptKai11/2/2019, 4:13:15 AM

hard to say?

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 4:13:26 AM

yeah but could be this next 4h

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 4:13:35 AM

45 min left

CryptKai11/2/2019, 4:13:41 AM


CryptKai11/2/2019, 2:52:56 PM

Good morning Hawk. Should I cancel my shorts at $0.302-$0.304 ?

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 2:53:03 PM


CryptHawk11/2/2019, 2:53:06 PM

I will post

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 2:53:11 PM

Just wait for the whole details

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 2:53:14 PM

But yeah cancel

CryptKai11/2/2019, 2:53:17 PM


CryptKai11/2/2019, 3:34:23 PM

Market buys XRP ?

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 3:34:28 PM

no no wait

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 3:34:32 PM

if we can have a quick retrace

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 3:34:37 PM

you're gonna have a shit price

CryptKai11/2/2019, 3:34:44 PM


CryptHawk11/2/2019, 3:34:57 PM

unless you don't care

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 3:35:04 PM

and you buy now

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 3:35:06 PM

on that wick

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 3:35:08 PM

before it goes

CryptKai11/2/2019, 3:37:22 PM

any retrace you see ? if not ... I'll just market buy ...

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 3:38:25 PM

I am just calculating if it's worth it

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 3:39:05 PM

on this dip yes

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 3:39:09 PM

you can start

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 3:39:12 PM


CryptHawk11/2/2019, 3:39:15 PM

but you can

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 3:39:20 PM

before it gets bought back

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 3:43:24 PM

this is kind of the dip

CryptHawk11/2/2019, 3:43:29 PM

slow and steady

CryptKai11/2/2019, 3:43:31 PM


CryptKai11/3/2019, 8:38:10 PM

Hi Hawk. I know I should close my XRP long bought at $0.2945 yesterday 750k position. What should i do now?

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:43:49 PM

yes please

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:43:53 PM

did not even know you were in

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:44:02 PM

so if we get a bounce sell on it

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:44:12 PM

otherwise just sell if if it starts dumping

CryptKai11/3/2019, 8:47:32 PM

No rally during next week prior to SWELL? I try to get out but i was out went it dump.

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:49:45 PM

yes but I want you to get a better price

CryptKai11/3/2019, 8:49:47 PM

Any good exit?

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:49:54 PM

let's be honest this shit goes to 0.27 at least

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:50:03 PMEdited 11/3/2019, 8:50:05 PM

we you can get a better exit price why not

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:50:13 PM

but it looks so bad

CryptKai11/3/2019, 8:51:13 PM

So sell now at loss and get in at lower price point of 0.27?

CryptKai11/3/2019, 8:53:04 PM

or lower cost avg in and sell next week?

CryptKai11/3/2019, 8:53:35 PM

Both viable or which is better?

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:53:44 PM

If we could get a little bounce

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:53:46 PMEdited 11/3/2019, 8:53:48 PM

just to sell better

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:53:53 PM

but daily is so fucked up

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:53:58 PM

what's your loss

CryptKai11/3/2019, 8:55:24 PM

-$3.3k on 750K XRP long

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:55:41 PM


CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:55:54 PM

this shit looks so bad

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:56:10 PM

better not have any regret

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:56:15 PM

even if it bounces a bit I would say

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:56:25 PM

because if it goes wild

CryptKai11/3/2019, 8:56:38 PM

Wild to the down side?

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:56:38 PMEdited 11/3/2019, 8:56:41 PM

unless you have some more fiat available and we average down there

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:56:46 PM

yes I see 0.274

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:57:05 PM

so if we have some FIAT free

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:57:08 PM

we can average down there

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:57:14 PM

so what's possible is to sell 50%

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:57:18 PM

and buy back lower the rest

CryptKai11/3/2019, 8:57:18 PM

I have $46k fiat left.

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:57:30 PM

why not sell 50%

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:57:37 PM

it won't be a loss on your balance

CryptKai11/3/2019, 8:57:37 PM


CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:57:45 PM

because bitfinex does not take the money

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:57:53 PM

it will just increase your entry price

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:58:01 PM

so then we can average lower

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:58:04 PM

and recoup

CryptKai11/3/2019, 8:58:15 PM

Ok do now

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:58:21 PM

you can market 50%

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:58:26 PM

just wait a bit

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:58:30 PM

if you can screw the 4h ha ha

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:58:32 PM

will be better

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:58:35 PM


CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:58:43 PM

like get ready with like 200k and 200k

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:58:50 PM

and a few seconds before fire

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:58:57 PM

at least it will screw the 4h for real

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:59:06 PM

55 sec

CryptKai11/3/2019, 8:59:10 PM

Let me know...

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:59:20 PM

200k in 10 sec

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:59:30 PM

now 200k

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:59:45 PM

get ready for another 200k

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:59:49 PM

5 sec

CryptKai11/3/2019, 8:59:49 PM


CryptHawk11/3/2019, 8:59:54 PM


CryptKai11/3/2019, 9:00:25 PM


CryptHawk11/3/2019, 9:00:26 PM

ok so we're good now

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 9:00:31 PM

you triggered the bots lol

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 9:00:37 PM

so we should bounce a little

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 9:00:41 PM

and just shit the bed

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 9:00:58 PM

no regret here better be out 50% a bit more

CryptKai11/3/2019, 9:00:59 PM

Should i sell more when bounds?

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 9:01:01 PM

then buy back lower

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 9:01:06 PM

we can in case

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 9:01:13 PM

but don't close the whole volume

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 9:01:20 PM

so the position won't be closed

CryptKai11/3/2019, 9:01:33 PM

I did not keep up with today's chat. Pkease guide me through reentry

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 9:01:47 PM

CryptKai11/3/2019, 9:02:15 PM

Ok... The buyback zone

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 9:02:21 PM

yes I will post exact targets

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 9:02:28 PM

gonna give you a specific strategy

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 9:02:30 PM

because we reduced

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 9:02:32 PM

and not closed

CryptKai11/3/2019, 9:02:38 PM


CryptKai11/3/2019, 9:03:45 PM

Do you still see XRP above 30 cents next week? I think you said yes but just need confirm. Thanks.

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 9:08:08 PM

probably yes

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 9:08:11 PM

it really depends

CryptKai11/3/2019, 9:08:44 PM


CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:48:47 PMEdited 11/3/2019, 11:48:54 PM

opportunity to get out now

CryptKai11/3/2019, 11:48:57 PM


CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:49:33 PM

BTC is gonna push

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:49:36 PM

so when we have the push

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:49:40 PM

bye bye

CryptKai11/3/2019, 11:49:58 PM

Sell all xrp?

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:50:01 PM


CryptKai11/3/2019, 11:50:05 PM


CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:50:06 PM

we're still going lower

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:51:39 PM

was it you???

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:51:43 PM

slamming it down?

CryptKai11/3/2019, 11:52:18 PM


CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:52:22 PM


CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:52:24 PM

I love you!

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:52:26 PM


CryptKai11/3/2019, 11:52:29 PM

Shouldn't I

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:52:31 PM

that slam down

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:52:35 PM

oh yeah you did great

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:52:37 PM

you're amazing

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:52:46 PM

you just fucked it all

CryptKai11/3/2019, 11:53:13 PM

Loss money though... That fine.. Will makeup later

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:53:29 PM

yeah you had a shit entry and no SL

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:53:31 PM

so better out

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:53:35 PM

2.5k loss?

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:53:56 PM

better 2.5k or so than lower and get really fucked

CryptKai11/3/2019, 11:55:19 PM

4k loss

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:55:27 PM

yeah with the fees

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:55:31 PM

not a prob

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:55:36 PM

market too low and unstable

CryptKai11/3/2019, 11:55:38 PM

Market sell πŸ˜‚

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:55:42 PM

yeah I know

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:55:48 PM

had to do that too this morning

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:56:27 PM

not like it's hard to recover

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:56:34 PM

next swing will probably be triple

CryptKai11/3/2019, 11:56:53 PM

Everything is fine. Look for big dump like your insider friend said.

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:57:11 PM

yeah expecting an intermediate swing

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:57:17 PM

0.264 or 0.278

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:57:21 PM

swing for the swell

CryptHawk11/3/2019, 11:57:24 PM

and dumpino

CryptKai11/3/2019, 11:57:33 PM


CryptKai11/4/2019, 3:21:26 AM

Buy high, sell low? πŸ˜‚

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 3:21:34 AM


CryptHawk11/4/2019, 3:21:35 AM


CryptHawk11/4/2019, 3:21:43 AM

I still see some shit

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 3:21:47 AM

just don't touch it for now

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 3:22:02 AM

and buy high / sell low also works if you know how to do it to make profits

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 3:22:18 AM

works very very well

CryptKai11/4/2019, 3:22:42 AM

Ok no problemo

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 3:22:53 AM

what matters is FIAT

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 3:22:58 AM

with leverage is easy

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 3:23:05 AM

even when you buy back higher

CryptKai11/4/2019, 3:23:59 AMEdited 11/4/2019, 3:24:17 AM

Agree.. I used to think to increase coins, now better think to increase USD, money now.

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 3:24:16 AM

yes because more USD = more coins when lower

CryptKai11/4/2019, 4:37:45 AM

Recently come across with this book "Trading with DiNapoli Levels". Good to read or waste of time?

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 4:38:08 AM

don't even know what this is

CryptKai11/4/2019, 4:49:34 AM

CryptKai11/4/2019, 4:49:49 AM

found a copy of the book but I know you don't give a shit .... hahaha

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 4:50:01 AM

going to check that tho

CryptKai11/4/2019, 4:50:16 AM

A fib "master"

CryptKai11/4/2019, 2:42:33 PM

Good morning Hawk! Looking forward for best entry time for the big short...XRP.

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 2:42:42 PM

hey there

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 2:42:44 PM

me too

CryptKai11/4/2019, 6:47:55 PM

If i understand your msg correctly: possible top at $0.293 but we still wait and watch, no short yet.

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 6:48:15 PM

I am super super super tempted to put a damn short here

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 6:48:28 PM

but point is I still think 0.293 will hold

CryptKai11/4/2019, 6:49:08 PM

ok .. I will wait tilll late this week. See how things unfold.

CryptKai11/4/2019, 9:22:26 PM

Good time to start ladder short?

CryptKai11/4/2019, 9:22:37 PM


CryptHawk11/4/2019, 9:22:41 PM


CryptHawk11/4/2019, 9:22:46 PM

time to start on each bounce

CryptKai11/4/2019, 9:23:16 PM

At work now.. Will short in 2 hrs

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 9:27:10 PM

ok on confirmation

CryptKai11/4/2019, 9:29:24 PM

Still goid to short in 5 mins?

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 9:29:33 PM

yeah each time it goes green

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 9:29:37 PM

slow and steady we keep some

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 9:29:38 PM

in case

CryptKai11/4/2019, 9:35:12 PM

Margin limit sell 100k XRP AT 0.2975??

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 9:35:30 PM

whenever you can if it gets there

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 9:35:31 PM

just watch

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 9:35:32 PM


CryptHawk11/4/2019, 9:35:36 PM

if it can't just go more

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 9:35:45 PMEdited 11/4/2019, 9:35:47 PM

pushing a bit

CryptKai11/4/2019, 9:37:43 PM

Limit Order set.

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 9:42:59 PM

ok hope it hits

CryptKai11/4/2019, 11:41:09 PM

My order filled

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 11:41:15 PM


CryptHawk11/4/2019, 11:41:24 PM

you're not fully in?

CryptKai11/4/2019, 11:41:26 PM

100k short at 0.975

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 11:41:29 PM

we need to be very careful

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 11:41:30 PM


CryptHawk11/4/2019, 11:41:40 PM

possible hunt

CryptKai11/4/2019, 11:41:43 PMEdited 11/4/2019, 11:41:54 PM

I havent put stop loss

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 11:41:56 PM


CryptKai11/4/2019, 11:42:20 PM

Need to go home to set the sl

CryptKai11/4/2019, 11:42:26 PM

10 mins

CryptKai11/4/2019, 11:50:38 PM

Almost there... Still same sl?

CryptKai11/4/2019, 11:50:48 PM

I can add sl now

CryptKai11/4/2019, 11:51:48 PM

-$313 p&l now on 100k short at 0.2975

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 11:51:57 PM


CryptHawk11/4/2019, 11:52:07 PM

and we will ladder more short if it does not hit SL

CryptHawk11/4/2019, 11:52:13 PM

but looks kinda impulsive

CryptKai11/4/2019, 11:53:34 PM

100k @ 0.303 SL added

CryptKai11/5/2019, 1:38:55 AM

Only $400 loss due to SL.

CryptHawk11/5/2019, 2:00:09 AM

me too

CryptHawk11/5/2019, 2:00:16 AM

BTC shit the whole thing

CryptHawk11/5/2019, 2:00:20 AM

fake pump fake dump etc

CryptHawk11/5/2019, 2:00:21 AM


CryptHawk11/5/2019, 2:00:29 AM

I am doing all my fibs right now

CryptKai11/5/2019, 2:15:36 AM


CryptKai11/7/2019, 12:59:35 AM

I'm tempted to initiate a short here ...

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 12:59:50 AM


CryptHawk11/7/2019, 12:59:53 AM

I am working on it

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 12:59:55 AM

very soon

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 12:59:57 AM

this will be epic

CryptKai11/7/2019, 1:00:04 AM

Maybe wait to see first day of swell .. to see how it goes?

CryptKai11/7/2019, 1:00:14 AM

ok .. wait for your signal

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 1:00:19 AM

we short the DT

CryptKai11/7/2019, 1:00:34 AM


CryptHawk11/7/2019, 1:01:07 AM

we might have some swings tho

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 1:01:10 AM

before the big short

CryptKai11/7/2019, 1:02:33 AM

I'm off work for next 2 days ... ready to trade this after swell

CryptKai11/7/2019, 2:38:09 AM

when can I short?

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 2:38:13 AM

not now

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 2:38:15 AM

on the wick up

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 2:38:16 AM


CryptKai11/7/2019, 2:38:20 AM


CryptKai11/7/2019, 2:50:25 AM

I have $265k fiat in exchange acct for the big short. Wait for your signal.

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 3:06:54 AM

this is gonna be fucking amazing

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 3:06:57 AMEdited 11/7/2019, 3:06:58 AM

we wait for wave 2

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 3:07:01 AM

and we kill the whole shit

CryptKai11/7/2019, 3:07:15 AM


CryptHawk11/7/2019, 3:07:20 AM

totally amazing

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 3:07:25 AM

this is gonna be the big big one

CryptKai11/7/2019, 3:08:25 AM

Help me with position sizing... Thanks!! Party time soon.. hahaha

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 3:18:49 AM

yeah sure

CryptKai11/7/2019, 4:12:03 AM

Still waiting for short... What do u mean buyback?

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 4:12:10 AM

the long

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 4:12:19 AM

for now short is not the best place

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 4:12:23 AM

unless I see a real break

CryptKai11/7/2019, 4:12:31 AM


CryptKai11/7/2019, 4:16:13 AM

Not me

CryptKai11/7/2019, 4:17:45 AM

When u signal, should i just market short 200K XRP?

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 4:18:08 AM


CryptHawk11/7/2019, 4:18:13 AM

I will tell it on voice

CryptKai11/7/2019, 4:27:13 AM


CryptKai11/7/2019, 5:41:19 AM

Status Update: short 800k XRP at $0.30174

CryptKai11/7/2019, 5:41:39 AM

πŸ‘ πŸ˜‚

CryptKai11/7/2019, 6:16:49 AM

Good night Hawk.

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 6:16:56 AM

thanks buddy

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 6:16:58 AM

let's make a lot

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 6:17:01 AM

a looooooooooot

CryptKai11/7/2019, 6:17:11 AM


CryptKai11/7/2019, 12:55:41 PM

Good morning Hawk. I will ladder out the shorts according to your buy targets?

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 12:56:00 PM

We will ladder out short according to where BTC fucks up

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 12:56:11 PM

We won’t buy back directly

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 12:56:19 PM

Because if BTC drops hard

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 12:56:22 PM

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 12:56:26 PM

Check that it’s super touchy

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 12:56:38 PM

We will first slowly ladder out around 0.25 maybe

CryptKai11/7/2019, 12:57:22 PM


CryptKai11/7/2019, 1:54:52 PMEdited 11/7/2019, 1:55:03 PM

Should I set Margin Limit Buy at around 0.25 now or just wait for BTC to shit and market buy slowly to close the shorts?

CryptKai11/7/2019, 2:05:37 PM

I set margin limit buy of 800k XRP spread out at range $0.256-$0.262. Let me know if I should cancel it. Thanks!!

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 2:05:56 PM

I am going to watch first

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 2:06:01 PM

shit could really hit the fan

CryptKai11/7/2019, 2:06:46 PM

I need to take kids to school in 30 mins and afraid to miss it. That's why I set it for now.

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 2:06:55 PM

you have time

CryptHawk11/7/2019, 2:06:58 PM

you're good

CryptKai11/7/2019, 2:07:05 PM

thanks for confirm

CryptKai11/8/2019, 4:03:39 AM

Can I buy some zrx now ... ZRXUSD in Coinbase?

CryptHawk11/8/2019, 4:03:48 AM

might be a good idea

CryptHawk11/8/2019, 4:03:51 AM

with a tight stop

CryptHawk11/8/2019, 4:03:55 AM

or leverage on finex

CryptHawk11/8/2019, 4:03:58 AM

but not big big

CryptKai11/8/2019, 4:04:03 AM


CryptKai11/8/2019, 4:35:42 AM

Just bought 307k ZRX @ $0.315

CryptKai11/8/2019, 4:35:49 AM


CryptHawk11/8/2019, 5:00:40 AM

lol not bad

CryptKai11/8/2019, 5:55:31 AM

Good night Hawk. I'm tired too.

CryptHawk11/8/2019, 5:56:00 AM


CryptKai11/8/2019, 2:26:41 PM

Good morning Hawk. If I understand you correctly, this is not a quick long swing trade but start accumulate XRP back, with a tied stop loss ? Will you update the sheet?

CryptHawk11/8/2019, 2:29:27 PM

yes I am working on it

CryptHawk11/8/2019, 2:29:51 PM

We could wick harder

CryptHawk11/8/2019, 2:29:54 PM

so don't rush in anything

CryptKai11/8/2019, 2:39:15 PM


CryptHawk11/8/2019, 2:39:24 PM

still XRP short

CryptKai11/8/2019, 9:45:40 PM

100k XRP buy set at 0.27636

CryptHawk11/8/2019, 9:47:28 PM

should do the trick

CryptHawk11/8/2019, 9:47:38 PM

going to maybe tap 0.275 or so

CryptKai11/8/2019, 9:47:51 PM

ok i lower then

CryptHawk11/8/2019, 9:48:02 PM

yeah will ladder lower slow and steady

CryptKai11/8/2019, 9:49:58 PM

ok ... reduce size and make few buy orders

CryptHawk11/8/2019, 9:51:07 PM

might take ages

CryptHawk11/8/2019, 9:51:12 PM

before we retrace and go up

CryptHawk11/8/2019, 9:51:15 PM

probably monday

CryptKai11/8/2019, 9:52:10 PM


CryptKai11/8/2019, 11:21:38 PMEdited 11/8/2019, 11:23:58 PM

How large of XRP positions do you think I should enter for the long at 0.26+ ? .... 250k XRP for now.

CryptHawk11/8/2019, 11:26:09 PM

this is what I am looking for

CryptKai11/8/2019, 11:26:49 PM

50k XRP for each price targets

CryptHawk11/8/2019, 11:30:06 PM

yeah and keep some in case of a wick

CryptHawk11/8/2019, 11:30:16 PM

not sure it gets here from here so I will update the targets

CryptKai11/8/2019, 11:31:01 PM


CryptKai11/9/2019, 1:15:27 AM

Any change to buy target? Better cancel the buys?

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 1:49:23 AM

hey can you put a 50k wall on ETP for support?

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 1:49:28 AM

at 0.45 or so

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 1:49:33 AM

so it goes not drop anymore

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 1:49:36 AM

and we can push it more

CryptKai11/9/2019, 1:50:12 AM

Im outside now.

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 1:50:51 AM

not a prob

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 2:50:24 AM

when you are back we're gonna trigger the bots on ETP

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 2:50:29 AM

and bring a massive wall as support

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 2:50:37 AM

so they can't do shit anymore

CryptKai11/9/2019, 2:51:53 AMEdited 11/9/2019, 2:52:05 AM

Hi Hawk. I will only back in 2 to 3 hrs. Hope not too late.

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 2:52:03 AM

no that's perfect

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 2:52:10 AM

china is coming at this time

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 2:52:11 AM

so perfect

CryptKai11/9/2019, 2:52:33 AM


CryptKai11/9/2019, 5:10:56 AM

Just back home.

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 5:11:03 AM

we focus on xrp

CryptKai11/9/2019, 5:11:07 AM


CryptHawk11/9/2019, 5:11:12 AM

we might have a bullish checkmate

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 5:11:15 AM

go listen to voice

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 5:11:18 AM

to understand

CryptKai11/9/2019, 5:11:19 AM


CryptKai11/9/2019, 5:30:38 AMEdited 11/9/2019, 5:30:52 AM

In term of position size, will you ladder in miliions XRP ? Would be too hard to get out too, right?

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 5:30:57 AM

I add like 10k by 10k slowly

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 5:31:06 AM

and wait till it goes a bit down

CryptKai11/9/2019, 5:33:00 AM

I already bought 530k XRP at $0.2785 in Kraken due to high liquidity there.

CryptKai11/9/2019, 5:42:54 AM

Do you know how much time to get out when it is at top?

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 5:43:09 AM

not really

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 5:43:13 AM

but will go fast

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 5:43:16 AM

and start laddering out

CryptKai11/9/2019, 5:44:04 AM

this case, 530k is good size ... not to be greedy.

CryptKai11/9/2019, 3:58:18 PMEdited 11/9/2019, 3:58:40 PM

Just wondering what would you do with the 4.5 mil XRP sold? Are you getting back in a portion? I have similar situation.

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 3:58:45 PM

For now I wait for a conf

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 3:59:15 PM

I will only get back in holding above 0.317

CryptHawk11/9/2019, 3:59:20 PM

For the big stack

CryptKai11/9/2019, 3:59:50 PM

Ok.. Good to know

CryptKai11/10/2019, 2:57:18 AMEdited 11/10/2019, 2:58:04 AM

Just bought 3.4 mil XRP back from Kraken and Finex. If 29.8 failed, I will OTC sell immediately.

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 3:03:50 AM

no need OTC

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 3:03:51 AM

don't worry

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 3:03:54 AM

enough liquidity

CryptKai11/10/2019, 3:04:01 AM


CryptKai11/10/2019, 8:55:34 AM

should I ladder out slowly or wait?

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 1:11:11 PM

Not now no worries

CryptKai11/10/2019, 2:19:49 PM


CryptKai11/10/2019, 2:39:30 PM

Have you ladder in now or stick to your original plan to buy XRP at $0.317 for your big stack?

CryptKai11/10/2019, 2:40:25 PM

Just wondering. Hope you don't mind asking this personal question.

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 2:40:54 PM

I am in for my trading stack

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 2:40:56 PM


CryptHawk11/10/2019, 2:41:03 PM

laddering down

CryptKai11/10/2019, 2:41:23 PM

ok understood. Thanks!!

CryptKai11/10/2019, 7:00:46 PMEdited 11/10/2019, 7:01:18 PM

Hi Hawk. I was misbehaved 😩 Sold my big stack before price move up but I still keep my trading stack of 800k XRP.

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 7:03:24 PM

Why is that?

CryptKai11/10/2019, 7:03:58 PM

This is 2nd times misbehave.

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 7:04:37 PM


CryptHawk11/10/2019, 7:04:43 PM

Kinda shitty

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 7:05:02 PM

What was the reason

CryptKai11/10/2019, 7:05:23 PMEdited 11/10/2019, 11:35:51 PM

Sold my big stack of 2.4 mil XRP in Kraken at small loss. My trading stack has 800k XRP and some cash to buy the remaining 200k XRP.

CryptKai11/10/2019, 7:06:57 PMEdited 11/10/2019, 7:08:45 PM

Need to manage my emotion ... you took off the gooseneck at midnight ... that's the reason πŸ˜‚

CryptKai11/10/2019, 7:08:03 PM

I thought is just chicken neck ... so I sold my stacking bag in case.

CryptKai11/10/2019, 7:12:03 PM

yes .. wtf again

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 7:12:08 PM

Gonna have to work on your emotions

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 7:12:21 PM

And help you with that

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 7:12:41 PM


CryptKai11/10/2019, 7:13:04 PMEdited 11/10/2019, 7:13:19 PM

both happen when I woke up at midnight and did something stupid

CryptKai11/10/2019, 7:15:43 PM

Status for trading portfolio: 800 k XRP, $70,863 fiat.

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 7:16:54 PM

Yeah ok

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 7:17:06 PM

We’re gonna have to work on a 2-4h session

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 7:17:09 PM

To manage that

CryptKai11/10/2019, 7:18:16 PM

My big stack is still in cash $652,700 in Kraken.

CryptKai11/10/2019, 7:22:36 PM

call mistake ...

CryptKai11/10/2019, 11:36:08 PM

Sold all XRP. Now in cash. Thanks Hawk.

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 11:36:15 PM

yeah better do this

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 11:36:17 PM

even if no profits

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 11:36:21 PM

I don't trust this bitch

CryptKai11/10/2019, 11:36:32 PM

Breakeven. No loss. πŸ‘Œ

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 11:38:53 PM

yeah better

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 11:38:57 PM

it's weirdo

CryptKai11/10/2019, 11:39:15 PM

can we short BTC?

CryptKai11/10/2019, 11:39:25 PM

just wondering ..

CryptHawk11/10/2019, 11:40:36 PM

not here it's a sucker

CryptKai11/11/2019, 6:08:15 AM

The buy targets are for swing trade. For big stack, wait for absolute bottom ?

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 6:08:33 AM

a good swing

CryptKai11/11/2019, 6:08:54 AM

Thanks for the targets. Good night Hawk.

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 6:08:59 AM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:44:48 PM

We need to work on another strategy for you

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:44:57 PM

something deeper to manage your emotions but also the rest

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:45:16 PM

something far more personal and now you have the whole big stack in FIAT it kinda changes the game

CryptKai11/11/2019, 2:48:46 PM

How? Please show me the way. Appreciate.

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:50:53 PM

yeah working on something

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:51:01 PM

need to see how I can free some time

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:51:13 PMEdited 11/11/2019, 2:51:16 PM

readjust the whole strategy like I did with a member here like you

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:51:22 PM

spread on different coins etc

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:52:29 PM

help you to not be attached to just one coin etc

CryptKai11/11/2019, 2:52:55 PM

That's what i need. For the big stack i have, i face liquidity issue. Need to spread in different coins to optimize.

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:53:08 PM

yeah and now big stack is sold and in play

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:53:17 PM

we can have a strong strategy

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:53:45 PM

could work 1-2h a day on it, helping you to understand stuff etc. doing different strategies, phone calls, stress management

CryptKai11/11/2019, 2:55:30 PMEdited 11/11/2019, 2:55:52 PM

What exactly the personal coaching entails? I'm more than happy to work with you.

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:55:52 PM

if you don't mind like the other member I help who has kinda 1.3Mil$ right now we make a small adjustment for the fees and the whole job and I can do the magic. Because I am gonna have to manage my time differently.

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:56:00 PM

Then I can do whatever you want

CryptKai11/11/2019, 2:57:52 PM

let me know how i compensate you for your time involved. I'm more than appreciate for your expertise and want to learn to trade from you

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:57:57 PM

it's not just for the fees I don't care but more a global adjustment to work on something far bigger

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:58:13 PM

but now we're talking about the whole stack etc

CryptKai11/11/2019, 2:58:24 PM

Yes! Excited to be involved

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:58:24 PM

a big bag of FIAT which can be doubled very fast

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:59:15 PM

I mean we could eventually make some copy trades

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 2:59:20 PM

what I do you do it

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:00:15 PM

with 650k FIAT I already laugh lol

CryptKai11/11/2019, 3:00:34 PM

I have $950k...

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:00:42 PM

arf lol

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:00:47 PM

We can make shit with that

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:00:57 PM

oh boy I didn't know all the volume

CryptKai11/11/2019, 3:00:59 PM

Show me the way

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:01:08 PM

I mean we're gonna reorganize everything

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:01:11 PM

move money etc

CryptKai11/11/2019, 3:01:19 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:01:46 PM

we're gonna move some money on exchanges etc

CryptKai11/11/2019, 3:01:59 PM

Yep.. No problem

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:02:05 PM

Let's think about how we can do this

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:02:32 PM

ok for the fees one time

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:02:36 PM

let's see what we can do

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:02:47 PM

and how we can manage this big chunk of money

CryptKai11/11/2019, 3:02:59 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:03:27 PM

the guy with 1.3Mil $ I charged just once 25k$ in XRP now doing full strategy and playing with the whole damn money! We're up 80K

CryptKai11/11/2019, 3:04:24 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:06:34 PM

what do you think about a rounded number

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:06:44 PM

100K XRP

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:06:49 PM

alts, private classes etc

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:07:00 PM

we work on managing your stress

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:07:02 PM

emotions etc

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:08:35 PM

we play with this big bag

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:08:43 PM

we really do some strong shit

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:08:52 PM

and roll to make 50-60k min per week

CryptKai11/11/2019, 3:09:29 PM

Does it include learning your trade secrets πŸ™

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:09:37 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:09:39 PMEdited 11/11/2019, 3:09:41 PM


CryptKai11/11/2019, 3:09:48 PM

Good.. Im in

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:09:48 PM

copy trades

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:09:54 PM

even my little crazy secrets ha ha

CryptKai11/11/2019, 3:10:49 PMEdited 4/1/2020, 6:57:07 AM

I will send you 100k XRP latwr.

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:11:03 PM

Gonna work asap on it

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:11:06 PM

need to start fast

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:11:20 PM

we need to focus on that shit

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:11:27 PM

if we have trades coming you have to be ready

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:11:34 PM

tell me when you can have a break today in your work

CryptKai11/11/2019, 3:11:48 PM

At lunch

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:11:51 PM

very important to start asap

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:11:51 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:12:04 PM

here's the wallet

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:12:04 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:12:13 PM

we move forward asap

CryptKai11/11/2019, 3:12:21 PM

Im out now

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:12:26 PM

we can't just stay on kraken

CryptKai11/11/2019, 3:12:54 PM


CryptKai11/11/2019, 3:14:32 PMEdited 11/11/2019, 3:14:48 PM

I can go back home in 20 mins to trade for 15 mins before work... At my children's school now πŸ˜‚

CryptKai11/11/2019, 3:15:25 PM

Which exchanges? Binance? I can use my parent's acct for that too.

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:17:27 PM

get back home when you there we talk

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:17:34 PM

we're gonna send some to different exchanges

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:17:39 PM

we need bitfinex and binance

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:17:45 PM

we're gonna spread

CryptKai11/11/2019, 3:18:27 PM

What's next?

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:18:35 PM

tell me when you're home

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:18:41 PM

we start by moving money etc

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:18:55 PM

then next will be to schedule a session to talk about emotions and trading

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 3:19:06 PM

how to control stress, accept risks etc

CryptKai11/11/2019, 3:53:48 PM

Just out of school and go to work. Will do during lunch time.

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 4:08:20 PM


CryptKai11/11/2019, 6:49:58 PM

Confirm addresss without tag?

CryptKai11/11/2019, 6:49:59 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 6:51:08 PM


CryptKai11/11/2019, 6:51:21 PM

ok send now

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 6:51:22 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 6:51:24 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 6:51:32 PM

gonna work on a schedule to have calls and stuff

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 6:51:37 PM

and what we're gonna work on

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 6:57:26 PM

tell me when it's out so I can confirm

CryptKai11/11/2019, 6:57:35 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 6:57:38 PM

what is the first thing you want to start working on

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 6:57:47 PM

like the very first thing you need to figure out with yourself

CryptKai11/11/2019, 6:59:03 PM

allocation of my funds in several exchanges. Setup direction communication with you and notification

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 6:59:51 PM

ok perfect

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 6:59:58 PM

allocation of the funds I am already working on it

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:00:22 PM

Are you still working on the education stuff or if I can have access now?

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:02:14 PM

still but will do private lessons with you

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:02:23 PM

we're gonna start scheduling calls and shit

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:02:33 PM

work on risk management how much to put etc

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:02:39 PM

spread in alts

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:02:40 PM

What's the best and quickest way to notify me for trade execution? Need your first hand info asap.

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:02:56 PM

fast is not a prob something like a phone number or so

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:03:03 PM

or just imessage if you have an iphone

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:04:57 PM

I go by Kai

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:05:32 PM

yeah perfect

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:05:35 PM

I am still John

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:05:44 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:05:50 PM

which is my real name tho

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:06:03 PM

gonna test a message

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:06:03 PM

really !

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:06:06 PM

yes John

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:06:08 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:07:31 PM

that's why I always say I was not born in the right country

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:07:37 PM

being french and named John

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:07:38 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:07:45 PM

my parents were probably under cocaine or so

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:08:13 PM

yeah this world is fucked up hahahaha

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:08:38 PM

is your cell an iphone?

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:08:41 PM

your number ending 2224?

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:08:50 PM

no did not send yet

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:09:54 PM

just sent

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:09:54 PM

Android phone

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:09:59 PM

ok you should have it

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:10:07 PM

otherwise I will have a private telegram if needed

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:10:15 PM

if you have telegram I can do this too

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:10:22 PM

just need your name so I can add you

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:10:27 PM

Got it ...

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:10:39 PM

XRP not here yet

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:10:42 PM

is it from Kraken?

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:10:51 PM

I know XRPL has a lot of issues these past days

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:11:06 PM

yes .. from Kraken

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:11:15 PM

ok I think XRPL still has prob

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:11:17 PM

that's why

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:11:43 PM

Status is on hold

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:11:49 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:11:59 PM

you know why?

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:12:46 PM

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:13:06 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:13:27 PM

you have no limit?

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:14:34 PM

(image attachment not found)

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:15:13 PM

what does say the flag on XRP transaction

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:15:22 PM

on status it's warning

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:15:41 PM

It just said "On Hold"

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:15:44 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:16:05 PM

A deposit or withdrawal being "On Hold" means that it was flagged for one of the reasons below. Some "On Hold" deposits/withdrawals are automatically released after a certain period of time, while other "On Hold" deposits/withdrawals will require manual intervention from Kraken Support.

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:16:17 PM

Hi, A withdrawal request has been made for the withdrawal address named Hawk. Security precaution: If this is a new address you will soon receive an email asking you to confirm it. Thanks for choosing Kraken Digital Asset Exchange The Kraken Team

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:16:30 PM

Kraken emailed me this ...

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:16:34 PM

ha ha ok

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:16:39 PM

probably because 100k and new address

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:16:40 PM

Waiting for the email

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:18:18 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:19:44 PM

should not take long I guess

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:19:53 PM

stilll waiting

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:26:39 PM

just lunch I am going to work on the whole schedule

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:26:46 PM

so we can have an agenda and a program

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:26:57 PM

working on the funds now to know where do we put them

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:27:54 PMEdited 11/11/2019, 7:28:37 PM

Here's my funds: $296,300 in Finex and $625,200 in Kraken. I have access to Binance

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:28:09 PM

ok perfect gonna work on that

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:29:57 PM

to be honest I hate kraken

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:29:59 PM

this is total BS

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:30:18 PM

We could do some leverage trading on finex and bybit

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:30:21 PM

and use binance for alts

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:31:07 PMEdited 11/11/2019, 7:31:27 PM

They are working on it ... it is due to my stupid trade with OTC the other night that you said not to use. It is already settled. They are checking on it.

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:32:44 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:32:53 PM

so that's why withdrawal did not go yet

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:33:10 PM

it's good to know I have a big guy there too

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:33:14 PM

need to warn him

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:34:47 PM

"Just reaching out to the desk, your account manager isn't online(I'm guessing he might be asleep at this hour!) "

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:35:01 PM

nah this is BS lol

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:35:02 PM

My account manager is based in Taiwan ..:)

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:35:06 PM

they are all here all time

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:35:20 PM

this crypto is becoming more centralized than ever

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:36:36 PM

yep .. just crypto is just another fiat ponzi scheme now controlled by elites.

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:36:46 PM

yeah that's for sure

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:36:55 PM

that's why I kinda prefer to be out of kraken

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:37:01 PM

never been confident with them

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:39:35 PM

ok .. Will open an accct in bybit

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:40:08 PM

yeah gonna give you a link for the fees

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:40:25 PM

please do so

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:41:42 PM

Done .. let me submit withdraw again

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:41:50 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:43:24 PM

waiting for bybit to give me the fee rebate

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:43:27 PM

will tell you

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:49:22 PM

they confirmed the address or no? Do I have to do something on my end?

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:55:11 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:56:25 PM

yeah got it

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:56:28 PM

what a mess lol

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:56:36 PM

let me know the schedule ... we can phone call any time.

CryptKai11/11/2019, 7:56:50 PM

got to go back to work.

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 7:58:33 PM

yes let me know more your availability

CryptKai11/11/2019, 8:04:26 PM

I'm working mon-fri 9-5 but still can receive quick 15 mins call any time during work. I'm free after 5pm (except Friday) and whole day Sat (but will mostly be outside 10am-3pm) and half day (after 2pm) on Sun. I will have IPad in case of trade.

CryptKai11/11/2019, 8:05:07 PM

Just give me call if urgent. I work at my own cubicle.

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 8:05:23 PM

ok perfect so we can have some calls indeed

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 8:05:31 PM

and plan after 5pm some good sessions

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 8:09:25 PM

ok I see

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 8:09:31 PM

we need some risk management for you now

CryptKai11/11/2019, 11:18:06 PM

I'm back home. I'm available anytime

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:30:12 PM

yeah we're gonna cover the event for coinmarket cap

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:30:15 PM

eating fast

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:30:26 PM

and will be available quickly to start talking before the event eventually

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:30:34 PM

might have some very important announcements

CryptKai11/11/2019, 11:31:01 PM

I listen to your live chat just now. Need to prepare for it.

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:31:03 PM

Need to split between binance / bitfinex also

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:31:15 PMEdited 11/11/2019, 11:31:16 PM

I am not live will be live in 1h30 or so

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:33:49 PM

there is a major change today

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:33:57 PM

the big coinmarket cap conference

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:34:01 PM

while it dips a bit

CryptKai11/11/2019, 11:34:04 PM

Should I buy some XRP, send to Binance and sell back for USDT now?

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:34:09 PM

might be interesting to send more to bitfinex

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:34:13 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:34:17 PM

same for bitfinex

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:34:27 PM

let's say 40/40

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:34:32 PM

and we keep 20% on bybit later

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:34:46 PM

then you send me a full report about how much you have on each exchange

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:34:49 PM

so I can start working

CryptKai11/11/2019, 11:35:37 PM

Bybit ban U. S. and Singapore. Use HK?

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:35:51 PM

yeah or just France or Canada ha ha

CryptKai11/11/2019, 11:35:56 PM

Not need to do KYC fir Bybit?

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:35:59 PM


CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:36:05 PM

but don't open anything on Bybit now

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:36:08 PM

not needed

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:36:13 PM

stick to finex and binance for now

CryptKai11/11/2019, 11:36:16 PM


CryptKai11/11/2019, 11:36:27 PM

In USDT for Binance?

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:36:37 PMEdited 11/11/2019, 11:36:41 PM

send XRP yes and go UDST

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:36:53 PM

it's dipping so better buy during the dip

CryptKai11/11/2019, 11:36:59 PM


CryptKai11/11/2019, 11:37:50 PM

% in Kraken? Zero?

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:41:18 PM

for now keep 20%

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:41:21 PM

till we have bybit

CryptKai11/11/2019, 11:53:46 PM

In Kraken, I can just buy USDT with USD. Should have thought about that.

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:54:02 PM

I don't like sending USDT

CryptHawk11/11/2019, 11:54:05 PM

it takes ages

CryptKai11/11/2019, 11:55:14 PM

I will buy XRP incrementally... $600k is big volume.

CryptKai11/12/2019, 1:34:32 AM

It is a pain to sell 944k XRP in Binance. Any suggestion to optimize the sells for USDT? In stages? wait for higher prices?

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 1:35:04 AM

yes we might push

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 1:35:09 AM

market when it pushes nicely

CryptKai11/12/2019, 1:35:30 AM


CryptKai11/12/2019, 1:36:04 AM

"up to 0.288 or even 0.293" still see this coming?

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 1:36:50 AM


CryptHawk11/12/2019, 1:36:55 AM

or up to 50$ lol

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 1:37:12 AM

everyone is fomoing in the coinmarketcap new index hahaha

CryptKai11/12/2019, 1:37:12 AM

then I overpay you lol

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 1:37:17 AM

yes please

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 1:37:31 AM

I am never overpaid

CryptKai11/12/2019, 1:37:42 AM

win-win .. just kidding

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 1:37:53 AM

I am still too cheap ha ha

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 1:37:54 AM


CryptKai11/12/2019, 1:38:50 AM

For the kind of skills, you don't need to do this ... appreciate for your help.

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 1:39:03 AM

ok let's cover the event

CryptKai11/12/2019, 1:39:08 AM


CryptKai11/12/2019, 3:39:07 AM

Still waiting for a good price to sell ... 944k XRP at Binance

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:39:21 AM

yeah wait it should go up

CryptKai11/12/2019, 3:41:05 AMEdited 11/12/2019, 3:41:28 AM

can you talk about how your personal strategy work for the $1.3 mil guy?

CryptKai11/12/2019, 3:44:38 AM

large sell volume of 2.5 mil at 0.276 in Binance

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:45:36 AM

yeah we spread different orders and never buy or sell it all

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:45:46 AM

it took 4 days to sell everything and be in USD

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:46:10 AM

then when we're in USD it's easier because we can spread orders at different levels

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:47:20 AM

then we start to work on multiple levels it's long

CryptKai11/12/2019, 3:51:13 AM

For the personal strategy, do you maintain a spreadsheet of my positions in all exchanges so that you can monitor and optimize the portfolio more easily?

CryptKai11/12/2019, 3:51:47 AM

I can't imagine you remember each of our portfolio.

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:53:11 AM

hardest part will be to put this money in different coins and manage trades

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:53:24 AM

I am working on a spreadsheet for you

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:53:31 AM

so we will follow each trade carefully

CryptKai11/12/2019, 3:53:57 AM

Or a portal or spreadsheet where I update my trades/positions.

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:55:10 AM

Yeah we could have 2 parts my signals and spread orders and your positions according to this

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:55:16 AM

Will be easier to work on

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:55:22 AM

I am gonna start working on it

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:55:37 AM

Tomorrow what time can you be free so I can call you on discord

CryptKai11/12/2019, 5:05:53 AM

Something weird in Discord this evening that your messages are delayed. Anyway , please call me at Discord tomorrow morning 8-8:45am CT (9-9:45am ET your time). Let me know if it works. Good night.

CryptKai11/12/2019, 5:29:12 AM

Wrong call.

CryptKai11/12/2019, 6:21:31 AM

Hi Hawk, I hope you don't mind the formality; attached herein is my expectation for this personal strategy engagement. Let me know if it is reasonable or you have anything changes. I also would like to know your expectation on me. Thanks!! Have a good night.

CryptKai11/12/2019, 6:21:49 AM

(image attachment not found)

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 6:26:08 AM

All points are perfect for me

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 6:26:15 AM

Telegram and phone call ok

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 6:26:41 AM

Spreadsheet for the positions, should be ready tomorrow with my suggestions and you fill your orders

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 6:27:21 AM

Private classes also ok, we can start asa with the basics then start working on fibs, my methods etc

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 6:27:43 AM

Last point is doable very doable

CryptKai11/12/2019, 6:28:27 AM

Thanks John !!

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 6:29:05 AM

Spreadsheet tomorrow for sure

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 6:29:23 AM

First trades probably this week too for some mid term holds

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 6:29:49 AM

I am off to bed 12:30 here will work on this by 8am

CryptKai11/12/2019, 6:30:34 AMEdited 11/12/2019, 6:31:25 AM

good night .. talk later.

CryptKai11/12/2019, 2:55:16 PM

Morning John. Let me know when you are ready to kick start.

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:05:20 PM

Hey there let me shovel for an hour and I am here

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:05:29 PM

We got a shit ton of snow here

CryptKai11/12/2019, 3:06:07 PM


CryptKai11/12/2019, 3:28:22 PM

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:51:07 PM

would be nice to have this online

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:51:17 PM

I will copy it on google sheet and give you access

CryptKai11/12/2019, 3:52:19 PM


CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:52:25 PM

gonna shower now

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:52:29 PMEdited 11/12/2019, 3:52:30 PM

this shovelling killed me

CryptKai11/12/2019, 3:52:54 PM

Haha i hate snow too when i was living in Ohio

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:53:04 PM

I hate snow like crazy

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 3:53:13 PM

that's why I spend my time in FL

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:08:25 PM

did you sell XRP or just waiting for now

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:08:28 PM

as it dipped more

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:08:33 PM

better not sell

CryptKai11/12/2019, 4:09:16 PM

I already sold all 944k XRP during livechat yesterday... at a loss.

CryptKai11/12/2019, 4:09:57 PM

Liquidity in Binance is really bad

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:10:32 PM

big loss?

CryptKai11/12/2019, 4:11:12 PM

About 1+ % loss, $5k give or take

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:11:32 PM

ok easy to recover

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:11:43 PM

so how much is your finex account so far

CryptKai11/12/2019, 4:11:44 PM

My current fiat position is $916,000 fiat

CryptKai11/12/2019, 4:12:13 PM

$333k in Finex

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:12:28 PM

ok so finex is ok just top it when we can at 350k

CryptKai11/12/2019, 4:12:29 PM

Fiat with buy orders for XRP

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:12:33 PM

we're gonna play some good shit

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:12:43 PM

is it all margin or not yet

CryptKai11/12/2019, 4:13:05 PM

Half in margin

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:13:13 PM

get ready

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:13:19 PM

we might have a buy anytime soon

CryptKai11/12/2019, 4:13:44 PM

Ok im at work now

CryptKai11/12/2019, 4:21:36 PM

I have buys at 0.25 - 0.24 should i cancel now?

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:21:45 PM

should be ok

CryptKai11/12/2019, 4:23:07 PM

Im going home now to setup buys at kraken and Binance to catch this swing. I have it setup in Finex. What position size?

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:23:33 PM

if you can get the wick 200-300k XRP is good

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:23:38 PM

then we will ladder on support

CryptKai11/12/2019, 4:24:03 PM

Ok.. 200k xrp each exchange

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:24:06 PM


CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:24:16 PM

and if finex leverage can go to 500k

CryptKai11/12/2019, 4:24:31 PM

600k total...

CryptKai11/12/2019, 4:24:37 PM


CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:24:48 PM

this is the big thing the SL

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:24:55 PM

till we hit the fib

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:25:01 PM

I need to see how it goes

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:25:06 PM

but will react fast

CryptKai11/12/2019, 4:25:09 PM

Leave it empty for now

CryptKai11/12/2019, 4:25:14 PM


CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:25:26 PM

just don't rush for now in buying

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:25:30 PM

we let it drop

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:25:37 PM

normally 0.254 should hold

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:25:43 PM

but could go to 0.217

CryptKai11/12/2019, 4:25:58 PMEdited 11/12/2019, 6:18:10 PM

Need to go home ... 15 mins lack time.

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:26:04 PM

0.243 and 0.238 look likely

CryptKai11/12/2019, 4:38:24 PM

back home now!!

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:38:38 PM

ok let's watch a bit

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 4:38:42 PM

shorts are taking profits now

CryptKai11/12/2019, 5:01:07 PM

Binance: total 200k XRP buy: 0.239 (100k) - 0.241 (50k) - 0.245 (50k) Finex: total 500k XRP exchange buy: evenly spread from 0.239 to 0.243 Kraken: total 300k XRP buy: 0.239-0.234-0.245

CryptKai11/12/2019, 5:20:50 PM

Cash positions: Finex: $323k Binance: $257k Kraken: $333k

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 5:21:02 PM

Ok that’s perfect

CryptHawk11/12/2019, 5:21:12 PM

Currently working on the rest right now

CryptKai11/12/2019, 6:30:04 PM

I'm working from home today. So we can have Discord Call anytime when you are ready.

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:13:52 AM


CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:13:57 AM

OMG what a day

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:14:13 AM

snow non stop, shovel again and again

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:14:21 AM

some shit with my 2FA

CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:19:37 AM

Nice to hear you again!! Hope snow doesn't cover your car completely πŸ˜‚

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:19:47 AM

worst day of my life lol

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:19:50 AM

totally dead

CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:20:38 AMEdited 11/13/2019, 2:20:51 AM

You have been quite today. What's up?

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:20:51 AM

as I said been away

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:20:53 AM

shitty day

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:21:01 AM

snow non stop had to shovel and shit

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:21:27 AM

then had something scaring the shit out of me I changed my ipad and forgot to save my 2FA

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:21:33 AM

I had no more access to anything lol

CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:21:49 AM

You are soon at Florida. Just bear for few more days.

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:22:04 AM


CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:22:05 AM

I know

CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:23:20 AM

Wow... That is worst than end of the world for disconnecting from everything internet

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:23:51 AM

so now I am just liquified ha ha

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:23:55 AM

I just want to sleep

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:24:10 AM

but have to finish working on some stuff I am doing for you

CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:24:40 AM

No hurry but im eager to start. πŸ™

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:24:47 AM

I am on it

CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:25:32 AM

Anyway i know you care about helping me to make money... Take your time to deliver your best.

CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:26:44 AMEdited 11/13/2019, 2:26:56 AM

When you are ready, we can kick start with a call to iron out the details.

CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:28:47 AMEdited 11/13/2019, 2:29:06 AM

Question: how many members in the personal strategy? Are you going to manage individually or as a bundle?

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:29:00 AM

I do personal for each

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:29:06 AM

4 right now big guys like you

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:29:12 AM

I won't have more

CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:29:17 AM


CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:54:46 AM

I'm still in fiat and no buy orders yet. Let me know if I should wait or can set some orders now.

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:55:13 AM

just wait for now

CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:55:14 AM

Lots of alt are dirt cheap ... like WTC

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:55:16 AMEdited 11/13/2019, 2:55:21 AM

binance maintenance

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:55:27 AM

we will see all alts after that

CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:55:48 AM

WTC ico price is like $0.50 .. now trade at $0.70

CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:55:56 AM


CryptHawk11/13/2019, 3:22:11 AM

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 3:22:13 AM

for bybit

CryptKai11/13/2019, 3:31:34 AM


CryptHawk11/13/2019, 3:36:10 AM

5 trades without fees then 29% rebate for a month

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 3:36:12 AM

Not bad

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 3:36:43 AM

Couldn’t have more

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 3:36:52 AM

But I tried

CryptKai11/13/2019, 3:50:11 AM

Will sign up now... Do i send USDT to Bybit? $180k?

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 3:52:07 AM

XRP or btc or eth

CryptKai11/13/2019, 3:53:09 AM

I do have to convert to USDT at Bybit right ?

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 3:58:55 AM

No you use the stack directly

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 3:58:59 AM

It’s pretty nice tho

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 3:59:05 AM

You trade and accumulate

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 3:59:09 AM

You get paid in the pair

CryptKai11/13/2019, 4:04:54 AM

I really need to check it out... Kids are demanding.. Playing with them

CryptKai11/13/2019, 5:19:46 AM

Hello John. Any good setup?

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 5:20:21 AM

I started to stack up long

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 5:20:39 AM

Maybe take a 100k xrp long keep the rest on confirmation

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 5:20:49 AM

I have a solid 4h bull div

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 5:20:56 AM

But nothing major

CryptKai11/13/2019, 5:21:30 AM

ok ... set buys at 0.26

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 5:21:42 AM

Might not get there

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 5:21:50 AM

Binance resumes in a few

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 5:22:13 AM

I have stochastic showing a strong accumulation

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 5:22:26 AM

Shorts covered next dip might not be big

CryptKai11/13/2019, 5:22:59 AM

ok buy 100k XRP at Kraken at current price. To be send over to Bybit later.

CryptKai11/13/2019, 5:23:12 AM

So we just leverage trade XRP in Bybit?

CryptKai11/13/2019, 5:23:31 AM

could also btc, eth or eos ?

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 5:26:31 AM

The 100k I mean finex

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 5:26:42 AM

You can also buy some to send to bybit

CryptKai11/13/2019, 5:26:49 AM


CryptHawk11/13/2019, 5:31:01 AM

Take time buy here at least for bybit

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 5:31:15 AM

You can send some there and add over time if we dip

CryptKai11/13/2019, 5:31:23 AM


CryptHawk11/13/2019, 5:31:32 AM

But for now it’s pretty unclear

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 5:31:46 AM

But it shows accumulation for sure

CryptKai11/13/2019, 5:32:26 AM

i will buy slowly ... 100k xrp for now

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 5:33:24 AM

If I see something we accelerate

CryptKai11/13/2019, 5:47:12 AM

Time to sleep ... I haven't put any order or trade yet. Tired. Will do tomorrow. Good night.

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 5:47:23 AM

We will see tomorrow

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 5:47:27 AM

We have time I think

CryptKai11/13/2019, 5:47:36 AM


CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:53:56 PM

Good morning John. Buy 100k XRP at finex now. What do u think ?

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:56:27 PM

yeah would be nice

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:56:36 PM

was about to tell you to do so

CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:56:52 PM

100k enough?

CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:56:58 PM


CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:57:03 PM

you can ladder up to 500k

CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:57:08 PM


CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:57:13 PM

with the margin on finex

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 2:57:18 PM

we will increase on confirmation

CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:57:30 PM


CryptKai11/13/2019, 2:58:33 PM

Market margin buy 100k xrp?

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 3:00:33 PM

yeah seems like there is liquidity

CryptKai11/13/2019, 3:01:04 PM

Done 100k xrp buy at $0.27259

CryptKai11/13/2019, 3:01:59 PM

Another limit margin buy 100k XRP at 0.2716

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 3:03:57 PM

if it fills

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 3:04:01 PM

starting to look solid

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 3:04:10 PM

let's see how this pans out

CryptKai11/13/2019, 6:50:23 PMEdited 11/13/2019, 6:50:35 PM

Still good to buy XRP at finex? Only have 300k position.

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 6:54:35 PM

which is fine for now

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 6:54:47 PM

on a small retrace we can add

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 6:54:50 PM

still unclear

CryptKai11/13/2019, 6:59:07 PM

Ok just bought another 100k XRP

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 7:00:34 PM

yeah looks good

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 7:00:42 PM

might retrace a little bit to retest

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 7:00:44 PM

just a bit

CryptHawk11/13/2019, 11:01:23 PM

did you open bybit or not?

CryptKai11/13/2019, 11:09:30 PMEdited 11/14/2019, 1:25:34 AM

Yes i did opened acct in Bybit ... I haven't send any xrp or other coins you mentioned there yet.

CryptKai11/13/2019, 11:56:18 PMEdited 11/13/2019, 11:56:34 PM

I will send 200k XRP to Bybit tonight. Let me know if you have any thought.

CryptKai11/14/2019, 1:24:03 AMEdited 11/14/2019, 1:25:19 AM

Status: Margin long 400k XRP at $0.2736 at finex. Exchange bought 110,000 XRP at $0.273 in Kraken, to be sent to Bybit later today.

CryptKai11/14/2019, 1:55:16 AM

Hi John. Based on your outlook, should I increase long positions?

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 1:55:28 AM

not now waiting for a fakeout

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 1:55:31 AM

then go

CryptKai11/14/2019, 1:56:14 AMEdited 11/14/2019, 1:56:41 AM

at what level I can set margin buys ... XRP or other coins?

CryptKai11/14/2019, 1:58:26 AM

or just watch the fakeout bear then market buy XRP ... ?

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 2:06:53 AM

if we get one

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 2:07:01 AM

for now you're in we will see depending on the volume

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 2:07:03 AM

and the support

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 2:07:11 AM

I still see a bearish retest unless we breakout for real

CryptKai11/14/2019, 2:07:37 AM

ok ... Anytime soon for a Google Spreadsheet to update my positions?

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 2:10:49 AM

Probably tomorrow morning

CryptKai11/14/2019, 2:23:43 AMEdited 11/14/2019, 2:23:59 AM

Just read about your guy "9k to 600k then collapse". I guarantee I will be much more rational than the guy and wouldn't give you trouble. That's why I talked about my expectation for you and your expectation for me the other day. Set it clear and straight right at the beginning.

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 2:24:00 AM

yeah sure no worries

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 2:24:03 AM

he was just a cunt

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 2:25:36 AM

he got rekt because of him

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 2:25:42 AM

got greedy

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 2:25:46 AM

and always played more without SL

CryptKai11/14/2019, 3:25:34 AM

Status: Margin long 800k XRP at $0.273703 at finex. Exchange bought 110,000 XRP at $0.273 in Kraken, to be sent to Bybit later today.

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 3:25:47 AM

ok perfect

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 3:25:49 AM

so far ok

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 3:25:52 AM

should go up

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 3:25:57 AM

watching really closely

CryptKai11/14/2019, 3:26:12 AM

ok ... good haha ... should I set SL now, just in case?

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 3:26:24 AM

not right now

CryptKai11/14/2019, 3:26:27 AM


CryptHawk11/14/2019, 3:26:53 AM

maybe a reduce aka sell 50% at 0.268

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 3:26:59 AM

so sl 0.268 50%

CryptKai11/14/2019, 3:27:08 AM


CryptHawk11/14/2019, 3:27:19 AM

it let's the position open but we can buy back lower

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 3:27:21 AM

and average

CryptKai11/14/2019, 3:27:29 AM


CryptHawk11/14/2019, 5:31:38 AM

yeah we can start to add some

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 5:31:40 AM

go slow

CryptKai11/14/2019, 5:31:47 AM


CryptHawk11/14/2019, 5:34:36 AM

did you get that

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 5:41:51 AM


CryptKai11/14/2019, 5:41:52 AM


CryptKai11/14/2019, 5:46:59 AMEdited 11/14/2019, 5:47:08 AM

status: Total 1.02 mil XRP @ $0.27314 in finex

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 5:47:10 AM

you got the dip?

CryptKai11/14/2019, 5:47:27 AM

yes .. bought 200k only

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 5:47:52 AM


CryptKai11/14/2019, 5:48:09 AM

should be a litle greedy ..

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 5:48:28 AM

wait a bit

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 5:48:34 AM

we need a bit more down

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 5:48:37 AM

if not let's go

CryptKai11/14/2019, 5:49:10 AMEdited 11/14/2019, 5:49:36 AM

I set another limit margin buy 200k xrp at $0.26868

CryptKai11/14/2019, 5:50:40 AM

it almost triggger my SL

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 5:51:57 AM

yeah this was a hunt

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 5:52:02 AM

all shorts closed

CryptKai11/14/2019, 5:54:15 AM

nice ... how much you are in?

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 5:55:05 AM


CryptKai11/14/2019, 5:55:50 AM

not a bad copy trade 😁 but your base price should be much lower .. all good anyway

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 5:56:13 AM

nah because I laddered 1Mil a bit above

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 5:56:17 AM

I am at 0.27219

CryptKai11/14/2019, 5:57:01 AM

same boat .. live or die together πŸ™‚

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 5:57:17 AM

I mean this hunt was in the plan

CryptKai11/14/2019, 5:57:34 AM

it means it will most probably up next

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 5:57:54 AM


CryptKai11/14/2019, 1:12:12 PMEdited 11/14/2019, 1:43:44 PM

Status update: 1) Bitfinex: Margin long 1.2 mil XRP at $ 0.27272145 (base price) with Liquidation price at $0.045497 I don't have any open trade or SL orders. 2) Kraken: Exchange Long 400k XRP at $0.2705 (avg price I bought) Cash position of $124,946 (in USD) and $100,000 (in USDT) I don't have any open trade or SL orders. 3) Binance: Exchange Long 262 BNB (to pay fee) Cash position of $257,827 (in USDT) I don't have any open orders. 4) Bybit: No position. (Plan to send 400k XRP from Kraken to Bybit later)

CryptKai11/14/2019, 1:12:21 PM

Good morning John.

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 2:14:49 PM

Add 300k on finex here

CryptKai11/14/2019, 2:16:36 PM

Go leverage? Ok...

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 2:16:55 PM

on the 1,2Mil pos

CryptHawk11/14/2019, 2:16:58 PM

to average

CryptKai11/14/2019, 2:17:10 PM


CryptKai11/15/2019, 3:40:00 AM

I'm still long. Have 50% cash to DCA later. Good strategy or should just close position? I did not buy 300k XRP in the morning.

CryptKai11/15/2019, 4:21:18 AM

I'm closing my 1.2 mil position with $10k loss

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:26:27 AM


CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:26:35 AM

why would you do that????

CryptKai11/15/2019, 4:28:00 AMEdited 11/15/2019, 4:28:07 AM

I have reduced to 600k XRP, was asking you if I should close it.

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:28:18 AM

if I did not send you any message it means it was good

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:28:22 AM

was not needed to reduce

CryptKai11/15/2019, 4:30:27 AM

hmm ... ok ... next time I will not do anything until you tell me to, is this your expection on me?

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:31:11 AM

yeah I say something we do it

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:31:17 AM

if I don't say anything it means all good

CryptKai11/15/2019, 4:31:41 AM

ok, understood

CryptKai11/15/2019, 4:36:08 AMEdited 11/15/2019, 4:41:55 AM

Status update: 1) Bitfinex: Margin long 600k XRP at $ 0.28088443 (base price) with Liquidation price at $0.00 I don't have any open trade or SL orders. 2) Kraken: Cash position of $230,324 (in USD) and $100,000 (in USDT) 3) Binance: Exchange Long 262 BNB (to pay fee) Cash position of $257,827 (in USDT) I don't have any open orders. 4) Bybit: No position. TOTAL Market value = $312,105 (Bitfinex) + $330,124 (Kraken) + $$257,827 (Binance) = $900,056 [loss ~$13k from last week]

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:43:11 AM

ok perfect

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:43:15 AMEdited 11/15/2019, 4:43:17 AM

gonna adjust

CryptKai11/15/2019, 4:43:39 AM


CryptKai11/15/2019, 5:05:46 AM

Hi John, can you elaborate on what you mean by "gonna adjust". What's the plan?

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:05:57 AM

we don't want to get stopped out

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:06:09 AM

so I am going to give you more targets for a stop

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:06:27 AM

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:06:31 AM

had my stop just before

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:06:36 AM

moved it and it bounced

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:06:38 AM

1Mil XRP stop

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:06:40 AM

they want it

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:06:41 AM

ha ha

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:06:46 AMEdited 11/15/2019, 5:06:48 AM

fucking bastards

CryptKai11/15/2019, 5:08:19 AM

Since we anticipate big Ripple news that drive the price for next 3 months, is our big picture plan is to accumulate enough XRP by then (end of December)? Or spread out to other coins?

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:08:35 AM

they want me

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:08:37 AM

for sure

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:08:43 AM

they got one of the guys in the group

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:08:49 AM

this is what they are looking for

CryptKai11/15/2019, 5:09:34 AM

They see your positions? Who's they?

CryptKai11/15/2019, 5:09:45 AM

Order book.

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:10:33 AM

yes there is a bot specialized in stops

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:10:35 AM

they run them all

CryptKai11/15/2019, 5:40:00 AM

Seems BTC really want to shit. Should I exit slowly? Or wait.

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 6:06:35 AM

for now it's good

CryptKai11/15/2019, 6:06:41 AM


CryptKai11/15/2019, 6:06:48 AM

SL ?

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 6:06:49 AMEdited 11/15/2019, 6:06:52 AM

you have enough fiat to average

CryptKai11/15/2019, 6:06:56 AM


CryptHawk11/15/2019, 6:06:57 AM


CryptHawk11/15/2019, 6:07:05 AMEdited 11/15/2019, 6:07:07 AM

reduce 50%

CryptKai11/15/2019, 2:59:15 PM

Hi Hawk, XRP back down to price i sold (0.2645). Should I get back in?

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 2:59:27 PM


CryptHawk11/15/2019, 2:59:29 PM

I'd wait a bit

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 2:59:39 PM

not gonna say it looks amazing

CryptKai11/15/2019, 2:59:53 PM

ok ... await for your instruction. No more doing shit myself.

CryptKai11/15/2019, 3:30:51 PM

should I sell or hold?

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:31:00 PM

you have free money

CryptKai11/15/2019, 3:31:21 PM

yes ...lots but want to catch the low DCA?

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:31:29 PM


CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:31:42 PM

we go when wick

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:31:44 PM

ok wait for me

CryptKai11/15/2019, 3:31:53 PM

ok ... good .. understood. Need to set any buys before heading to work?

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:32:03 PM

not yet

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:32:06 PM

just on the fly

CryptKai11/15/2019, 3:32:20 PM

i can stay for 20 mins atmost then need to go.

CryptKai11/15/2019, 3:32:31 PM

ok .. on the fly

CryptKai11/15/2019, 3:33:20 PM

now 200k market buy?

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:33:32 PM

no no

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:33:33 PM

too early

CryptKai11/15/2019, 3:33:36 PM


CryptKai11/15/2019, 3:33:49 PM

everything set .. wait your signal for click

CryptKai11/15/2019, 3:35:46 PM

which area u eyes on?

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:36:09 PM


CryptKai11/15/2019, 3:36:30 PM


CryptKai11/15/2019, 3:44:07 PM

gone ?

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:44:24 PM

no no wait

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:44:30 PM

we're good for now

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:44:37 PM

I want to see how it goes first

CryptKai11/15/2019, 3:45:04 PM

ok .. set buys at 0.25? got to go work soon

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:45:24 PM

no we don't set shit here

CryptKai11/15/2019, 3:45:32 PM


CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:45:46 PM

we will reduce if shit hits the fan

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:45:49 PM

for now all good

CryptKai11/15/2019, 3:46:32 PM

ok ... no orders set .. still keep 600k xrp at base price of 0.28

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:46:48 PM

for now

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:46:58 PM

I will tell you

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:47:04 PM

I never enter after such a big move

CryptKai11/15/2019, 3:47:47 PM

ok ...i will have my cell phone ready, whne I'm at work, in case of live trade

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:47:49 PM

we buy on the retest

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 3:47:52 PM

if it shows something

CryptKai11/15/2019, 3:47:59 PM


CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:13:39 PM

we're probably going to reduce on a quick bounce

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:13:46 PM

so we can focus on more buy lower

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:13:50 PM

waiting to see first

CryptKai11/15/2019, 4:13:52 PM


CryptKai11/15/2019, 4:18:14 PM

I did stopped out 300k xrp at 0.258

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:18:22 PM

that's not good

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:18:27 PM

too low

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:18:30 PM

you don't stop out low

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:18:32 PM

but high

CryptKai11/15/2019, 4:18:33 PM

I have another 300k xrp remaining

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:18:40 PM

don't do this really

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:18:41 PM

stop doing this

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:18:53 PM

a stop even manual has to be higher

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:18:56 PM

it always bounces

CryptKai11/15/2019, 4:19:00 PMEdited 11/15/2019, 4:19:13 PM

It was previously set.. According to your insteuction yesterday

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:19:10 PM

oh this one

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:19:16 PM

thought it was another one

CryptKai11/15/2019, 4:19:24 PM

Yes.. That first wick down

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:19:31 PM

ok we're good

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:19:34 PM

so we just wait

CryptKai11/15/2019, 4:19:41 PM

I didnt see that until now

CryptKai11/15/2019, 4:20:34 PMEdited 11/15/2019, 4:20:46 PM

So l have 300k XRP waiting to get out at retest?

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:20:46 PM

or just hold to buy lower

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:20:48 PM

on a retest

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:20:56 PM

because it kinda went on my targets on the spreadhseet

CryptKai11/15/2019, 4:21:24 PM

Ok... Wait for your signal then

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:34:13 PM

so if we have 300k in

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:34:20 PM

we're going to probably keep them

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:34:25 PM

and buy the big part lower on retest

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:34:30 PM

on just reduce a bit more on a bounce

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 4:34:32 PM

waiting for 4h

CryptKai11/15/2019, 4:34:36 PM


CryptKai11/15/2019, 5:04:37 PM

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai11/15/2019, 5:06:34 PM

Are we starting to fill big bag stack for the evenyual big run up in Jan, as stated by your contact. Just want to know big picture.

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:06:35 PM

yeah that's my big stack

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:06:54 PM

because I sold the 4,5Mil

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:07:15 PM

I just fill slow and steady on each targets because I have a different strategy and I don't plan on holding long

CryptKai11/15/2019, 5:08:49 PM

Can we have call to iron out your thought on my personal strategy.

CryptKai11/15/2019, 5:14:55 PM

Let me know your schedule. I can accomodate.

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:23:31 PM

This afternoon is fine for me

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:23:34 PM

around 3pm EST

CryptKai11/15/2019, 5:24:06 PM

Ok i will call you. πŸ‘

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:24:11 PM

call me here

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 5:24:16 PM

will be easier for me

CryptKai11/15/2019, 5:24:22 PM


CryptKai11/15/2019, 8:58:00 PMEdited 11/15/2019, 9:12:43 PM

Hi John. give me another 10 mins, just got back home. Need to setup my work laptop and stuff.

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 9:00:08 PM

I am voice no prob

CryptKai11/15/2019, 9:17:24 PMEdited 11/15/2019, 9:17:52 PM

Status update: 1) Bitfinex: Cash position of $308,451 (in USD) 2) Kraken: Cash position of $230,324 (in USD) and $100,000 (in USDT) 3) Binance: Exchange Long 262 BNB (to pay fee) Cash position of $257,827 (in USDT) I don't have any open orders. 4) Bybit: No position. TOTAL Market value = $308,451 (Bitfinex) + $330,124 (Kraken) + $$257,827 (Binance) = $896,402 [loss ~$17k from last week]

CryptKai11/15/2019, 10:47:36 PM

Hi John. Is now a good time to call you?

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 10:53:09 PM

gotta get my car

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 10:53:13 PM

available after

CryptKai11/15/2019, 10:53:48 PM

ok ... i will call you later.

CryptHawk11/15/2019, 10:53:55 PM

I tell you when I am here

CryptKai11/15/2019, 10:54:00 PM


CryptKai11/16/2019, 12:00:52 AM

Hi John. Are you in good mood? You sounds angry.

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:01:06 AM

Nah I am ok just got a flat tire

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:01:08 AM

it pissed me off

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:01:11 AM

had to run everywhere etc

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:01:20 AMEdited 11/16/2019, 12:01:24 AM

it's snowing as fuck here

CryptKai11/16/2019, 12:01:21 AM

you got one in the morning right?

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:01:26 AM

it's cold

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:01:29 AM

yeah this morning

CryptKai11/16/2019, 12:01:43 AM

GTFO there.

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:02:03 AMEdited 11/16/2019, 12:02:06 AM

yeah I know

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:02:08 AM

we're packing etc

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:02:09 AM

super long

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:02:16 AMEdited 11/16/2019, 12:02:17 AM

so of course it fucked my day

CryptKai11/16/2019, 12:02:44 AM

Good time for a friendly call?

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:02:55 AM

in a few I have the kids right now

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:03:00 AM

will be available just after

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:03:11 AM

I've got the whole evening available

CryptKai11/16/2019, 12:03:15 AM

i don't mind entertain your kids πŸ™‚

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:03:19 AM

ha ha

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:03:26 AM

I'll be all yours after

CryptKai11/16/2019, 12:03:39 AMEdited 4/3/2020, 1:06:14 PM

Yours and mine kids can connect and play roblock.

CryptKai11/16/2019, 12:09:26 AM

That's what my son is playing right now πŸ˜‚ Robloc

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:09:45 AM

I mean I am making diner

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:09:53 AM

so kinda hard to have them play to something

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 12:10:00 AM

I want them to go to bed fast so I can work

CryptKai11/16/2019, 1:45:09 AM

Hi John. I respectfully request that you respect my time. We scheduled for our first kick-off meeting to iron out the details of my personal strategy Although I'm busy at my work today but i make time available for the 3PM EST call. I postponed my work to next week, came home early to wait for the time to call you. But only to find out you went live chat for the next one hour to talk to many of those that don't compensate you at all. I'm fine if you reschedule as the live chat is important too but don't put me in the dark. On last Monday where you made an offer for the personal strategy and all the benefits it entails, i did not even want to negotiate with you to reduce the cost of my hard earned 100k XRP because i want you to realize i valued your expertise and want to sincerely work with you to help me to improve my financial well-being. Hope you understand. Thanks.

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 1:45:34 AMEdited 11/16/2019, 1:45:35 AM

I am here now

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 1:45:45 AMEdited 11/16/2019, 1:45:48 AM

no prob πŸ˜‰

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 1:45:56 AM

gimme a minute just the time to grab my mic

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 1:46:11 AM

you're gonne hate me soon because I am gonna call you everyday ha ah

CryptKai11/16/2019, 1:46:20 AM


CryptHawk11/16/2019, 1:46:45 AM

you should see the voice invitation

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 1:59:55 AM

CryptKai11/16/2019, 2:43:09 AM

You sound different when we talk live than in live chat ... super nice. You earn my respect John.

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 2:43:48 AM

You have the public chat and the private chat it's different

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 2:43:57 AM

entertainment VS real game

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 2:44:23 AM

as I said I am here to entertain publicly! The arrogant asshole! Here privately we play with real big money, no time to joke

CryptKai11/16/2019, 2:44:51 AM


CryptHawk11/16/2019, 2:45:09 AM

you can laugh about everything but when it comes to money everything becomes serious

CryptKai11/16/2019, 8:25:19 PM

Hi John, I noticed the accumulation sheet updated. Do I still follow accumulation sheet or wait for your personal signal?

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 8:25:30 PM

we will probably work differently

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 8:25:33 PM

kinda the same targets

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 8:25:37 PM

but different amounts

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 8:25:44 PMEdited 11/16/2019, 8:25:45 PM

we'll probably do this on the fly and live

CryptKai11/16/2019, 8:26:56 PM

I'm outside now but with Ipad, no problem live trade but need 10 min to setup before trade.

CryptKai11/16/2019, 8:27:30 PM

Let me setup now then can go live any time

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 8:28:40 PM

won't happen here

CryptHawk11/16/2019, 8:28:42 PM

so all good

CryptKai11/16/2019, 8:35:34 PM


CryptKai11/17/2019, 1:41:31 AMEdited 11/17/2019, 1:42:47 AM

Hi John. I'm still outside attending my daughter's dance performances. Will be back and avail in 3 hrs, 10:30PM EST. Let me know if you next to reschedule.

CryptHawk11/17/2019, 2:07:43 AM

not a prob will be ok on Monday

CryptHawk11/17/2019, 2:07:46 AM

with family now

CryptHawk11/17/2019, 2:07:50 AM

take care

CryptKai11/17/2019, 2:34:57 AM

Great. Monday evening any time after 8pm EST is good with me. Enjoy your family time.

CryptKai11/18/2019, 3:37:10 AM

Hi John, any target to catch the wick? Or still need more data? Can I set all at 0.18?

CryptHawk11/18/2019, 3:37:18 AM


CryptHawk11/18/2019, 3:37:19 AM

I am on it

CryptHawk11/18/2019, 3:37:30 AM

super hard to be precise for now

CryptHawk11/18/2019, 3:37:34 AM

I miss a wave to have it

CryptKai11/18/2019, 3:40:12 AM

Status Update: I moved $100,000 USDT in Kraken to Binance. Kraken: $230,324 (USD) Binance: $357,817 (USDT) Bitfinex: $308,451 (USD)

CryptHawk11/18/2019, 3:40:27 AM

ok perfect

CryptKai11/18/2019, 4:24:55 AM

should I short? Thinking

CryptHawk11/18/2019, 4:25:00 AM


CryptHawk11/18/2019, 4:25:05 AM

too low here already

CryptKai11/18/2019, 4:25:33 AM


CryptKai11/18/2019, 7:49:10 PM

No long XRP until below 20...

CryptHawk11/18/2019, 7:49:23 PM

we'll see I need data

CryptKai11/18/2019, 10:14:26 PM

Hi John, any time soon to catch the big 5? Still at work for another 2 hours. Let me know if I need to standby in advance. Thanks.

CryptKai11/18/2019, 10:15:50 PM

You are working on the targets. πŸ‘Œ

CryptHawk11/18/2019, 10:19:53 PM

yup on it

CryptKai11/19/2019, 1:24:12 AM

What's the strategy for this big 5?

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 1:24:57 AM

strategy will depend on how big and fast

CryptKai11/19/2019, 1:25:39 AM

So strategy is live trade, you will signal me to buy?

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 1:25:51 AM

no we will put orders

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 1:25:56 AM

but I need to see 3 of 5 first

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 1:26:01 AM

when 3 of 5 is in I have the target

CryptKai11/19/2019, 1:26:10 AM


CryptKai11/19/2019, 1:26:39 AM

Skip today's meeting?

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 1:26:48 AM

oh yeah I am working on all the targets

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 1:26:53 AM

I want to be ready before it happens

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 1:27:07 AM

because it's gonna go fast and I want to be able to give you the perfect ones

CryptKai11/19/2019, 1:27:15 AM


CryptKai11/19/2019, 4:20:02 AM

Should I set any buy orders?

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 4:20:11 AM

no still not clear

CryptKai11/19/2019, 4:20:12 AM

Should I start ladddering in

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 4:20:14 AM

if 5 here

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 4:20:18 AM

or intermediate wave

CryptKai11/19/2019, 5:28:32 AM

I'm thinking to set buys at 0.234-0.237

CryptKai11/19/2019, 5:28:53 AM

Hope for another wick down tomorrow?

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 5:34:05 AM

not happening I think if no new low from here

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 5:34:13 AM

if we just double bottom we just go

CryptKai11/19/2019, 5:37:57 AM

Laddering slowly now??

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 5:38:06 AM

I go slowly

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 5:38:08 AM

very slowly

CryptKai11/19/2019, 5:38:15 AM


CryptHawk11/19/2019, 5:40:28 AM

I am like waiting x minutes and add some till I see something

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 5:40:34 AM

we have time we will ladder on different red

CryptKai11/19/2019, 5:41:35 AM

ok .... is it too late to ladder tomorrow?

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 5:41:41 AM


CryptHawk11/19/2019, 5:41:42 AM

all good

CryptKai11/19/2019, 5:42:06 AM

ok ... we have a few days to ladder in

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 5:42:49 AM


CryptKai11/19/2019, 6:25:34 AMEdited 11/19/2019, 6:25:51 AM

Hi John, I'm going to set buy orders at 0.23-0.24 for tonight ?

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 6:26:09 AM

only 20%

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 6:26:14 AM

I still have 0.17-18

CryptKai11/19/2019, 6:26:24 AM


CryptHawk11/19/2019, 6:26:30 AMEdited 11/19/2019, 6:26:32 AM

even 15%

CryptKai11/19/2019, 6:26:37 AM

wow ...

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 6:26:53 AM

let's say put 15%

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 6:27:05 AM

some at 0.22

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 6:27:09 AM

and some 0.21-20

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 6:27:12 AM

then 19-18

CryptKai11/19/2019, 6:29:12 AMEdited 11/19/2019, 6:37:16 AM

10% in 0.23-0.24 15% in 0.22-0.23 20% in 0.21-0.22 25% in 0.20-0.21 30% in 0.19-0.20

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 6:36:40 AMEdited 11/19/2019, 6:36:41 AM

the opposite

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 6:36:48 AM

big orders always on the low

CryptKai11/19/2019, 6:37:33 AM


CryptHawk11/19/2019, 6:40:57 AM


CryptHawk11/19/2019, 6:41:10 AM

SL 0.175

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 6:41:13 AM

for 50%

CryptKai11/19/2019, 6:44:15 AM


CryptHawk11/19/2019, 6:46:47 AM

if you are up a bit more

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 6:46:52 AM

we're maybe gonna make it here

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 6:46:58 AM

so in case we go manual

CryptKai11/19/2019, 6:50:09 AM

ok ...I'm here

CryptKai11/19/2019, 4:42:00 PMEdited 11/19/2019, 4:42:40 PM

Status update: 100% fiat. I set all buy orders in all exchanges (yesterday night) as follows: 10% in 0.23-0.24 15% in 0.22-0.23 20% in 0.21-0.22 25% in 0.20-0.21 30% in 0.19-0.20

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 5:47:03 PM

yeah we might adjust soon

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 5:47:07 PM

gonna keep you posted

CryptKai11/19/2019, 5:47:51 PM

Thanks... I listen today live chat but cannot keep up, due to work.

CryptKai11/19/2019, 10:19:19 PMEdited 11/19/2019, 10:21:54 PM

Prior to the next pivot decision time, do I need to adjust my current buy orders?πŸ‘† I assume no change for now.

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 10:24:31 PM

I need to see the local one

CryptHawk11/19/2019, 10:24:39 PM

we will know it if we are to break it or no

CryptKai11/20/2019, 4:40:36 AM

John, should I adjust my buys, honestly πŸ˜‚

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 4:41:42 AM

working on it

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 4:41:51 AM

I would just cancel for now

CryptKai11/20/2019, 4:42:44 AM

Let me just set real low number like 15 to 18...

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 4:43:01 AM

for now I can't

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 4:43:07 AM

I don't have shit fibs broken

CryptKai11/20/2019, 4:43:16 AM


CryptHawk11/20/2019, 4:44:27 AM

prob is the data

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 4:44:31 AM

I need 1 damn fib to be broken

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 4:44:36 AM

and I give you all the data in the world

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 4:44:41 AM

we could even break 3 one shot

CryptKai11/20/2019, 4:45:28 AM

So i cancel all buys for now...

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 4:50:35 AM

I will tell you

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 4:50:38 AM

we have time

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 4:50:41 AM

a lot of time

CryptKai11/20/2019, 4:50:47 AM


CryptHawk11/20/2019, 4:51:47 AM

no rush here

CryptKai11/20/2019, 4:52:32 AM


CryptKai11/20/2019, 2:46:24 PM

Morning John.

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 2:47:01 PM

hey what's up

CryptKai11/20/2019, 2:47:19 PM

Same old, today is the day?

CryptKai11/20/2019, 2:47:40 PM

Congrats ... 9 days to summer

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 2:47:50 PM

hahaha yeah

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 2:48:01 PM

might be today or tomorrow yes

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 2:48:06 PM

I have the end on the 21st

CryptKai11/20/2019, 2:48:39 PM

Good ... I have the buys following the spreadsheet.

CryptKai11/20/2019, 2:49:47 PM

Let me know if you have different thought.

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 2:50:01 PM

new spreadsheet being made

CryptKai11/20/2019, 3:12:24 PM

No more spot for ultra big boys? ... "Ultra Big Boys Spots: 1 / Min requirement: $750,000 (worth in crypto) or 3 MIL XRP"

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:13:58 PM

I do

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:14:24 PM

I have 1 spot left

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:14:26 PM


CryptKai11/20/2019, 3:16:08 PM

might have someone interested.

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:17:00 PM

I want to reach 8 big boys

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:17:05 PM

so I can build a bigger program

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:17:10 PM

with even more assisted shit

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:17:15 PM

like big big money

CryptKai11/20/2019, 3:17:56 PM

Eventually able to move market ... ETP

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:18:32 PM

we can work on something too

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:18:45 PM

we can move the markets we want as long as they have a low liquidity

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:18:50 PM

and make far bigger profits on them

CryptKai11/20/2019, 3:20:28 PM

Heard you said your target is 100 mil USD by 2022. πŸ‘

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:22:02 PM


CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:22:20 PM

I'm starting to move some big numbers off my cold wallet

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:22:55 PM

Should trade with something like 2-3Mil in margin by early 2020

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:23:00 PM

still working on the numbers maybe 5

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:23:08 PM

it's not the same job

CryptKai11/20/2019, 3:24:22 PMEdited 11/20/2019, 3:25:48 PM

I definitely will copy your trades to make back 20 mil USD by 2022.

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:24:52 PM

yeah working on something to plug us all together

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:25:05 PM

and be able to notify you all when I take a trade

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:25:55 PM

I want to build a big big program for the big boys

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:26:04 PM

something able to make us 150k-200k per week

CryptKai11/20/2019, 3:27:14 PM

Need to recruit the right persons. Not to bite you back when things go wrong.

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:27:53 PMEdited 11/20/2019, 3:27:55 PM

yes correct

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:28:01 PM

that's why I am not rushing

CryptKai11/20/2019, 3:28:42 PM

off to work .. have a great day

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:29:02 PM

you too

CryptKai11/20/2019, 3:55:26 PM

Just saw your target changed. Do i have to change as well? How soon need to change, I'm at work?

CryptKai11/20/2019, 3:57:52 PM

Ok you are still debating new low vs no new low.

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:58:00 PM


CryptHawk11/20/2019, 3:58:08 PM

for now wait will tell you

CryptKai11/20/2019, 3:58:22 PM


CryptKai11/20/2019, 7:49:14 PMEdited 11/20/2019, 7:49:27 PM

H John, I just set the buys according to the updated spreadsheet. Let me know when it needs to change to 0.17-0.19. I will also monitor the pivot 0.226 XRPUSDT at Binance to see if it break or not. Thanks.

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 7:54:57 PM

I am going to update

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 7:54:58 PM


CryptHawk11/20/2019, 7:55:02 PM

coming back to you soon

CryptKai11/20/2019, 10:46:17 PM

Anything i need to do for this 3 of 5 or a quick run to 5 of 5? I can be at home in 10 mins.

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 10:47:03 PM

no I need it for the targets

CryptKai11/20/2019, 10:47:47 PM

Ok.... Keep the buy orders according to the spreadsheet.

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 10:47:56 PM

no I might update

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 10:48:00 PM

I don't know yet I need 3

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 10:48:06 PM

without 3 I can't do shit

CryptKai11/20/2019, 10:48:26 PMEdited 11/20/2019, 10:48:41 PM

Should i cancel all buy orders and wait for your instructions?

CryptKai11/20/2019, 10:48:57 PM

I can live trade today

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 10:49:06 PM

I will provide the targets

CryptHawk11/20/2019, 10:49:13 PM

I kinda have them but I want the full confirmation

CryptKai11/20/2019, 10:49:24 PM


CryptKai11/21/2019, 3:39:32 PM

Exciting time... 0.22-0.23 could be the bottom

CryptHawk11/21/2019, 3:46:20 PM


CryptHawk11/21/2019, 3:46:23 PM

if fractal for sure

CryptKai11/21/2019, 6:03:02 PM

Still have the buys set at 0.21-0.22 ... any changes?

CryptHawk11/21/2019, 6:04:35 PM

might change but for now ok

CryptKai11/21/2019, 8:07:53 PM

Hi John. Just noticed the spreadsheet updated to 0.22-0.23 range. Do I need to change to this range since I haven't done so. (I'm in 0.21-0.22 buy range now)

CryptHawk11/21/2019, 8:34:12 PM

we wait

CryptHawk11/21/2019, 8:34:16 PM

I am still missing a wave

CryptKai11/21/2019, 10:21:18 PM

Fractal indeed ? Can ladder in ?

CryptHawk11/21/2019, 11:45:43 PM

not here

CryptHawk11/21/2019, 11:45:45 PM

we have time

CryptKai11/22/2019, 2:56:36 AMEdited 11/22/2019, 2:56:47 AM

Hi John. I already set buys at 0.238 ... Should i adjust?

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 2:58:08 AM

On it when back home

CryptKai11/22/2019, 2:58:55 AM

I'm out too ... Will back home in 30 mins

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 2:59:12 AM

No rush will be back around 2h not before

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 3:00:31 AM


CryptKai11/22/2019, 3:01:09 AM


CryptKai11/22/2019, 3:51:19 PM

r we done or 5 not in?

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 3:51:58 PM

nah I don't think

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 3:52:00 PM

it's 4

CryptKai11/22/2019, 3:52:16 PMEdited 11/22/2019, 3:52:27 PM

ok ... got to go work

CryptKai11/22/2019, 5:44:14 PM

Should i sell my 10% XRP bought at 0.223?

CryptKai11/22/2019, 5:44:34 PM

10% = 400k xrp

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 5:44:45 PM

on the bounce for now eventually

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 5:44:52 PM

working on the scenario for now

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 5:44:57 PM

will confirm in a few min

CryptKai11/22/2019, 5:45:09 PMEdited 11/22/2019, 5:47:31 PM

Ok... Wait for your signal

CryptKai11/22/2019, 6:06:08 PM

Cancel all buys at 0.21? And sell all 400k XRP?

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 6:10:24 PMEdited 11/22/2019, 6:10:25 PM

yes cancel

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 6:10:31 PM

when small bounce we sell

CryptKai11/22/2019, 6:10:36 PM


CryptKai11/22/2019, 8:15:21 PM

Let me know if you short, want to copy trade.

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:18:38 PM

not shorting this

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:18:41 PM

I don't trust it

CryptKai11/22/2019, 8:19:05 PM


CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:21:47 PM

eventually a quick one but small

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:21:52 PM

like 200k XRP finex

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:21:56 PM

something like that max

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:22:01 PM

SL 0.239

CryptKai11/22/2019, 8:22:11 PM


CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:22:12 PM

I am not really sure of it

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:30:38 PM

if you want to short it you can but SL 0.293 for real

CryptKai11/22/2019, 8:31:01 PM


CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:31:12 PM

wait a bit

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:42:16 PM

a first 200k does not look bad here

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:42:47 PM

and we can drop another one just after

CryptKai11/22/2019, 8:47:51 PM


CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:49:20 PM

on the way up to 0.236 you can add

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:49:29 PM

then 0.239SL

CryptKai11/22/2019, 8:49:31 PM


CryptKai11/22/2019, 8:51:22 PM

margin limit sell 200k xrp @ 0.236 set

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:51:31 PM


CryptKai11/22/2019, 8:51:46 PM

should i market sell 200k now?

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:51:53 PM

you can take one yes

CryptKai11/22/2019, 8:51:53 PM


CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:51:55 PM

200k market

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:51:57 PM

200k limit

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:52:35 PM

saw that

CryptKai11/22/2019, 8:52:35 PMEdited 11/22/2019, 8:53:43 PM

yes, just margin market sell 200k xrp @ 0.23367

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:52:36 PM


CryptHawk11/22/2019, 8:52:45 PM

we will do another one if needed

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 9:19:11 PM

you can drop another 200k

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 9:19:13 PM

here market

CryptKai11/22/2019, 9:19:17 PM


CryptHawk11/22/2019, 9:19:21 PM

we will average slowly

CryptKai11/22/2019, 9:22:06 PMEdited 11/22/2019, 9:28:19 PM

status: Margin shorted 400k XRP at 0.2338 SL at 400k XRP at 0.2395

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 9:26:34 PM

looks good for a quick swing

CryptKai11/22/2019, 9:26:48 PM

thanks John

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 9:26:54 PM


CryptHawk11/22/2019, 9:27:06 PM

we keep a tight stop and move it when I have confirmation

CryptKai11/22/2019, 9:28:28 PM

SL added

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 10:24:15 PM

slam that bitch

CryptKai11/22/2019, 10:24:59 PM

ok ...

CryptKai11/22/2019, 10:26:08 PM

wait for it to go up more ...

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 10:28:10 PM

yeah probably

CryptHawk11/22/2019, 10:28:15 PM

otherwise never mind

CryptKai11/22/2019, 10:28:27 PM

at my base price now ...

CryptKai11/23/2019, 3:01:20 AMEdited 11/23/2019, 3:01:57 AM

Hi John. I remember several months back, I saw a tweet from DS that he sold 7 mil XRP.

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 3:01:39 AM


CryptKai11/23/2019, 3:02:36 AMEdited 11/23/2019, 3:03:02 AM

Can't recall the details but I do remember that peep were asking him why sold.

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 3:02:57 AM


CryptHawk11/23/2019, 3:02:58 AM

I know

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 3:03:03 AM

I am investigating

CryptKai11/23/2019, 3:09:56 PM

Good morning Hawk. Only about $200 profit for 400k short ... should i close?

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 3:10:11 PM

50% to add more higher

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 3:10:30 PM

Better limit the loss this is stupid weekend volume

CryptKai11/23/2019, 3:10:40 PM

market 200k now?

CryptKai11/23/2019, 3:10:52 PM


CryptKai11/23/2019, 3:12:03 PM


CryptHawk11/23/2019, 3:12:09 PM

I saw that

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 3:20:52 PM

Close it all

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 3:20:55 PM

I don’t trust btc

CryptKai11/23/2019, 3:21:01 PM


CryptHawk11/23/2019, 3:21:07 PM

Weird behaviour + week-end

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 3:21:57 PM

We gonna take the bigger one later

CryptKai11/23/2019, 3:22:31 PM

no gain no loss ... Short higher πŸ‘

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 3:22:42 PM

Yeah it’s better as it

CryptKai11/23/2019, 4:15:07 PM

long swing now

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 4:15:35 PM

too risky

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 4:15:39 PM

waiting for conf first

CryptKai11/23/2019, 4:15:42 PM


CryptHawk11/23/2019, 4:16:39 PM

with the fees it wouldn't be worth if it stops at 0.24

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 4:16:48 PM

if I see a potential impulse then we can eventually long

CryptKai11/23/2019, 4:17:17 PM


CryptKai11/23/2019, 6:01:40 PM

Will definitely put a hugh short at end of C of 4.

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 6:13:11 PM


CryptHawk11/23/2019, 6:13:18 PM

here could be a nice quick long swing

CryptKai11/23/2019, 6:13:33 PM


CryptKai11/23/2019, 6:13:45 PM


CryptHawk11/23/2019, 6:13:51 PM


CryptHawk11/23/2019, 6:13:55 PM

here for 200k not bad

CryptKai11/23/2019, 6:13:59 PM


CryptHawk11/23/2019, 6:14:00 PM

I want to see it holding a bit

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 6:14:03 PM

but looks good

CryptKai11/23/2019, 6:15:54 PMEdited 11/23/2019, 6:43:23 PM

Open a hidden margin limit long position 1900 XRP at 0.234

CryptKai11/23/2019, 6:26:20 PMEdited 11/23/2019, 6:43:31 PM

ok ... all in ... margin long 1900 at 0.2334

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 6:26:26 PM

should be ok

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 6:26:36 PM

I also took the swing

CryptKai11/23/2019, 6:27:19 PMEdited 11/23/2019, 6:27:29 PM

SL ? and when take profit? Will be out in 30 mins ... please keep me update πŸ™

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 6:29:08 PM

SL 0.23

CryptKai11/23/2019, 6:30:59 PM


CryptHawk11/23/2019, 6:37:44 PM

just a quick swing here before shit really hit the fan and we open a fat short

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 6:37:53 PM

some risks to take but it looks ok here

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 6:37:59 PM

so if we can make some money

CryptKai11/23/2019, 6:38:49 PM

ok ... then i definitely do a big fat short

CryptKai11/23/2019, 6:42:56 PM

I already close long (only about 1900 in , not 200k ) ... focus on short

CryptHawk11/23/2019, 6:43:12 PM


CryptHawk11/23/2019, 6:43:14 PM

not a prob

CryptKai11/24/2019, 3:48:07 AM

Hi John. I was out. Just back home. Let me know when is good time to short.

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 3:48:17 AM

hoping for a quick bounce

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 3:48:23 AM

I am not in the dump went fast

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 3:48:27 AM

15Mil$ sell in 45 min

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 3:48:35 AM

that's a shit ton of money!

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 3:48:57 AM

I think 2 of 5 is in but not sure

CryptKai11/24/2019, 3:49:00 AM

wow ... hope to short at 4

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 3:49:05 AM

4 is in

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 3:49:14 AM

we likely made 1 on this dump

CryptKai11/24/2019, 3:54:39 AM

we are in 2 of 3 of 5 of 3 ?

(image attachment not found)

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 3:54:45 AM


CryptHawk11/24/2019, 3:55:08 AM

we have started 1 of 3 I think

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:05:01 AM

So we just watch it to go down in flame? No catching knife ?

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:05:23 AM

for now because it's just 1 of 3

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:05:30 AM

if I confirm 2 we short

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:05:46 AM

ok .. the big short

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:05:57 AM

this one won't be like super big

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:06:00 AM

but something like 0.21

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:06:13 AM

we will long the retrace after and short again

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:06:44 AM

understood πŸ‘Œ

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:07:00 AM

When we bounce a bit for the small 2 we can

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:07:05 AM

if it does not never mind

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:07:10 AM

we just catch the long for good

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:07:34 AM


CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:16:40 AM

we might have 1 of 3 in

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:16:45 AM

so watching for 2

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:17:04 AM

ok ..

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:20:31 AM

let's focus on the long

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:20:34 AM

I won't short here too late

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:20:35 AM

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:20:44 AM

0.219-0.22 should trigger the bounce

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:23:18 AM

unless it bounces nicely here

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:23:24 AM

so we can open 200-400k

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:23:49 AM

short 200k-400k xrp if bounce nicely ?

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:24:04 AM

yeah for a very quick scalp

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:24:09 AM


CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:24:14 AM

let's see

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:24:18 AM

I am not in

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:24:21 AM

so never mind you know

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:24:27 AM

went too fast

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:24:34 AM


CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:24:52 AM

I can't do shit against 15-20Mil

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:25:29 AMEdited 11/24/2019, 4:25:37 AM

just focus on long at 0.219-0.22 then

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:25:35 AM

Yeah for now

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:25:39 AM

and we keep some for lower

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:25:48 AM

we enter 200-400k down there

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:25:57 AM


CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:39:56 AM

ok let's see if resistance and we have a quick scalp

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:40:01 AM

still good to make some money

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:40:16 AM


CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:40:30 AM

not a single retail buyer

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:40:32 AM

they are all rekt

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:40:51 AM

how much to short 200k ? wait for your signal

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:42:05 AM

mostly bot trading

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:42:16 AM

yeah bot trading

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:42:24 AM

that's why we can screw them

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:42:44 AM

0.231 likely for finex will do the trick

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:42:59 AM

100k ? 200k ?

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:43:06 AM


CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:43:07 AM

market short?

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:43:08 AM

for sure

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:55:12 AM

How much XRP for the long swing?

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:55:54 AMEdited 11/24/2019, 4:56:08 AM

400 xrp long swing ...

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:59:50 AM

200k on the first target

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:59:53 AM

200k on the second

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:00:00 AM

and we double on the double bottom

CryptKai11/24/2019, 5:01:23 AM

First and second targets in the sheet? Exchange Primary Targets 0.222 0.2218 0.2215 0.214 0.2098 Exchange Amount 15% 20% 30% 25% 10% Exchange Secondary Targets 0.21 0.22 Exchange Amount 50% 50%

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:01:43 AM

just the primary

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:01:52 AM

secondary is if we miss

CryptKai11/24/2019, 5:02:02 AM


CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:04:32 AM

I think it's safe to drop a 200k short here below resistance

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:04:43 AM

and put more if needed on a small bounce

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:05:01 AM

or see if we can get 0.231

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:05:10 AM

but seems like 0.23 is dead

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:05:27 AM

let's wait 5-10 min

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:05:30 AM

I will follow with you

CryptKai11/24/2019, 5:05:38 AM


CryptKai11/24/2019, 5:06:13 AMEdited 11/24/2019, 5:06:21 AM

you are looking 5min TF ?

CryptKai11/24/2019, 5:06:29 AM

or 15 min

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:11:04 AM


CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:11:06 AM

to confirm 2

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:12:16 AM

let's drop 200k

CryptKai11/24/2019, 5:12:17 AMEdited 11/24/2019, 5:12:25 AM

for long swing, at what price to take profit?

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:12:19 AM

it's dead

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:12:32 AM

for the long we'll see I want a big swing

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:13:03 AM

we put a tight stop

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:13:05 AM

but it's good

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:13:14 AM

honestly I see BTC going to 6,9

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:13:23 AM

we take profits around 0.22 or so

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:13:27 AM

even lower

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:13:36 AM

the long i hope we can bounce up to 0.27

CryptKai11/24/2019, 5:14:14 AM


CryptKai11/24/2019, 5:14:46 AM

it just can't cross above 0.23 resistance

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:14:51 AM

if we get a micro bounce here it's a miracle

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:14:59 AM

0.23 is now dead

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:21:27 AM

you want to take the quick short swing or focus on the long

CryptKai11/24/2019, 5:21:45 AM

both can

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:21:53 AM

200k NOW

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:22:19 AM

put another one

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:22:21 AM

let's go

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:22:26 AM

we put a tight stop

CryptKai11/24/2019, 5:22:26 AM


CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:22:36 AM

so the loss will be nothing

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:23:37 AM

BTC should break here

CryptKai11/24/2019, 5:23:49 AM

hope so

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:23:55 AM

yeah it's coming

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:24:04 AM

loss will be small in case it goes wrong

CryptKai11/24/2019, 5:24:05 AM


CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:24:18 AM

it's 3 coming

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:24:25 AM

so I don't see a bounce from here

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 5:24:29 AM

wouldn't make sense

CryptKai11/24/2019, 5:25:28 AM

setting buys now at kraken and binance

CryptKai11/24/2019, 7:18:15 AM

Short 100k more?

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 7:18:22 AM


CryptHawk11/24/2019, 7:18:30 AM

wait for one small push

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 7:18:34 AM

MA50 at 0.232

CryptKai11/24/2019, 7:18:41 AM


CryptKai11/24/2019, 7:20:59 AM

Shorted 100k

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 7:21:07 AM


CryptHawk11/24/2019, 7:21:12 AM

waiting for the rest

CryptKai11/24/2019, 7:31:26 AM

Status: Totally shorted 700k XRP at 0.2301

CryptKai11/24/2019, 7:32:47 AMEdited 11/24/2019, 7:32:57 AM

What SL to put?

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 7:34:25 AM


CryptKai11/24/2019, 7:34:33 AM


CryptKai11/24/2019, 2:45:53 PM

Hi John, where should i take profit of 700k xrp?

CryptKai11/24/2019, 2:46:54 PM

Currently short cover set at 0.22011 - 0.2215

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 2:57:11 PM

Hey there

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 2:57:23 PM

you can put some 0.21

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 2:57:24 PM

not a prob

CryptKai11/24/2019, 2:57:25 PM

Morning John

CryptKai11/24/2019, 2:57:57 PM

Ok.. 40% at 0.21

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 2:58:09 PM

yea spread some there it's better

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 2:58:12 PMEdited 11/24/2019, 2:58:13 PM

better get bigger profits

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:27:51 PM

Hi John, should I move all my USDT out of Binance to Bitfinex to catch the low ?

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:31:24 PM

would be nice

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:31:27 PM

I don't trust binance

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:31:38 PM


CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:31:49 PM

I think it goes fast with the new network

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:32:06 PM

just need to confirm if we can send USDT without being verified on Bitfinex

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:32:16 PM

yes , sent usdt a few week ago ... take only few minutes

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:32:24 PM

to finex?

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:32:32 PM

because it says I can't without being verified

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:32:36 PM

from kraken to Binance , only few mins

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:32:39 PM

oh yeah

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:32:42 PM

you can't on finex fuck

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:32:53 PM

I guess buy XRP low on Binance before maintenance

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:32:55 PM

and send XRP

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:32:58 PM

we will sell on a bounce

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:33:06 PM

ohh .. can't send usdt to finex if not verified?

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:33:13 PM


CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:33:18 PM

just saw that

CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:33:53 PM

better send back to kraken, convert usdt back to usd and buy there.

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 4:34:04 PM


CryptKai11/24/2019, 4:34:16 PM

lower spread risk

CryptKai11/24/2019, 5:50:13 PM

shit OMNI congest now. Sent 1 hr ago, still pending tx. Luckily just sent trial $260.

CryptKai11/24/2019, 9:21:14 PM

Hi john, should i cancel all buys, i will be out for 4 hrs?

CryptHawk11/24/2019, 10:29:29 PM

on it

CryptKai11/24/2019, 10:34:32 PM

Will back home in 2 hrs

CryptKai11/25/2019, 12:13:42 AM

Just back do i need to do?

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 12:24:14 AM

go live

CryptKai11/25/2019, 12:36:27 AM

I have civer short at 0.215 - 0.216

CryptKai11/25/2019, 12:36:37 AMEdited 11/25/2019, 12:36:57 AM

Sbould i close 4k usd

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 12:36:42 AM


CryptHawk11/25/2019, 12:36:43 AM

we have time

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 12:36:47 AM

how much profits?

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 12:36:56 AMEdited 11/25/2019, 12:36:57 AM

close on a red otherwise you're gonna make it pump

CryptKai11/25/2019, 12:37:49 AM

Cancel cover?

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 12:37:55 AM

no no all good

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 12:38:00 AM

cover on the red

CryptKai11/25/2019, 12:38:01 AM


CryptKai11/25/2019, 3:34:58 AMEdited 11/25/2019, 3:35:05 AM

Status update: 4,259,376 XRP, bought at ~ 0.21 ... watch it reach 0.20 but wait for 0.19 πŸ˜‚ .... all good and thank you so much !!!

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 3:38:03 AM

Yeah waiting for another test I don’t know if lower for now

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 3:38:09 AM

How was that short

CryptKai11/25/2019, 3:40:03 AM

about $7k profit, closed earlier at 0.22 to focus on long

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 3:41:27 AM

Yeah right it’s still a profit tho

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 3:41:38 AM

Who makes 7 during an evening

CryptKai11/25/2019, 3:43:40 AM

Yes.. So I'm grateful πŸ‘

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 3:43:51 AM

Let’s make more now

CryptKai11/25/2019, 3:44:01 AM


CryptKai11/25/2019, 3:44:31 AM

I'm all in XRP. No more fiat.

CryptKai11/25/2019, 3:45:25 AM

I'm listening the live... Thanks John.

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 4:36:02 AM

ok we will probably liquidate some on 4

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 4:36:06 AM

might have one more down

CryptKai11/25/2019, 4:38:17 AM


CryptKai11/25/2019, 4:38:35 AM

0.22 top in wave 4 ...

CryptKai11/25/2019, 4:39:01 AMEdited 11/25/2019, 4:39:14 AM

Target wave 5: 0.18-0.19 ?

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 4:45:33 AM

probably yes

CryptKai11/25/2019, 4:46:06 AM


CryptKai11/25/2019, 6:07:30 AM

80% back to USD

CryptKai11/25/2019, 6:45:51 AM

flat 5 = no wick below 0.20 ?

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 6:46:04 AM

I hope we do

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 6:46:08 AM

I really hope

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 6:46:09 AM

I want it

CryptKai11/25/2019, 2:43:20 PM

Good morning John. My current status: $897,255 all fiat. Set buys at 0.18-0.20

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 2:43:43 PM

good morning

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 2:43:44 PM

for now yes

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 2:43:49 PM

watching everything for now

CryptKai11/25/2019, 2:44:19 PM


CryptKai11/25/2019, 6:57:45 PM

Hi John. Still good to short? I want to get in at good price. What price shiuld i set for limit margin sell at finex?

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 6:57:52 PM

yeah looks good

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 6:57:56 PM

SL 0.22750

CryptKai11/25/2019, 6:58:04 PM


CryptKai11/25/2019, 6:58:48 PM

400k XRP short, ladder in slowly as price increase.

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 6:59:00 PM

I don't see it increasing here

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 6:59:08 PM

looks like 2 of 3

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 6:59:27 PM

order book is empty

CryptKai11/25/2019, 6:59:48 PM

3 is down?

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 6:59:59 PM


CryptKai11/25/2019, 7:00:06 PM


CryptHawk11/25/2019, 7:00:15 PM

so if some luck it rises

CryptKai11/25/2019, 7:00:33 PM


CryptHawk11/25/2019, 7:00:46 PMEdited 11/25/2019, 7:00:48 PM

but I don't believe in it

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 7:00:51 PM

so better go market

CryptKai11/25/2019, 7:00:57 PM


CryptHawk11/25/2019, 7:05:39 PM

I guess now

CryptHawk11/25/2019, 7:07:17 PM

before I go is better

CryptKai11/25/2019, 7:18:39 PMEdited 11/25/2019, 7:47:20 PM

Shorted 1 mil XRP at 0.22149 SL 1 mil XRP at 0.2275

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 5:07:40 AM

you here

CryptKai11/26/2019, 5:14:59 AM

I'm here

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 5:15:06 AM

wanna short?

CryptKai11/26/2019, 5:15:07 AM

listening to you

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 5:15:11 AM

or in already?

CryptKai11/26/2019, 5:15:11 AM

3 mil shorted

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 5:15:16 AM

ok stay like this

CryptKai11/26/2019, 5:15:19 AM


CryptKai11/26/2019, 6:07:19 AMEdited 11/26/2019, 6:09:06 AM

Hi John. I shorted 3 mil XRP ( 1.6 mil in Finex and 1.4 mil in Kraken ). How do you set SL ? I mean set stop at 1.6 mil, all at 0.2275 ?? Or spread out but how far spread do you do that? Or keep small % without SL ?

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 6:09:24 AM

spread at different levels

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 6:09:29 AM

Big orders first

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 6:09:35 AM

Smaller above

CryptKai11/26/2019, 6:09:47 AM


CryptHawk11/26/2019, 6:10:23 AM

Let say just a bit above previous wick

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 6:10:35 AM

The faster you exit the better

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 6:10:49 AM

Don’t spread too much

CryptKai11/26/2019, 6:11:32 AM

Like 800k at 0.2275 ; 200k each ( 4 total) at previous price plus 0.0005

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 6:11:46 AM


CryptHawk11/26/2019, 6:12:07 AM

Point is not to fully get out in case of a wick

CryptKai11/26/2019, 6:12:26 AM


CryptKai11/26/2019, 6:12:29 AM


CryptKai11/26/2019, 2:59:25 PMEdited 11/26/2019, 3:00:18 PM

Good morning John!! Glad that I shorted 3 mil XRP yesterday 😎 Thank you πŸ™

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 3:01:49 PM


CryptHawk11/26/2019, 3:01:53 PM

yeah it feels good

CryptKai11/26/2019, 3:02:09 PM

Really is

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 3:02:27 PM

that's why when I play this all the time I have a tight stop

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 3:02:35 PM

what matters when you play that big is better get out fast

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 3:02:38 PM

and re-enter

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 3:02:42 PM

even if you lose 2k

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 3:02:48 PM

I always play min 1,5Mil

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 3:03:09 PM

I prefer over is really for big moves but on small moves I go for 1,5Mil and take 10-15k fast

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 3:03:22 PM

But sometimes tight stops due to late entry makes you also lose a bit more

CryptKai11/26/2019, 3:03:59 PMEdited 11/26/2019, 3:04:11 PM

I did not even go leverage. Not to be rekt. Oh.. Talking about covering short, what's your strategy?

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 3:04:40 PM

not here for now

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 3:04:48 PM

I think we're starting 3 very slowly

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 3:04:55 PM

slow bleeding till: Finish him!

CryptKai11/26/2019, 3:05:08 PMEdited 11/26/2019, 3:06:09 PM

Do not set limit margin sell according to spreadsheet? That's what i did. Ok... I cancel all covering.

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 3:06:23 PM

for now no

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 3:06:25 PM

I really need to see 3

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 3:06:48 PM

what we're gonna do is to start liquidating the short on the way down slowly

CryptHawk11/26/2019, 3:06:54 PM

at different levels

CryptKai11/26/2019, 3:07:07 PM


CryptKai11/27/2019, 12:41:51 AMEdited 11/27/2019, 2:32:11 AM

Status update: Total shorted 4.5m XRP 1) finex: Shorted 2m XRP at 0.22119 2) kraken: Shorted 2.5m XRP at 0.2182

CryptKai11/27/2019, 2:36:00 AM

Just to confirm, I am not start covering short until 0.15 ?

CryptHawk11/27/2019, 2:36:16 AM

maybe some at 0.17 as you're big

CryptKai11/27/2019, 2:36:22 AM


CryptHawk11/27/2019, 2:36:26 AM

I will tell you

CryptKai11/27/2019, 2:36:29 AM


CryptHawk11/27/2019, 2:36:34 AM

we'll do this live

CryptKai11/27/2019, 2:36:55 AM

ok ... I'll go listen live

CryptHawk11/27/2019, 2:37:02 AM

I mean here

CryptHawk11/27/2019, 2:37:07 AM

I will give you live the targets

CryptKai11/27/2019, 2:37:13 AM


CryptKai11/27/2019, 2:37:51 AMEdited 11/27/2019, 2:38:01 AM

I will do each cover is 200k XRP, market buy ?

CryptHawk11/27/2019, 2:40:01 AM


CryptKai11/27/2019, 2:56:16 AM

Status update: Total shorted 5.1m XRP 1) finex: Shorted 2.6m XRP at 0.22139 2) kraken: Shorted 2.5m XRP at 0.2182

CryptKai11/27/2019, 2:56:24 AM

I'm tap out.

CryptHawk11/27/2019, 2:56:28 AM

you shorted more here?

CryptKai11/27/2019, 2:56:43 AM

yes ... being greedy .. liq price is 0.30

CryptKai11/27/2019, 2:56:51 AM

I'm done

CryptHawk11/27/2019, 2:57:00 AM


CryptHawk11/27/2019, 2:57:08 AM

we keep a tight stop in case

CryptKai11/27/2019, 2:57:38 AM

when you guys dump ?

CryptHawk11/27/2019, 2:57:52 AM


CryptKai11/27/2019, 2:58:00 AM


CryptHawk11/27/2019, 2:58:03 AM

we are starting

CryptKai11/27/2019, 2:55:15 PM

Good morning John. Hope you slept well. I did.

CryptKai11/27/2019, 6:22:13 PM

It will hit my SL 0.23 soon

CryptHawk11/27/2019, 7:04:40 PM

put it above please

CryptHawk11/27/2019, 7:04:52 PM

0.233 or so

CryptHawk11/27/2019, 7:04:57 PM

careful this is what they want

CryptKai11/27/2019, 7:08:04 PM

ok .. already put SL at 0.234-0.237 (Kraken) and 0.2348 - 0.245 (Bitfinex)

CryptKai11/27/2019, 7:09:27 PM

$45k loss now ... stick to plan

CryptHawk11/27/2019, 7:11:30 PM

yeah you went a bit hard ha ha

CryptHawk11/27/2019, 7:11:34 PM

but looks good

CryptKai11/27/2019, 7:11:43 PM

great ... believe in your fibs

CryptHawk11/27/2019, 7:11:59 PM

yeah in case I see any change we will ladder out a bit slowly on the way down

CryptKai11/27/2019, 7:12:06 PM


CryptKai11/27/2019, 9:15:58 PM

IS my SL safe if extension?

CryptKai11/27/2019, 9:16:09 PM

SL at 0.234-0.237 (Kraken) and 0.2348 - 0.245 (Bitfinex)

CryptHawk11/27/2019, 9:16:18 PM

careful in case

CryptHawk11/27/2019, 9:16:27 PM

a bit above

CryptKai11/27/2019, 9:16:40 PM


CryptKai11/27/2019, 9:23:27 PM

tempted to add more short

CryptKai11/28/2019, 1:41:46 AM

Something doesn't add up ?

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 1:41:52 AM

no for now all good

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 1:41:58 AM

we're working on the charts

CryptKai11/28/2019, 1:42:27 AM

we? you and your guys that plan the million xrp dump ?

CryptKai11/28/2019, 1:42:45 AM

Hope they do soon

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 1:43:05 AM

no some data scientists like me

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 1:43:08 AM

working on charts

CryptKai11/28/2019, 1:43:13 AM


CryptKai11/28/2019, 4:37:31 AM

my SL is 0.245

CryptKai11/28/2019, 5:17:13 AM

Hi John. Any thought on my short covering strategy ?

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 5:19:35 AM

I need 3 of 1 first

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 5:19:37 AM

and yes

CryptKai11/28/2019, 5:20:59 AMEdited 11/28/2019, 5:24:20 AM

So, I will not set any margin buys. Just put SL 0.2375 (Bitfinex) and 0.236 (Kraken). I will just left the shorts at finex during maintenance.

CryptKai11/28/2019, 6:04:25 AM

John, have a safe trip to the promised land.

CryptKai11/28/2019, 7:58:36 PM

Status Update: Total shorted 5,770,000 XRP Bitfinex: Shorted 2,770,000 XRP at $0.22165 with SL at $0.238 Kraken: Shorted 2,500,000 XRP at $0.21820 with SL at $0.2358

CryptKai11/28/2019, 7:59:29 PM

If SL triggered: Estimated realized loss is $110k

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 8:03:21 PM


CryptHawk11/28/2019, 8:03:40 PM

That’s a lot

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 8:03:48 PM

Need to work on the risk management here

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 8:03:57 PM

Hopefully we should go down

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 8:04:04 PM

But careful if they want to hit you

CryptKai11/28/2019, 8:04:20 PM

yes, I calculated loss as SL +$0.004 for the orderbook

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 8:04:23 PM

Gonna think about a plan

CryptKai11/28/2019, 8:04:32 PM


CryptHawk11/28/2019, 8:04:33 PM

To reduce instead of getting stopped out fully

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 8:04:40 PM

It’s still very bearish

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 8:05:00 PM

Reducing instead of getting fully stopped allows you to re enter

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 8:07:28 PM

Let’s say we could use some trailing stop allowing us to reduce

CryptKai11/28/2019, 8:34:34 PMEdited 11/28/2019, 8:35:27 PM

Bitfinex Trailing Stop order (with "Reduced-Only") on Margin Buy: Distance USD = 0.0002 Amount XRP = 50,000

CryptKai11/28/2019, 8:35:00 PM

I haven't set yet but is above make sense?

CryptKai11/28/2019, 8:49:59 PM

After some thought, I split to 2 SL Status Update: Total shorted 5,770,000 XRP Bitfinex: Shorted 2,770,000 XRP at $0.22165 SL at $0.238 (1,370,000 XRP) and $0.24153 (1,400,000 XRP) Kraken: Shorted 2,500,000 XRP at $0.21820 SL at $0.2358 (50%) and $0.2388 (another 50%)

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 8:50:13 PM

Ok perfect better

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 8:50:20 PM

Honestly I think we’re good

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 8:50:25 PM

More than good

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 8:50:34 PM

But they won’t give us the big 3 like this

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 8:50:39 PM

It’s a big 3 after all

CryptKai11/28/2019, 8:51:13 PM

yes, but I want to think worst case. Thanks John.

CryptKai11/28/2019, 11:06:25 PMEdited 11/28/2019, 11:06:39 PM

"Curtis from Love for Crypto, manage to ask Mark Carney that one question on crypto in a bankers meeting early this year.. I believe the question was "will banks be allow to hold cryptocurrancy before eoy?" Answer was.. YES.."

CryptKai11/28/2019, 11:07:00 PMEdited 11/28/2019, 11:08:25 PM

John, I'm wondering if this is the EOY big news after XRP reset.

CryptKai11/28/2019, 11:57:55 PM

Thanks John !! Do I keep it till 0.11 ?

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 11:58:13 PM

Reduce catch higher

CryptHawk11/28/2019, 11:58:17 PM

Even if no profits

CryptKai11/29/2019, 12:17:54 AM

reduced covered 400k XRP. Will short another 400k XRP at higher price

CryptHawk11/29/2019, 12:18:06 AM

Perfect will relief you

CryptKai11/29/2019, 2:55:42 PM

Status Update: Total shorted 5,770,000 XRP Bitfinex: Shorted 2,770,000 XRP at $0.22166 SL at $0.238 (1,370,000 XRP) and $0.24153 (1,400,000 XRP) Kraken: Shorted 2,500,000 XRP at $0.21820 SL at $0.2358 (50%) and $0.2388 (another 50%)

CryptKai11/29/2019, 2:56:30 PM

Not much changed. Reentered 400k XRP short yesterday night.

CryptKai11/29/2019, 2:56:43 PM

is the SL safe ?

CryptHawk11/29/2019, 2:56:52 PM

Yeah all is Bs

CryptHawk11/29/2019, 2:56:57 PM

It’s amazing how this is gonna die

CryptKai11/29/2019, 2:57:11 PM

I'm chill. Not worry at all.

CryptKai11/29/2019, 2:57:31 PMEdited 11/29/2019, 2:57:37 PM

Just want to make sure they don't hunt my SL.

CryptKai11/29/2019, 3:01:07 PM

Current unrealized P&L: Bitfinex: -$30,280.53 (-4.51%) Kraken: -$30,177.50 (-5.51%)

CryptKai11/29/2019, 3:07:23 PM

Margin call : Bitfinex: Liquidation price = $0.29833 Kraken: Margin Level = 201.8% = [Equity with unrealized P&L] / [Used Margin i.e. Total margin amount used in open positions] = $553,065.86 / $273,429.99 Note: Margin Level of 80% or less is warning and 40% or less is margin call.

CryptKai11/30/2019, 2:53:57 AM

Hi John. What's your video about? And where your cohorts stand on the 100m XRP dump?

CryptHawk11/30/2019, 2:56:21 AM

Nah this was just a message for fun

CryptHawk11/30/2019, 2:56:30 AM

Screaming bitconnect

CryptKai11/30/2019, 3:17:19 AM

Unaware that I downloaded the video. Roller-coaster with your kids. πŸ‘ ... screaming bitconnect πŸ˜‚ i didn't hear that part.

CryptHawk11/30/2019, 3:17:33 AM

Yeah lol

CryptHawk11/30/2019, 3:17:35 AM

Was a joke

CryptKai11/30/2019, 3:17:59 AM

Ya i know. Glad you had a good time today

CryptHawk11/30/2019, 3:18:40 AM

Yeah was needed

CryptHawk11/30/2019, 3:18:45 AM

4 days off in a year

CryptKai11/30/2019, 3:19:14 AM

And calming our ass in between

CryptKai11/30/2019, 5:03:27 PM

Good morning John. What a relief !!

CryptHawk11/30/2019, 5:21:53 PM

Yeah it’s all about patience

CryptHawk11/30/2019, 5:22:06 PM

The worst part has not begun

CryptKai11/30/2019, 5:24:53 PM

wow .. juicy ... this is my first time to short big time ($1.16 mil worth of XRP).

CryptHawk11/30/2019, 5:26:02 PM

Yeah that’s big

CryptHawk11/30/2019, 5:26:09 PM

We keep some stops now a bit lower

CryptHawk11/30/2019, 5:26:17 PM

Not out of the woods yet but looks amazing

CryptKai11/30/2019, 5:26:19 PM

what level?

CryptHawk11/30/2019, 5:26:27 PM

Above previous wick yesterday

CryptKai11/30/2019, 5:26:32 PM


CryptKai11/30/2019, 7:15:58 PMEdited 11/30/2019, 7:16:27 PM

Should i cover some at 17 and short again at 20?

CryptHawk11/30/2019, 7:19:08 PM

Waiting for now

CryptHawk11/30/2019, 7:19:11 PM

Not interesting

CryptKai11/30/2019, 7:19:22 PM


CryptKai12/1/2019, 4:14:42 PM

What about cover short 40% at 0.17 and create short again (the 40%) at 4 for 100% cover at 5 (0.14). Thought?

CryptHawk12/1/2019, 4:14:56 PM

Might break through but yes

CryptHawk12/1/2019, 4:15:02 PM

When comfortable do it

CryptKai12/1/2019, 4:15:07 PM


CryptHawk12/1/2019, 4:17:14 PM

You know each time you have good profits just cash out some

CryptHawk12/1/2019, 4:17:18 PM


CryptKai12/1/2019, 4:41:11 PM

We are just covering shorts and NOT buy our bag now, right?

CryptKai12/1/2019, 4:41:22 PM

or both?

CryptHawk12/1/2019, 4:42:01 PM

Oh yeah just covering

CryptKai12/2/2019, 5:59:59 PM

Hi John. Any suggestion on optimization of covering short?

CryptKai12/2/2019, 6:00:39 PM

I currently set 60% cover at 0.16

CryptHawk12/2/2019, 6:01:20 PM

Not yet

CryptHawk12/2/2019, 6:01:24 PM

Still waiting for 3

CryptHawk12/2/2019, 6:01:38 PM

As I said could be melted ice cream below 0.20

CryptKai12/2/2019, 6:02:04 PM


CryptKai12/3/2019, 5:01:13 AM

Funding cost for this 2.5 mil XRP short in Kraken is now $5985.58

CryptKai12/3/2019, 5:03:05 AMEdited 12/3/2019, 5:03:17 AM

Plan to cover the short at $0.17 for about $100k profit

CryptKai12/3/2019, 5:03:50 AM

Let me know if there is better strategy.

CryptKai12/3/2019, 5:05:08 AM

I also reduced my shorts for finex as well to 1.237 mil XRP

CryptKai12/3/2019, 5:12:35 AMEdited 12/3/2019, 5:18:06 AM

Kraken funding cost is expensive, $855 per day. Short open 7 days ago.

CryptKai12/3/2019, 5:17:12 AM

Maintenance cost is 0.02% every 4 hours. Open margin cost is 0.02%

CryptHawk12/3/2019, 10:02:57 AM

Hey if you have some profits maybe reduce on the next move down we can range for days

CryptKai12/3/2019, 4:22:21 PMEdited 12/3/2019, 4:23:34 PM

Status: I further reduced short. Kraken: 1.5 mil XRP short Bitfinex: 1 mil XRP short Loss about $9k (before short to now)

CryptKai12/3/2019, 6:59:19 PM

Difficult to pinpoint 3 of 3 as they really want to discourage us from taking advantage of 3 of 3. Just like BTC at 6k range bound for days.

CryptHawk12/3/2019, 6:59:57 PM


CryptHawk12/3/2019, 7:00:04 PM

we will play 4 for sure

CryptKai12/3/2019, 11:05:36 PM

Welcome back and glad to listen you live just now.

CryptKai12/3/2019, 11:07:41 PM

I am confused at your statement regarding you said about shit going to happen EOY and go full fiat to bank acct. What do you mean?

CryptKai12/3/2019, 11:09:32 PM

In any case, I know you will guide me to optimized strategy.

CryptHawk12/3/2019, 11:13:02 PM

we talk about this just after

CryptHawk12/3/2019, 11:13:06 PM

I have a plan for you guys

CryptHawk12/3/2019, 11:13:18 PM

I mean we're gonna trade but we're gonna keep a lot of fiat for the real bottom

CryptHawk12/3/2019, 11:13:28 PM

what I mean is I am also gonna cash in some profits

CryptKai12/3/2019, 11:28:19 PM

Really need to discuss further to sort out details. Can we schedule a call at your convenience?

CryptHawk12/3/2019, 11:29:46 PM

yeah tomorrow

CryptHawk12/3/2019, 11:29:53 PM

will tell you a bit later today

CryptKai12/3/2019, 11:30:06 PM


CryptKai12/4/2019, 1:02:25 AM

Just a thought: better strategy is to wait until it break below $0.20 to increase short.

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 1:18:27 AM

we don't increase

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 1:18:31 AM

stick to what you have

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 1:18:33 AM

don't be greedy

CryptKai12/4/2019, 1:19:48 AM

yes .. won't increase short. Total shorts of 2.5 mil XRP is enough. Already set cover limit buys at 0.147 ...

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:20:46 AM

how are the profits doing?

CryptKai12/4/2019, 2:20:57 AM

yes .. should I short?

CryptKai12/4/2019, 2:20:59 AM


CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:21:07 AM


CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:21:09 AM

it's enough for now

CryptKai12/4/2019, 2:21:21 AM

$9k profit

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:21:33 AM

that's light for now comparing to what's coming

CryptKai12/4/2019, 2:21:52 AM

thanks John !!

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:22:02 AM

thank me when you make 100K+

CryptKai12/4/2019, 2:22:31 AMEdited 12/4/2019, 2:22:54 AM

if 0.147 hit .. should be near $200k ... hahaha

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 3:58:14 AM

that's perfect

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 3:58:17 AM

I love hearing that

CryptKai12/4/2019, 6:33:34 AM

My plan: I'm shorting 3.3 mil XRP (in profit now). Plan to cover 40% short at around $0.14 to re-enter short of the 40% covered position at $0.167 - $0.17. Then, cover 100% short at $0.12. Finally, exchange buys 100% at $0.06 - $0.10.

CryptKai12/4/2019, 6:34:18 AM

Good night John.

CryptKai12/4/2019, 2:28:19 PM

they stop me !!

CryptKai12/4/2019, 2:28:24 PM

back soon

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:29:18 PM


CryptKai12/4/2019, 2:42:13 PM

Just back. What should I do ?

CryptKai12/4/2019, 2:45:10 PM

John. Should I short now ???

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:45:17 PM

stopped in profits?

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:45:22 PM


CryptKai12/4/2019, 2:45:25 PM

loss $11k

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:45:28 PM


CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:45:36 PM

that was so expected

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:45:51 PM

wait for a small retest and yes short this shit

CryptKai12/4/2019, 2:45:53 PM

chain reaction ... wipe my 2,5 mil XRP

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:45:57 PM

but don't go big this time

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:46:04 PM

I mean not that big

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:46:08 PM

will tell you when go

CryptKai12/4/2019, 2:46:10 PM

what number?

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:46:27 PM

1 Mil per exchange is fine

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:46:29 PM

with 3x lev

CryptKai12/4/2019, 2:47:16 PM

dropping ... short now?

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:47:30 PM

no no let it bounce

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:47:33 PM

wait for idiots to fomo

CryptKai12/4/2019, 2:47:39 PM


CryptKai12/4/2019, 2:58:34 PM

Kraken: Loss -$16,200 Bitfinex: Loss -$10,000

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:58:44 PM

fucking SL

CryptKai12/4/2019, 2:58:45 PM

Total loss: -$26,200

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:58:54 PM

yeah never mind shit happens let's catch 5

CryptKai12/4/2019, 2:59:08 PM

tell me what to do to recop loss

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 2:59:24 PM

yeah I am on it right now

CryptKai12/4/2019, 3:06:05 PMEdited 12/4/2019, 3:08:41 PM

Status: Kraken: Short 800k XRP at $0.2155. Current cash balance plus unrealized P&L = $567,213.86 Bitfinex: cash $298,290.56 Total Equity = $567,213.86 + $298,290.56 = $867,090 (about -$26,200 loss compare to prior shorts)

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 3:06:21 PM

ok let's recover

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 3:06:30 PM

wait a bit for the next retest on finex

CryptKai12/4/2019, 3:06:39 PM


CryptHawk12/4/2019, 3:11:12 PM

finex hammer that shit with 200k per 200k

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 3:11:14 PM

on the way up

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 3:11:16 PM

from here

CryptKai12/4/2019, 3:12:00 PM

market sell 200k XRP ?

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 3:12:06 PM

yeah better

CryptKai12/4/2019, 3:12:18 PM

up to 1 mil

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 3:12:19 PM

each time it pushes

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 3:12:22 PM


CryptKai12/4/2019, 3:12:31 PM

ok ... slowly ...

CryptKai12/4/2019, 3:57:21 PM

Bitfinex: 1 mil XRP short at 0.221256

CryptKai12/4/2019, 3:58:00 PM

Kraken: 908,483 XRP short at 0.2197

CryptKai12/4/2019, 3:58:13 PM


CryptHawk12/4/2019, 4:02:43 PM

we're gonna add on this retest

CryptKai12/4/2019, 4:07:03 PM


CryptKai12/4/2019, 6:34:19 PM

If heading to 8k-9k for sure (now?) , shouldn't we close short now? Confused.

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 6:34:26 PM

not here

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 6:34:28 PM

this was 4

CryptHawk12/4/2019, 6:34:32 PM

we have 5 first

CryptKai12/5/2019, 12:13:39 AMEdited 12/5/2019, 12:13:49 AM

Still good to add short? I have 1.9 mil short now

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 12:14:11 AM

A bit later wait

CryptKai12/5/2019, 12:14:26 AM

Let me know

CryptKai12/5/2019, 12:41:43 AM

Good to short now?

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 12:55:02 AM

wait for the daily

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 12:55:06 AM

don't be greedy

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 12:55:12 AM

it cost you a lot before

CryptKai12/5/2019, 12:56:55 AM

I added 291k XRP short. Control greed. Done adding.

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 12:57:02 AM


CryptHawk12/5/2019, 12:57:05 AM

normally we're good

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 12:57:11 AM

you should already be in profits anyway

CryptKai12/5/2019, 12:58:37 AM

Status: total 2.2 mil XRP Short Kraken: 1 mil XRP short at 0.21926 Bitfinex : 1.2 mil XRP short at 0.2203

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 12:58:58 AM


CryptHawk12/5/2019, 12:58:59 AM

(image attachment not found)

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 12:59:03 AM

this will be adapted to your volume

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 12:59:08 AM

so you will have personalized targets

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 12:59:12 AM

and personalized take profits strategies

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 12:59:17 AM

where to add to position etc

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 12:59:33 AM

this will calculate your balance and position automatically

CryptKai12/5/2019, 3:34:32 PM

Morning John. Some alts like WTC is dirt cheap.

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 3:34:50 PM

3 more days to go

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 3:34:55 PM

I have a cycle starting soon

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 3:35:01 PM

will look at alts at this time

CryptKai12/5/2019, 3:37:44 PM

Hopefully 3 of 3 here soon. We have been waiting for 2 weeks or so .... lose count

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 3:37:54 PM


CryptHawk12/5/2019, 3:37:59 PM

it's all about consolidation etc

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 3:38:05 PM

this will be a heck of a resistance for the future

CryptKai12/5/2019, 3:38:27 PM

I can't imagine the fee you pay for your shorts.

CryptKai12/5/2019, 3:39:43 PM

I look to buy XRP at dirt cheap.

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 3:39:47 PM

right now I get paid

CryptKai12/5/2019, 3:40:02 PM

how can it be ? In finex?

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 3:40:12 PM


CryptHawk12/5/2019, 3:40:21 PM

when in profits and funding positive

CryptKai12/5/2019, 3:40:31 PM

You choose Funding type = term?

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 3:40:52 PM


CryptKai12/5/2019, 3:41:38 PM

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai12/5/2019, 3:42:17 PM

my funding is negative.

CryptKai12/5/2019, 3:44:01 PM

is -95 XRP means I will pay 95 XRP or I'm getting paid 95 XRP?

CryptKai12/5/2019, 3:44:48 PM

Sorry for the retard question.

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 3:46:06 PM

We pay for now

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 3:46:11 PM

But I was getting paid earlier

CryptKai12/5/2019, 3:46:26 PM

ok ... make sense ... was confused.

CryptKai12/5/2019, 3:47:14 PM

off to work .. hv good day

CryptKai12/5/2019, 6:40:29 PM

I did not put any SL

CryptKai12/5/2019, 6:40:46 PM

Was working

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 6:40:47 PM

You can add higher in case?

CryptKai12/5/2019, 6:41:01 PM

Was busy at work

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 6:41:16 PM

Back home in 30

CryptKai12/5/2019, 6:41:24 PM


CryptKai12/5/2019, 7:10:08 PMEdited 12/5/2019, 7:10:18 PM

Back home... Should i cover my position now!?

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 7:10:16 PM

watching for now

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 7:10:18 PM

you're in profits?

CryptKai12/5/2019, 7:10:32 PM

Bitfinex in profit

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 7:10:51 PM

I think BTC is doing a 2

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 7:11:04 PM

but you can put a stop in profits at 0.22

CryptKai12/5/2019, 7:11:13 PM

Bettsr cover and short later

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 7:11:25 PM

yeah careful you're gonna make it pump

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 7:11:29 PM

watching BTC now first

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 7:11:31 PM

if BB breaks yes

CryptKai12/5/2019, 7:11:41 PM

100k slowly?

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 7:11:56 PM

orderbook is not nice for now

CryptKai12/5/2019, 7:12:26 PM

Can break evenfor cover 1 mil

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 7:13:36 PM

yeah I know but order book does not allow it

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 7:13:39 PM

low orders

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 7:13:41 PM

that's why

CryptKai12/5/2019, 7:14:07 PM

Just covered 100k

CryptKai12/5/2019, 7:14:15 PM

In finex

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 7:14:18 PM

ok no prob

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 7:14:27 PM

just not crazy volume so far

CryptKai12/5/2019, 7:15:19 PM

Will cover few after lunch

CryptKai12/5/2019, 7:21:22 PM

John, could it be that BTC will do range bound for months. In any case, Alt are looking dirt cheap and probably bottomed.

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 7:29:12 PM

No won’t range

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 7:29:21 PM

It’s in a 3

CryptKai12/5/2019, 9:50:21 PM

Should i cover my short?

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 9:50:29 PM

nope just add on the top

CryptKai12/5/2019, 9:50:32 PM

Just back from meeting

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 9:50:33 PM

you don't cover green

CryptKai12/5/2019, 9:50:36 PM


CryptHawk12/5/2019, 9:50:40 PM

going max 0.23

CryptKai12/5/2019, 11:39:18 PM

Hi John. Let's have a quick call to clarify the strategy today. Let me know your availability. I will be available in 30 mins, still at work now. Been a busy day.

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 11:40:02 PM

will be available a bit later

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 11:40:04 PM

have to go now

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 11:40:19 PM

if we drop a bit more here around 0.22 retest cover a bit more

CryptHawk12/5/2019, 11:40:23 PM

we will add more short above

CryptKai12/5/2019, 11:41:19 PM

Ok, great. Let's talk later.

CryptKai12/6/2019, 1:09:14 AM

Been busy, no time to look anything. May i know what should i do?

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 1:09:30 AM

on wave 4 down cover 50% of short

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 1:09:36 AM

it will go down a bit

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 1:09:39 AM

retest 0.22

CryptKai12/6/2019, 1:10:17 AM

Ok.. Im on my way home. Thanks. Will cover short 50% at retest 0.22

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 1:10:33 AMEdited 12/6/2019, 1:10:34 AM

normally maybe 0.218 wick

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 1:10:42 AM

we're doing 2 of C

CryptKai12/6/2019, 1:11:27 AM

So it will go up more after retest...

CryptKai12/6/2019, 1:11:51 AM

Too bad

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 1:11:56 AM

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 1:12:01 AM

then up

CryptKai12/6/2019, 1:13:09 AM

πŸ‘ Thx for the update john

CryptKai12/6/2019, 1:30:05 AM

Good time for a quick call now?

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 1:34:00 AM

still not home

CryptKai12/6/2019, 1:34:18 AM


CryptKai12/6/2019, 10:10:06 AM

Hi John. I missed most of your live chat yesterday. I picked up your thought based on your twitter. It would be great if you can create a channel for our premium members just post a summary there so that other premium members, not able to attend live, can still follow your thought.

CryptKai12/6/2019, 2:29:28 PM

ok ... close all shorts now

CryptKai12/6/2019, 2:29:46 PM

will ladder long asap

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 2:29:47 PM

thought you had orders below

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 2:29:52 PM

don't ladder long

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 2:29:55 PM

just ladder out

CryptKai12/6/2019, 2:29:58 PM


CryptKai12/6/2019, 2:30:02 PM

no long?

CryptKai12/6/2019, 2:30:09 PM

market long?

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 2:30:11 PM

not now

CryptKai12/6/2019, 2:30:16 PM


CryptKai12/6/2019, 4:19:56 PM

Not me. I'm at work. Still all in fiat.

CryptKai12/6/2019, 4:20:03 PM


CryptKai12/6/2019, 6:15:35 PMEdited 12/6/2019, 6:15:57 PM

Hi John. I do not intend to take the long swing. Plan to initiate BIG short at higher price. Good strategy? Since you have 21 mil XRP short , i just want to copy your trade.

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 6:16:00 PM

I am still holding this one as in higher

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 6:16:05 PM

but trading stack is long

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 6:16:09 PM

you can long some here

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 6:16:11 PM


CryptHawk12/6/2019, 6:16:20 PM

not big big tho

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 6:16:28 PM

could stop at 0.236

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 6:16:30 PM

or 0.25

CryptKai12/6/2019, 6:17:44 PMEdited 12/6/2019, 6:18:16 PM

Ok.... 100k XRP at each of kraken and finex then. Will do later...

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 6:18:11 PM


CryptHawk12/6/2019, 6:18:15 PM

BTC wants to go

CryptKai12/6/2019, 7:22:39 PMEdited 12/6/2019, 7:22:51 PM

Still a good long swing here? Drop a bit.

CryptHawk12/6/2019, 7:23:56 PM

Add yes

CryptKai12/6/2019, 7:24:06 PM

just saw it

CryptKai12/7/2019, 6:27:48 PMEdited 12/7/2019, 6:28:05 PM

Hi John. I already 1 mil XRP at 0.228 (28% of my portfolio). Can buy another 2.6 mil XRP with remaining fiat. Any suggestion?

CryptHawk12/7/2019, 6:46:24 PM

Yes if we get some red

CryptHawk12/7/2019, 6:46:26 PM

Gotta be careful I am potentially expecting a quick wick down

CryptHawk12/7/2019, 6:46:33 PM

Could not happen tho

CryptKai12/7/2019, 7:23:33 PM

I'm out, as usual during Saturday. Will set some limit buys at lower price.

CryptKai12/7/2019, 7:43:03 PM

Buy at 0.22801, above the buy wall?

CryptKai12/8/2019, 1:33:23 AM

John. I'm going all in?

CryptHawk12/8/2019, 1:33:30 AM

not here

CryptHawk12/8/2019, 1:33:31 AM


CryptKai12/8/2019, 1:34:57 AM

tell me when to buy all in xrp

CryptHawk12/8/2019, 1:36:56 AM

dip is good

CryptHawk12/8/2019, 1:37:00 AM

but wait for a bit of red

CryptKai12/8/2019, 1:37:13 AM

already red ... more red?

CryptHawk12/8/2019, 1:37:22 AM

not a lot of red

CryptHawk12/8/2019, 1:37:27 AM

I mean when it pushes a bit down

CryptHawk12/8/2019, 1:37:36 AM

that's good here

CryptHawk12/8/2019, 1:37:41 AM

slow and steady

CryptHawk12/8/2019, 1:44:39 AM

did you got some

CryptKai12/8/2019, 1:44:51 AM

yes .. all in !!

CryptHawk12/8/2019, 1:44:57 AM

got in too more

CryptKai12/8/2019, 1:45:20 AM


CryptHawk12/8/2019, 1:45:28 AM

no me I mean

CryptHawk12/8/2019, 1:45:32 AM

I got in more

CryptKai12/8/2019, 1:46:39 AM

Total: 3,793,544 XRP, no fiat left Kraken: 2,500,398 XRP Bitfinex: 1,293,146 XRP

CryptHawk12/8/2019, 1:47:25 AM

ok now we wait a bit was a pretty good dip

CryptHawk12/8/2019, 1:47:31 AM

we see how BTC behaves first

CryptKai12/8/2019, 1:47:51 AM


CryptKai12/9/2019, 4:44:27 PMEdited 12/9/2019, 4:44:45 PM

Hi John. Anything i need to do? Currently 100% long XRP at about 0.226... Ride the wave to sell the top 0.25 then big short?

CryptHawk12/9/2019, 4:44:46 PM

All good

CryptHawk12/9/2019, 4:44:50 PM

Bitch pump inc

CryptKai12/9/2019, 4:44:56 PM


CryptKai12/9/2019, 7:49:16 PM

I am thinking to buy a new home early next year. Don't think it is a good move due to the impending economic crisis late next year, as I can live in the current home.

CryptHawk12/9/2019, 8:12:05 PM

no it's not

CryptHawk12/9/2019, 8:12:09 PM

rates are gonna be crazy

CryptHawk12/9/2019, 8:12:10 PM

or pay cash

CryptHawk12/9/2019, 8:12:18 PM

make a shit ton with crypto and pay cash

CryptKai12/13/2019, 5:20:26 PM

Hi John. I already set 40% sells at 0.24-0.245 days ago. Keep it or adjust to higher sell price?

CryptHawk12/13/2019, 7:32:02 PM

Cancel for now

CryptKai12/14/2019, 10:07:43 PM

Don't know what really going with your dinner but I will just keep interaction to minimal (to not let wife looks bad) and be done with it, avoiding unnecessary drama.

CryptHawk12/14/2019, 10:08:08 PM

All good

CryptHawk12/14/2019, 10:08:12 PM

Diner was shit

CryptHawk12/14/2019, 10:08:15 PM

Long is good

CryptHawk12/14/2019, 10:08:19 PM

Moon time soon

CryptKai12/14/2019, 10:08:50 PM

need the moon to buy new home next year. Wife wanted the home badly.

CryptHawk12/14/2019, 10:10:01 PM

It will

CryptHawk12/14/2019, 10:10:03 PM


CryptKai12/17/2019, 1:06:25 PM

Time to reduce position here? Hard decision.

CryptKai12/17/2019, 1:07:13 PM

Anyway, go back to take nap.

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 1:08:33 PM

Not reducing for now

CryptKai12/17/2019, 1:08:50 PM


CryptKai12/17/2019, 3:00:50 PM

Status: 3,793,581 XRP bought at $0.228.

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 3:00:59 PM

I want the liqui price

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 3:01:04 PM

The rest is fine

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 3:01:10 PM

Gonna calculate some stuff

CryptKai12/17/2019, 3:01:19 PM

No liq price, exchange bought

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 3:01:27 PM

So who cares

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 3:01:39 PMEdited 12/17/2019, 3:01:42 PM

You still bought super cheap

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 3:01:48 PM

Coming with a plan soon

CryptKai12/17/2019, 3:01:49 PM

Alternatively i will just keep it, ride it out?

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 3:01:56 PM

Yeah no need to stress for now

CryptKai12/17/2019, 3:02:19 PM

Ok... Great

CryptKai12/17/2019, 3:02:48 PM

Thanks John

CryptKai12/17/2019, 6:23:23 PM

Just out of meeting, any change on my strategy?

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 6:28:01 PM

Still on it seeing if we can eventually liquidate some at 0.21x

CryptKai12/17/2019, 6:28:39 PM

Ok, nothing change.

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 6:30:19 PM

Not for now

CryptKai12/17/2019, 7:08:11 PMEdited 12/17/2019, 7:11:57 PM

Can you please notify me whenever you think it is good time to liquidate some to DCA. I am busy at work for next few days and cannot monitor the market and keep up with the live.

CryptKai12/17/2019, 7:40:53 PM

Deleted the msg. Not intend to bring negativity.

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 7:44:24 PM

No prob

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 7:44:53 PM

Working on it for now and with everyone to do what matters and get a win for everyone fast

CryptKai12/17/2019, 7:51:36 PM

πŸ‘ Thanks Hawk. In depressed mood, need some way to release. Deleted msg. No negativity. Look forward.

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 7:51:53 PM

Yeah I know just chill

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 7:52:08 PM

We’re gonna use this as an experience to improve the program

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 7:52:13 PM

And improve it for everyone

CryptKai12/17/2019, 8:51:45 PM

Watching it drop ...

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 8:51:56 PM

Yeah and watch it bounce very hard real soon

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 8:51:59 PM

Very very very hard

CryptKai12/17/2019, 10:28:31 PM

What's the plan for those still hold from 0.22+ ?

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 10:31:41 PM

For now you have no leverage

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 10:31:43 PM

So it’s fine

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 10:31:49 PM

I see 0.16 and bounce hard

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 10:31:53 PM

Up to 0.24-27

CryptKai12/17/2019, 10:32:10 PM


CryptHawk12/17/2019, 10:32:19 PM

Nothing to do honestly

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 10:32:24 PM

Unless we sell some on a bounce

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 10:32:34 PM

And buy back on the final dip as it will be accumulation

CryptKai12/17/2019, 10:46:49 PM

sell 500k XRP at 0.182 and buyback at 0.16?

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 10:47:01 PM

Could be a plan as no leverage

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 10:47:12 PM

What matters is the number of XRP in the end when we push

CryptKai12/17/2019, 10:47:27 PM

Will do after work in few hours

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 10:47:31 PM


CryptHawk12/17/2019, 10:47:33 PM


CryptKai12/17/2019, 10:47:36 PM


CryptKai12/17/2019, 11:58:05 PM

just got home. Good to sell now to by back lower?

CryptHawk12/17/2019, 11:58:59 PM

Would be nice before shit happens

CryptKai12/17/2019, 11:59:10 PM

ok ... go sell

CryptKai12/18/2019, 12:04:14 AM

I'm selling 100k XRP at 0.181

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 12:49:20 AM

Another one sell opportunity eventually here

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 12:49:28 AM

Still more to buy

CryptKai12/18/2019, 12:49:41 AMEdited 12/18/2019, 12:50:28 AM

I sold all (3.793 mil XRP) at 0.182

CryptKai12/18/2019, 12:50:52 AM

Where should I set buys? ... currently at 0.16 ... any optimized for Kraken and Bitfinex?

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 12:51:22 AM

Between 0.148 and 0.158

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 12:51:26 AM

Some around 0.16

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 12:51:28 AM

Of course

CryptKai12/18/2019, 12:51:31 AM


CryptHawk12/18/2019, 12:51:40 AM

Should add some to your bag

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 12:51:46 AM

And will be interesting to play that for 4

CryptKai12/18/2019, 12:52:10 AM

buy now?

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 12:52:16 AM


CryptHawk12/18/2019, 12:52:22 AM

Lower as I said

CryptKai12/18/2019, 12:52:25 AM

short at top of 4?

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 12:52:29 AM


CryptHawk12/18/2019, 12:52:32 AM

This one will be huge

CryptKai12/18/2019, 12:53:01 AM

will only do at finex or also Kraken? Position size? Thought

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 12:53:10 AM

We’ll do both

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 12:53:19 AM

We’re just gonna work on it when we have the bottom first

CryptKai12/18/2019, 12:53:23 AM

need to time very well for Kraken ... cost eat me fast ...

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 12:53:26 AM

So we can have targets

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 12:53:37 AM

Yeah probably after 2

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 12:53:40 AM

We’ll see that

CryptKai12/18/2019, 12:56:15 AM


CryptKai12/18/2019, 2:08:02 PM

I did not enter short. Set all buys at around 0.148 to swing wave 4 to sell at 0.188-0.19

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 2:24:31 PM


CryptKai12/18/2019, 2:59:39 PM

can short here ?

CryptKai12/18/2019, 2:59:48 PM


CryptKai12/18/2019, 3:03:57 PM

I shorted 100k XRP at 0.1835 with sl at 0.19

CryptKai12/18/2019, 3:04:05 PM


CryptKai12/18/2019, 3:16:58 PM

shorted 600k XRP at 0.1825

CryptKai12/18/2019, 4:31:47 PM

Another loss... more salt on wound

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 4:31:59 PM

You had a stop?

CryptKai12/18/2019, 4:32:05 PM

Yes. 0.19

CryptKai12/18/2019, 4:32:08 PM


CryptHawk12/18/2019, 4:32:09 PM

Not needed

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 4:32:12 PM

But they wanted you

CryptKai12/18/2019, 4:32:26 PMEdited 12/18/2019, 4:36:57 PM

You put the sl there in your position update

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 4:32:27 PM

Wait for now

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 4:32:33 PM

No SL for me

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 4:32:36 PM

Not the same game

CryptKai12/18/2019, 4:40:42 PM

I'm at work. Can't do shit now.

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 4:40:48 PM

So perfect

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 4:40:50 PM

Don’t do shit

CryptKai12/18/2019, 4:41:08 PM


CryptKai12/18/2019, 6:07:33 PM

Only have $660k left.

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 6:08:37 PM

Now we work differently

CryptKai12/18/2019, 6:08:45 PM

3 rekts: short, long and short

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 6:08:47 PM

From today no quick swing recovery

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 6:08:56 PM

Only daily good swings

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 6:09:01 PM

And only on specific targets

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 6:09:12 PM

Gonna work on something tonight

CryptKai12/18/2019, 6:09:12 PM

Yes. Totally agree.

CryptKai12/18/2019, 6:11:11 PM

We all have been stress out for few weeks. Only need to trade on big wave, more certain profit and less stress. Thanks John for doing it.

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 6:11:27 PM

Sure I do agree

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 6:11:40 PM

That’s why I am going to work on what matters and only some concrete waves and not intermediate

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 6:11:49 PM

We can swing for sure but not the small intermediates

CryptKai12/18/2019, 6:41:04 PM

Hi John. With a good target for long swing (from bottom big wave 3 of 0.148 to top big wave 4 of 0.188) with 1.5x leverage, i will be able to recover the loss.

CryptHawk12/18/2019, 7:16:56 PM

Yeah this will be my plan

CryptKai12/19/2019, 1:28:30 PMEdited 12/19/2019, 1:28:47 PM

Good morning here, John. Reading your post and msg.

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 1:29:00 PM

Yeah we had a very productive session

CryptKai12/19/2019, 1:43:37 PMEdited 12/19/2019, 2:00:12 PM

you say "we can short it on the resistance retest around 0.18", it isMA50 (15min, 1h), which is now. just to confirm.

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 1:47:18 PM

No no

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 1:47:24 PM

Below triangle if breakdown

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 1:47:25 PM


CryptHawk12/19/2019, 1:47:26 PM

That’s it

CryptKai12/19/2019, 1:50:00 PM

CryptKai12/19/2019, 1:50:22 PMEdited 12/19/2019, 1:50:51 PM

Are you referring to this chart, 12h TF?

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 2:04:40 PM


CryptHawk12/19/2019, 2:04:44 PM

We wait for this move first

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 2:04:46 PM

And we will see

CryptKai12/19/2019, 2:12:24 PM

Doesn't make sense if you refer triangle in this 12hr chart. I only see the big green line triangle in this chart, and if it break below , it is below 0.16

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 2:12:50 PM

Let me show you an intermediate chart when back

CryptKai12/19/2019, 2:12:57 PM


CryptKai12/19/2019, 2:15:45 PM

This triangle at 15 min TF?

(image attachment not found)

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 2:15:57 PM

Yeah finex is different

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 2:15:59 PM

Not the same

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 2:16:03 PM

So I rely on that

CryptKai12/19/2019, 2:18:34 PM

ok, I wait for your intermediate chart. Thanks.

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 2:21:45 PM

So far no decision here

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 2:21:54 PM

I am back to the initial plan and we trade only what matters

CryptKai12/19/2019, 2:25:57 PM

ok ... will wait for clear signal.

CryptKai12/19/2019, 2:26:25 PM

Set buys at 0.148 - 0.15

CryptKai12/19/2019, 4:25:32 PM

Your last 10mins market commentary and your thought is amazing.

CryptKai12/19/2019, 4:27:10 PM

So great and even better if recorded and post to premium channel on regular basis. This could reduce enquiry of what's going or update.

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 4:27:19 PM

Will start this

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 4:27:22 PM

Working on a new system

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 4:27:25 PM

But glad you liked it

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 4:27:35 PM

To record and be able to cut what matters very fast

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 4:27:39 PM

Because it’s all about time

CryptKai12/19/2019, 4:27:43 PM

Just 10 mins short voice updated recorded and posted for premium

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 4:27:56 PM

Yeah this is doable when back home

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 4:27:59 PM

So I can even have charts

CryptKai12/19/2019, 4:28:04 PM


CryptKai12/19/2019, 11:51:40 PM

Seems we still in middle of nowhere, no good setup yet?

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 11:51:50 PM

I am watching

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 11:51:55 PM

I have this huge feeling it’s gonna pump

CryptKai12/19/2019, 11:53:16 PM

EOY approaching, your Ripple buddy has any words?

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 11:53:23 PM


CryptHawk12/19/2019, 11:53:25 PM

Gone silent

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 11:53:33 PM

Probably holidays

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 11:53:36 PM

Or vacation

CryptKai12/19/2019, 11:54:05 PM

CAn't see pump if BTC want to die ...

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 11:54:12 PM

Yeah BB is tight

CryptHawk12/19/2019, 11:54:16 PM

Up or down I do expect vola

CryptKai12/20/2019, 2:26:05 PM

ladder short?

CryptKai12/20/2019, 2:28:55 PM

ok ... slow and steady entering short

CryptHawk12/20/2019, 2:29:02 PM

On green only

CryptKai12/20/2019, 2:54:39 PM

127k XRP shorted at 0.1948

CryptKai12/20/2019, 2:55:14 PM

ok ... what the expected top?

CryptKai12/20/2019, 2:55:31 PM


CryptHawk12/20/2019, 3:25:35 PM

I’ve got 0.198-0.201

CryptHawk12/20/2019, 3:25:37 PM

Max max max

CryptKai12/20/2019, 3:26:08 PM

ok .. i will place larger shorts there

CryptHawk12/20/2019, 3:26:26 PM

Then this is the big recovery

CryptKai12/20/2019, 3:26:58 PM

still cover at 0.16 right?

CryptHawk12/20/2019, 3:27:10 PM

I think we’re gonna let it run to 0.148

CryptKai12/20/2019, 3:27:18 PM


CryptKai12/21/2019, 12:14:31 AM

hello John. Status: shorted 400k XRP at $0.19545. Think to increase short.

CryptKai12/21/2019, 12:56:04 AM

Set four 200k xrp orders at 0.2, 0.202, 0.205, 0.21

CryptKai12/21/2019, 4:23:59 PM

Status: My order did not get filled. Still shorted 400k XRP at $0.19545.

CryptKai12/21/2019, 6:34:43 PM

Hi John. I will just short 400k XRP at $0.19545. I'm focusing on leveraged long. I already set 1) Kraken: Limit buy (non-leverage) 3 mil XRP @ $0.150 - $0.148 2) Bitfinex: Margin Limit buy 3 mil XRP @ $0.1501 - $0.1479 Any thought to optimize?

CryptHawk12/21/2019, 6:35:12 PM

Hey there I should come with some brand new targets in a few as it’s Saturday it’s boring you know the song

CryptHawk12/21/2019, 6:35:32 PM

I will also call you tomorrow so we can work on a new plan including ETH and BTC

CryptHawk12/21/2019, 6:35:43 PM

And eventually some alts to faster recover but also make more

CryptHawk12/21/2019, 6:35:53 PM

If you can’t tomorrow I am all good for Monday which is even better

CryptKai12/21/2019, 6:36:13 PM

yes please, John. I'm not dare to big short now.

CryptKai12/21/2019, 6:36:31 PMEdited 12/21/2019, 6:36:39 PM

What time tomorrow?

CryptHawk12/21/2019, 6:36:33 PM

We will still have a final opportunity to short wave 3 at least to 0.15

CryptHawk12/21/2019, 6:36:45 PM

When we have a full opportunity and confirmation we could increase

CryptHawk12/21/2019, 6:36:54 PM

It will still be a quick easy swing with a precise target

CryptKai12/21/2019, 6:37:16 PMEdited 12/21/2019, 6:39:00 PM

Really need your signal to go big short this time. Don't dare to do it alone based solely on reading your post. Need your "go short now" private msg to dare enter big short .... Thanks lot.

CryptKai12/21/2019, 6:42:01 PM

At your convenient, please call me any time, John. Do let me know an hour ahead, I will free my time for your plan.

CryptHawk12/21/2019, 6:52:27 PM

I am still working on the brand new system and the platform

CryptHawk12/21/2019, 6:52:32 PM

This will change everyone’s life

CryptHawk12/21/2019, 6:52:40 PM

And mine to as I will have a private link with you non stop

CryptHawk12/21/2019, 6:52:50 PM

And can see everything you will do or post you data to execute

CryptKai12/21/2019, 7:03:29 PM

amazing ... that's what you promised and you are working to deliver it ... thanks again

CryptHawk12/21/2019, 7:34:46 PM

Yeah it just takes time to develop that’s it

CryptKai12/22/2019, 9:17:56 PM

Hi John. Good time to short XRP?

CryptKai12/22/2019, 9:18:22 PMEdited 12/22/2019, 9:18:30 PM

Seems BTC over bought at 1 hr.

CryptHawk12/22/2019, 9:20:30 PM

Yeah starting to look good

CryptKai12/22/2019, 9:21:00 PM

let me market short 100k XRP now?

CryptHawk12/22/2019, 9:21:11 PM

Take you time indeed

CryptHawk12/22/2019, 9:21:13 PM

When green

CryptHawk12/22/2019, 9:21:19 PM

I do expect one last quick push

CryptHawk12/22/2019, 9:22:00 PM

But you can slowly go

CryptKai12/22/2019, 9:22:04 PM


CryptKai12/22/2019, 9:23:58 PM

market short every 10k XRP , slowly

CryptKai12/23/2019, 9:22:58 PM

Hi John. I'm 100% in fiat now ($680k).

CryptHawk12/23/2019, 9:23:09 PM

You were not short?

CryptKai12/23/2019, 9:23:21 PM

Closed yesterday. 400k XRP short

CryptHawk12/23/2019, 9:23:26 PM

In profits?

CryptKai12/23/2019, 9:23:32 PM


CryptHawk12/23/2019, 9:23:35 PM


CryptHawk12/23/2019, 9:23:39 PM

Let’s wait for now

CryptKai12/23/2019, 9:23:42 PM


CryptHawk12/23/2019, 10:00:30 PM

You know we’re going to 0.15

CryptHawk12/23/2019, 10:00:36 PM

So when we get a bounce later short it

CryptKai12/23/2019, 10:00:59 PM


CryptKai12/23/2019, 10:01:30 PM

do you want to call me?

CryptHawk12/23/2019, 10:01:39 PM

Can’t right now

CryptHawk12/23/2019, 10:01:50 PM

Will send you a full report probably tomorrow before 2pm EST for you

CryptHawk12/23/2019, 10:01:52 PM

Before Eve for me

CryptKai12/23/2019, 10:02:54 PM

in terms of position size ... any suggestion? slowly adding short to fully 50% short? Kraken has to be done surgically due to cost.

CryptHawk12/23/2019, 10:03:39 PM

Before bounce

CryptHawk12/23/2019, 10:03:44 PM

I will send the targets

CryptHawk12/23/2019, 10:03:51 PM

I am missing a wave down first

CryptKai12/23/2019, 10:07:02 PM

"I am missing a wave down first" ... what do you mean?

CryptHawk12/23/2019, 10:07:13 PM

To have the wave 2 target

CryptHawk12/23/2019, 10:07:17 PM

So I can give you the short

CryptKai12/23/2019, 10:09:48 PM

ok ...will wait for your wave 2 target before starting to short.

CryptKai12/25/2019, 3:28:14 PM

May the New Year bring you happiness, peace, and prosperity. Wishing you and your family a joyous 2020!

(image attachment not found)

CryptHawk12/25/2019, 5:17:20 PM

Hey my boy, Merry Christmas to you and your family too

CryptHawk12/25/2019, 5:17:35 PM

Hope you had an amazing Christmas

CryptKai12/30/2019, 2:25:31 AM

Welcome back John. I'm chill this week, staying 100% fiat for now.

CryptHawk12/30/2019, 2:34:37 AM

hey there

CryptHawk12/30/2019, 2:34:39 AM

yeah we have time

CryptHawk12/30/2019, 2:34:45 AM

gonna go to bed I am dead with the jet lag

CryptHawk12/30/2019, 2:34:50 AM

if we short we take 2

CryptKai12/30/2019, 2:48:06 AM

ok, I will be very careful this time, only trade on confirmed trend. My wife and I decided to buy a house. Look for good swing to recover and for the down payment. Have a good night.

CryptKai12/30/2019, 8:52:26 PM

Hi John. I got a new project from my work and will be super busy very soon. Therefore, i will not able to listen to your live chat and not able to keep up to date on the conversations in Discord. What's your suggestion then?

CryptHawk12/30/2019, 8:52:43 PM

you're out?

CryptHawk12/30/2019, 8:52:46 PM

if yes stay out

CryptHawk12/30/2019, 8:52:52 PMEdited 12/30/2019, 8:52:58 PM

will send you a briefing

CryptKai12/30/2019, 8:52:53 PM

Can we talk?

CryptHawk12/30/2019, 8:53:02 PM

no I am live for now

CryptKai12/30/2019, 8:53:09 PM


CryptKai12/30/2019, 8:54:36 PMEdited 12/30/2019, 8:54:54 PM

I'm 100% in fiat ($675k) but will cash out $375k to buy new home soon. So, i only have $300k to invest.

CryptHawk12/30/2019, 8:54:48 PM

not a prob

CryptHawk12/30/2019, 8:54:53 PM

well have a lot to do with that

CryptHawk12/30/2019, 8:54:56 PM

we might have a heck of a long

CryptKai12/30/2019, 8:55:19 PM

Really? Long tern long oosition?

CryptHawk12/30/2019, 8:55:26 PM

no a nice swing

CryptHawk12/30/2019, 8:55:35 PM

probably 0.187 to 0.225

CryptKai12/30/2019, 8:56:00 PM

Wow!! Need to recover... When?

CryptHawk12/30/2019, 8:56:10 PM

on it right now

CryptHawk12/30/2019, 8:56:13 PM

to determine when

CryptKai12/30/2019, 8:56:26 PM

Please brief me when you avail...

CryptKai1/1/2020, 1:10:36 AM

Hi John. Any confirmed opportunity to long swing?

CryptHawk1/1/2020, 1:28:29 AM

not yet

CryptKai1/2/2020, 3:11:25 AM

Hi Hawk. Any good short term long swing for BTC?

CryptHawk1/2/2020, 3:11:37 AM

not right now

CryptHawk1/2/2020, 3:11:40 AM

already down

CryptKai1/2/2020, 6:18:15 PM

Hi John. In still in fiat. Look for good swing.

CryptHawk1/3/2020, 6:56:22 PM


CryptHawk1/3/2020, 6:56:29 PM

there's a short opp

CryptKai1/3/2020, 6:56:31 PM

Hi John

CryptHawk1/3/2020, 6:56:33 PM

did you enter or no

CryptKai1/3/2020, 6:56:41 PM


CryptHawk1/3/2020, 6:56:46 PM

nice opportunity

CryptKai1/3/2020, 6:56:54 PM


CryptHawk1/3/2020, 6:56:55 PM

0.152 target

CryptHawk1/3/2020, 6:57:01 PM

this should be the double top here

CryptKai1/3/2020, 6:57:48 PMEdited 1/3/2020, 6:58:01 PM

Ok, im out now... How fast you think it will drop to target? Within 10 days?

CryptHawk1/3/2020, 6:57:56 PM

early this week

CryptHawk1/3/2020, 6:57:57 PM

it's a 5

CryptHawk1/3/2020, 6:58:08 PM

but we'll have a 2

CryptKai1/3/2020, 6:58:30 PM

Whats the top for 2?

CryptHawk1/3/2020, 6:58:40 PM

that's what I am gonna know when I have 1 of 3

CryptKai1/3/2020, 7:00:25 PMEdited 1/3/2020, 7:00:38 PM

To confirm : sideway this weekend then bug drop early next week?

CryptHawk1/3/2020, 7:00:36 PM

yeah or sunday kicks in

CryptHawk1/3/2020, 7:00:37 PM

we'll see

CryptKai1/3/2020, 7:02:00 PM

Wow.. Great.... I will short $230k worth... Will ladder short tomorrow evening, can't do today. Hopefully not too late.

CryptHawk1/3/2020, 7:02:23 PM

hope so

CryptKai1/3/2020, 7:17:53 PM

Thanks John. Appreciate you letting me know.

CryptHawk1/3/2020, 7:25:58 PM

for now we wait

CryptHawk1/3/2020, 7:26:01 PM

we're re-counting

CryptKai1/3/2020, 7:26:26 PM

ok .. great I did not initiate short yet

CryptHawk1/3/2020, 7:26:30 PM


CryptKai1/3/2020, 10:46:52 PM

Seems there is change in tone for bullish case?

CryptHawk1/3/2020, 10:47:08 PM

no no still have 5.8-5,5k for btc

CryptHawk1/3/2020, 10:47:12 PM

just ranging and boring shit

CryptKai1/6/2020, 4:27:23 PM

Hi John. Just so you know that I'm still 100% in fiat. No trading for last 3 weeks. Waiting to trade for the big wave 4 (100% exchange buy at 0.15).

CryptKai1/6/2020, 4:55:58 PM

Any change to the plan ☝️ ?

CryptHawk1/6/2020, 5:11:47 PM

which is perfect

CryptHawk1/6/2020, 5:11:58 PM

will call you this afternoon if you're available

CryptHawk1/6/2020, 5:12:02 PM

need to talk to someone smart

CryptKai1/6/2020, 5:12:17 PM

I sleep much better in the last 3 weeks.

CryptKai1/6/2020, 5:12:30 PM

Please do so. Let's talk.

CryptHawk1/6/2020, 5:12:53 PM

will tell you this afternoon

CryptHawk1/6/2020, 5:12:55 PM

when I call you

CryptKai1/6/2020, 5:13:05 PM


CryptKai1/6/2020, 11:27:20 PM

No call ?

CryptHawk1/6/2020, 11:34:51 PM

hey sorry!

CryptHawk1/6/2020, 11:34:55 PM

Heading to the hospital

CryptHawk1/6/2020, 11:34:58 PM

wife broke her wrist

CryptHawk1/6/2020, 11:35:01 PM

so going right now

CryptKai1/6/2020, 11:35:22 PM

Ohh... Take care of your business first

CryptHawk1/6/2020, 11:35:32 PM

i have my iphone if needed

CryptKai1/6/2020, 11:35:39 PM

No worry

CryptHawk1/7/2020, 8:15:35 PM

Hey if you are here we can talk by the end of the afternoon

CryptHawk1/7/2020, 8:15:37 PM

around 5pm

CryptKai1/7/2020, 8:16:03 PM

Great. Look forward. 5pm EST?

CryptHawk1/7/2020, 8:16:07 PM


CryptKai1/7/2020, 8:16:17 PM


CryptHawk1/7/2020, 10:19:49 PM

hey still working in the spreadsheet and still have a lot of work, do you think we could schedule a 1h call tomorrow morning whenever you want your time as I will have all my morning free?

CryptHawk1/7/2020, 10:19:57 PM

otherwise I'll work on being available in a few

CryptKai1/7/2020, 10:21:55 PM

Tomorrow morning from 9-10am EST is good with me.

CryptHawk1/7/2020, 10:22:06 PM


CryptHawk1/7/2020, 10:22:11 PM

I am totally free in the morning

CryptHawk1/7/2020, 10:22:15 PM

so 9-10 perfect for me

CryptKai1/7/2020, 10:22:24 PM


CryptHawk1/7/2020, 10:22:31 PM


CryptHawk1/7/2020, 10:22:37 PMEdited 1/7/2020, 10:22:38 PM

been pretty busy working on optimizing the strategy

CryptHawk1/7/2020, 10:22:47 PM

need to work on more personal targets etc

CryptKai1/7/2020, 10:23:26 PM

Really need your help on strategy. Talk tomorrow.

CryptHawk1/7/2020, 10:23:42 PM

yeah gonna work on something specific

CryptHawk1/8/2020, 12:02:03 AM

Working on something better for your strat

CryptHawk1/8/2020, 12:02:09 AM

gonna be easier and more profitable

CryptHawk1/8/2020, 12:02:14 AM

and still a part using leverage

CryptKai1/8/2020, 12:03:56 AM

Yes... Will find out tomorrow... I'll join the live now

CryptKai1/8/2020, 4:05:12 AM

placing 10 BTC short at $8340

CryptHawk1/8/2020, 4:05:23 AM

good idea for sure

CryptKai1/8/2020, 4:21:56 AM

Good night John ... talk tomorrow morning

CryptHawk1/8/2020, 4:22:04 AM


CryptKai1/8/2020, 2:53:38 PM

Morning John. You may call me now.

CryptHawk1/8/2020, 2:53:47 PM

yeah in a few min

CryptHawk1/8/2020, 2:53:58 PM

out of shower just now

CryptKai1/8/2020, 2:54:08 PM

haha ...

CryptHawk1/8/2020, 3:02:08 PM

let me grab my headphone and go

CryptKai1/8/2020, 3:02:49 PM


CryptHawk1/8/2020, 3:13:52 PM

CryptKai1/8/2020, 4:27:27 PM

Hi John. My only concern is CME gap can be filled weeks/months later. A probable scenario is it will be filled with a quick candle once BTC reach 9600, or even 8800.

CryptKai1/8/2020, 9:49:11 PM

Hi John. Should i close my short? I have it set at 7800 and 7750.

CryptHawk1/8/2020, 9:49:18 PM


CryptHawk1/8/2020, 9:49:22 PM

As soon as possible

CryptHawk1/8/2020, 9:49:34 PM

Around 7,7

CryptHawk1/8/2020, 9:49:43 PM

Or here

CryptHawk1/8/2020, 9:49:46 PM

Like 30%

CryptKai1/8/2020, 9:49:50 PM


CryptKai1/8/2020, 9:58:25 PM

already 8050

CryptKai1/8/2020, 9:59:26 PM

should I close it ... small profit of 2698 ...

CryptKai1/8/2020, 9:59:39 PM

hmm ... just take profit

CryptHawk1/8/2020, 9:59:40 PM

We have one more down normally

CryptKai1/8/2020, 10:05:39 PMEdited 1/8/2020, 10:11:13 PM

Status: Covered my short of 10 BTC at $8k, with $3k profit. 1) finex: Set margin buy 10 BTC at 7700, 10 BTC at 7680 and 10 BTC at 7650 2) kraken: Set exchange buy 1 mil XRP according to your sheet. Set exchange buy 10 BTC at 7680 and 10 BTC at 7620 $96,173 fiat left.

CryptKai1/9/2020, 1:11:17 AM

Hi John, between XRP and BTC, which one has more upside?

CryptHawk1/9/2020, 1:11:28 AM


CryptHawk1/9/2020, 1:11:34 AM

will very likely give a good return

CryptKai1/9/2020, 1:12:14 AMEdited 1/9/2020, 1:15:12 AM

I will still buy $232k worth of BTC to eventually trade alt in Binance.

CryptKai1/9/2020, 1:12:44 AMEdited 1/9/2020, 1:15:59 AM

Only buy XRP in Kraken. Totally $450k worth of XRP.

CryptHawk1/9/2020, 1:19:04 AM

I see 0.24

CryptHawk1/9/2020, 1:19:07 AM

if it passes 0.32

CryptKai1/9/2020, 1:20:00 AM

Got it ... you meant "I see 0.32 if it passes 0.24"

CryptHawk1/9/2020, 1:20:21 AM


CryptKai1/10/2020, 1:38:15 AM

Hi John. My current status: 1) Bitfinex a. long 399,200 XRP b. exchange buy orders: 350,000 XRP @ 0.2005 150,000 XRP @ 0.1999 100,000 XRP @ 0.1989 160,924 XRP @ 0.1979 2) Kraken a. long 800,000 XRP b. exchange buy orders: 200,000 XRP @ 0.1995 1,200,000 XRP @ 0.1985 37,259 XRP @ 0.1975

CryptKai1/10/2020, 1:39:50 AM

May I know if there is any thing to optimize.

CryptKai1/10/2020, 4:02:33 PM

take profit now

CryptHawk1/10/2020, 4:02:42 PM

yes at least 50% for now

CryptKai1/10/2020, 4:02:48 PM


CryptKai1/10/2020, 4:02:53 PM

... 1 mil xrp

CryptHawk1/10/2020, 4:03:59 PM

what do you mean

CryptKai1/10/2020, 4:04:18 PM

I bought about 1.9 mil xrp

CryptKai1/10/2020, 4:04:28 PM

50% is about 1 mil xrp

CryptHawk1/10/2020, 4:04:32 PM


CryptHawk1/10/2020, 4:04:37 PM

and what's the profit

CryptKai1/10/2020, 4:04:57 PM

bought at 0.201

CryptHawk1/10/2020, 4:05:14 PM

not bad

CryptKai1/10/2020, 6:22:35 PM

Sell all to take profit now and buy back at 0.197?

CryptHawk1/10/2020, 6:22:46 PM

yeah but on bounce

CryptKai1/10/2020, 6:22:47 PMEdited 1/10/2020, 6:23:00 PM

Sorry just join live

CryptKai1/10/2020, 6:45:26 PM

All fiat

CryptKai1/10/2020, 7:35:33 PM

can short btc now?

CryptKai1/10/2020, 9:27:42 PM

thinking to short xrp

CryptKai1/11/2020, 3:17:27 AM

only 200k XRP short , base price =0.21

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 3:17:40 AM

ok gonna average a bit

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 3:17:46 AM

will tell you when

CryptKai1/11/2020, 3:18:04 AM

have $224k fiat to short it

CryptKai1/11/2020, 2:42:19 PMEdited 1/11/2020, 2:42:40 PM

Good morning John. Ladder in buy soon?

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 2:42:46 PM

hey there

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 2:42:56 PM

waiting to see 2 possibilities that's why I did not send anything

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 2:43:02 PM

I have 0.204 or 0.196 still

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 2:43:11 PM

gonna wait to see how behaves BTC first

CryptKai1/11/2020, 2:43:16 PM

I'm all fiat. Out XRP around 0.2065-0.208

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 2:43:23 PM

ok perfect

CryptKai1/11/2020, 2:44:32 PM

ok .. waiting for your signal then. Already set all buys XRP at 0.205 - 0.208

CryptKai1/11/2020, 2:50:59 PM

Should I ladder in BCH / BTC?

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 2:51:10 PM

did not check BCH at all

CryptKai1/11/2020, 2:52:03 PM

ok ... just ladder in BTC now

CryptKai1/11/2020, 2:56:13 PM

ladder in BTC below 8k ??

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 3:12:29 PM

XRP might still have a nice push soon

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 3:12:29 PM

CryptKai1/11/2020, 3:17:04 PM

to the upside ... 0.243 ??

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 3:17:17 PM

yeah but not from here for sure

CryptKai1/11/2020, 3:18:55 PM

ok ... eye on E region 0.207 - 0.208.

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 3:19:05 PM

yeah or a quick wick below

CryptKai1/11/2020, 8:05:05 PM


CryptKai1/11/2020, 8:05:13 PM

I missed it .. all in fiat

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 8:05:17 PM

stay out

CryptKai1/11/2020, 8:05:20 PM


CryptKai1/11/2020, 10:23:22 PM

hi John .. I'm all fiat. Should I buy now?

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 10:23:40 PM

Buy this dip yeah

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 10:23:45 PM

Above BB basis

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 10:23:50 PM

Here and a bit lower

CryptKai1/11/2020, 10:23:51 PM

xrp or btc?

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 10:23:53 PMEdited 1/11/2020, 10:23:56 PM

Gonna pop

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 10:23:58 PM


CryptKai1/11/2020, 10:24:04 PM

at what level?

CryptKai1/11/2020, 10:24:09 PM


CryptHawk1/11/2020, 10:24:44 PM


CryptHawk1/11/2020, 10:24:46 PM

Or so

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 10:24:53 PM

Sell 024

CryptKai1/11/2020, 10:24:56 PM


CryptKai1/11/2020, 10:29:58 PM

liquidity is bad

CryptKai1/11/2020, 10:53:16 PM

buy the dip now xrp ?

CryptKai1/11/2020, 11:09:30 PM

but the dip?

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 11:10:29 PM


CryptHawk1/11/2020, 11:10:30 PM

Buy hard

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 11:10:34 PM

Xrpbtc held hard

CryptKai1/11/2020, 11:10:36 PM


CryptHawk1/11/2020, 11:10:37 PM

So go go go hard

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 11:19:30 PM

Tell me you got it hard

CryptKai1/11/2020, 11:19:47 PMEdited 1/11/2020, 11:20:12 PM

Status: Kraken: Bought 1,597,068 XRP at 0.21172 535,144 @ 0.21463

CryptKai1/11/2020, 11:20:39 PM

Yes bought hard at kraken

CryptHawk1/11/2020, 11:20:48 PM

Bought very hard too here

CryptKai1/11/2020, 11:21:02 PM


CryptKai1/11/2020, 11:22:44 PM

XRPBTC is backing up .. crazy ... pop !!

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:24:25 AM

did you make good profits on the swing?

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:25:13 AM

no ... I only make $11k for this week.

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:25:27 AM

still ok

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:25:43 AM

not everyone make 11k per week

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:25:49 AM

we're gonna have some new opportunities

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:25:51 AM

real soon

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:25:56 AM

volatility is really good

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:25:59 AM

I got out XRP too early at 0.206-0.208 and got back in at 0.212, lose both XRP and USD

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:26:06 AM

gonna give you some good calls soon

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:26:17 AM

waiting for BTC to settle

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:26:50 AM

please and thanks for check back with me.

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:28:09 AM

Status: Kraken 1) 2,174,751 XRP 2) 28.1275 BTC Current portfolio value: $690,239

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:28:18 AM

No position in Bitfinex.

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:29:10 AM

I need to cash out $400k from Kraken by mid March to buy new home.

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:29:29 AM

as you're not fully available just want to know if this is something that could interest you as I am doing some very quick swings

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:29:43 AM

do you want me to trade some money quickly on bybit like I do for me

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:29:47 AM

and grow it fast

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:29:59 AM

made off 2k up to 20k in even not 10 days

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:30:10 AM

maybe this could help also for your house

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:30:23 AM

I post you all the positions or you open a specific account

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:30:28 AM

and I can have access to it

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:30:36 AMEdited 1/12/2020, 4:30:45 AM

yes but I'm at work during the day

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:30:42 AM

not right now I mean

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:30:54 AM

but if this is something which could help you

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:30:58 AM

we could open a brand new account

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:31:00 AM

I really hope to trade full time

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:31:03 AM

you have the access etc

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:31:13 AM

and I could swing some shit when you are not available

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:31:19 AM

could grow fast

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:31:31 AM

That would be great if you can trade for me !!!

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:31:36 AM

yeah I do

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:31:41 AM

just need some external account

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:31:41 AM


CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:31:45 AM

you keep the whole email etc

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:31:51 AM

and I just trade on it

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:32:08 AM

please do so.

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:32:33 AM

do you have another email I could use to register on ByBit

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:32:42 AM

I will set this up now

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:33:11 AM

I already have one .. let me check

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:33:25 AM

need a separate account

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:33:42 AM

or one eventually you opened with the affiliate link

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:33:51 AM

so we have the fees rebate

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:34:22 AM

because if I start to scalp the fees rebate will be really appreciated

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:35:10 AM

just need to change the password etc I can connect and I can grow that pretty fast

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:37:34 AM

my acct in bybit: [email protected]

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:37:56 AM

this was from the affiliate link?

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:38:14 AM

yes ...

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:38:24 AM

text you the pwd

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:38:30 AM

yeah got it

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:38:52 AMEdited 1/12/2020, 4:38:58 AM

now you need my google auth

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:38:54 AM

there's some money on it already?

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:39:05 AM

no ... empty

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:39:08 AM


CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:39:11 AM

I will fund with BTC

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:39:16 AM

or XRP

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:39:22 AM

I will exchange

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:39:36 AM


CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:40:23 AM

just give me one google code

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:40:27 AM

so I stay connected

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:40:32 AMEdited 1/12/2020, 4:40:37 AM

Disabled google auth

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:40:46 AM

ok because it's requiring one

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:41:03 AM

ok it's good

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:41:47 AM

I'm on it

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:41:54 AM

so whenever you can fund it

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:41:59 AM

I will plug it on my trades

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:42:03 AM

so this will do everything I do

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:42:59 AM

yeah it's deactivated

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:43:01 AM


CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:43:16 AM

use that to get the new google auth

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:43:26 AM


CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:43:43 AM

got it

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:43:47 AM

now all is ready

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:43:52 AM

so when it's funded you tell me

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:43:59 AM

gonna play some good scalps

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:44:10 AM

wow ...

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:44:29 AMEdited 1/12/2020, 4:44:38 AM

thanks John. I didn't think you can help me at this level. Appreciate.

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:44:44 AM

I don't do this for everyone

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:44:55 AM

but at least I know you can trust me and I am doing this full time

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:44:59 AM

and I know you want this house

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:45:06 AM

so if I can grow your account fast

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:45:09 AM

this will be nice

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:45:15 AM

I did it for me so

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:45:31 AM

put whatever you want I will make it shine

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:45:40 AM

expect x3 or so

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:45:44 AM

pretty fast

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:45:56 AM

gonna try to make you a x10 fast

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:46:35 AM

got that 50k account now at 300k ha ha

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:46:43 AM

only few moves but the ones that matter

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:47:45 AMEdited 1/12/2020, 4:47:57 AM

I will fund 400k XRP, let me know if it is too much

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:48:08 AM

it's fine

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:48:16 AM

I can grow that 5x min

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:48:26 AM


CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:48:29 AM


CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:48:34 AM

will do now.

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:48:34 AM

2-3 major swings

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:48:37 AM


CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:53:26 AM

I'm plugged in so I am ready

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:53:59 AM

will send 400k XRP to the acct now

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:54:12 AM

ok will sell them probably on the next push

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:54:17 AM

before it drops and loses value

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:54:49 AM

there is a drop coming?

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:55:06 AM

not right now but yeah

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:56:45 AM

i will send 20k xrp to test .. if good then will send remaining 380k xrp

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:56:55 AM

test if receive?

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:57:07 AM

or test trading?

CryptKai1/12/2020, 4:57:27 AM

test if receive

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:57:30 AM


CryptHawk1/12/2020, 4:57:40 AMEdited 1/12/2020, 4:57:41 AM

otherwise not the same algo that's why

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:02:56 AM

going up for now

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:02:59 AM

will be nice to sell after

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:03:04 AM

tell me when sent

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:03:21 AM

shit .. Status on hold at Kraken

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:03:35 AM

Probably due to added new address.

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:03:42 AM

yeah like last time

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:03:44 AM

maybe cancel

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:03:49 AM

send to my identified wallet

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:03:54 AM

I send it to bybit now if you want

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:04:22 AM

you send yours first 400k XRP there and I send 400k XRP to your wallet ?

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:04:37 AM

I don't have 400k free right now

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:04:42 AM

already in trade

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:04:59 AM

I'll do it like right now

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:05:01 AM

no prob

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:05:06 AM

ok .. try to understand "I send it to bybit now if you want"

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:05:12 AM

like immediately

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:05:28 AM

yeah I meant send me to my identified wallet

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:05:31 AM

as it's already verified

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:05:39 AMEdited 1/12/2020, 5:05:45 AM

I send directly to bybit when receive

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:06:08 AMEdited 1/12/2020, 5:06:11 AM

as you wish as long as it works

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:06:19 AM

i just deleted your identified wallet ... hahaha

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:06:24 AM

ok no prob

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:06:25 AM

so we wait

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:06:47 AM

or maybe you identified your bitfinex or something

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:07:32 AM


CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:07:35 AM

got it

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:18:27 AM

all good

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:18:35 AM


CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:18:38 AM

otherwise we wait till kraken does its thing

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:18:48 AM

was asking if all good

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:18:54 AM

will wait for Kraken ...

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:19:05 AM

yeah good

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:19:11 AM

should not move much till tomorrow

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:19:14 AM

volatility will kick in

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:20:17 AM

should make on the next swing 35-40k

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:20:27 AM

as I will take the same swing as mine

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:20:31 AM

same volume

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:20:45 AM

great ...

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:21:02 AM

now communicate with Kraken people ...

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:32:48 AM

John. Do you manually trade on my Bybit acct or you will setup an automated process, to copy your trade? Just wondering how it works.

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:33:12 AM

manually trade with scenarios

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:33:14 AM

like my trades

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:33:16 AM

I have a scenario

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:33:19 AM

and place orders etc

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:33:21 AM

scalp and more

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:33:35 AM

scenario is defined before to make the same trades I make

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:34:02 AM

so, you will have to manually enter trade to execute ...

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:34:09 AM

in my acct

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:34:13 AM

When I scalp yes

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:34:17 AM

because it goes fast

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:34:21 AM

for better profits

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:34:23 AM

and fast ones

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:34:33 AM

great .. that's hack lots of work ...

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:34:44 AM

no I still plug something

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:34:51 AM

to get everything ready fast

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:34:56 AM

so I just enter the orders before

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:35:01 AM

I have a list then go

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:35:35 AM

was checking the API management in my bybit acct but nothing setup yet ( thought you will do something on the API management side)

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:35:50 AM

not now just manually

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:35:56 AM

for the scalps

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:35:57 AM

got it

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:36:25 AM

still gonna use the api tho

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:36:27 AM

to plug the algo

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:36:44 AM

please do so

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:37:04 AM

you will buy me a new home ... hahaha

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:37:15 AM

hoping in making fast 100-200k

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:37:35 AM

at least fund my furniture purchase ...

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:37:48 AM


CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:38:19 AM

One trade one big move I can make 10BTC

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:38:21 AM

so all good

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:46:52 AM

should be fun tho

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:47:03 AM

and kinda put you at ease to see some good profits

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:47:36 AM

still waiting for Kraken to release "on hold".

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:47:48 AMEdited 1/12/2020, 5:47:49 AM

they already replied you

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:48:13 AM

released !! ... Sending 20k XRP to my bybit XRP wallet

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:48:20 AM


CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:48:31 AM

If received , i will send remaining 380k XRP

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:48:36 AM

yeah sure

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:48:56 AM

normally it goes very fast

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:49:12 AM


CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:49:12 AM

it's here

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 5:49:17 AM

I see them already

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:49:32 AM


CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:58:44 AM

ok 400k XRP funded to my Bybit Acct. You are all set to rock and roll.

CryptKai1/12/2020, 5:59:07 AM

Good night John.

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 6:00:29 AM


CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:09:47 PMEdited 1/12/2020, 3:09:54 PM

Good morning Kai, to let you know I am starting to slowly ladder a short on BTC πŸ˜‰

CryptKai1/12/2020, 3:31:17 PM

Thanks John.

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:33:12 PM

+260$ for now

CryptKai1/12/2020, 3:33:19 PM


CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:33:20 PM

but I want to add more

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:33:22 PMEdited 1/12/2020, 3:33:23 PM

so waiting

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:33:38 PM

if it wants more but should be a nice short around 8210

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:33:55 PM

just starting to enter so I can have an amazing average and not miss

CryptKai1/12/2020, 3:34:26 PM

Appreciate on what you do.

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:34:42 PM

aiming at 15-18k for this short

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:35:33 PM

what you're gonna do is that each time we have profits you withdraw them so we can stack

CryptKai1/12/2020, 3:35:41 PM

I only did 13k with 690k capital πŸ˜‚ πŸ’ͺ

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:35:57 PM

yeah it's the difference when you can do full time or no

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:36:17 PM

just converted 2.70 BTC

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:36:22 PM

it's enough for now

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:36:33 PM

when we get bigger moves I will play a bit more

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:36:41 PM

and start really making far more money

CryptKai1/12/2020, 3:36:49 PM


CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:37:00 PM

it's all about time

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:37:46 PM

yeah after that we can have all the time in the world

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:37:50 PM

and play full time

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:37:58 PM

even if it's never 100% full time

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:38:13 PM

it's kind of a relief when you can live with trading

CryptKai1/12/2020, 3:38:46 PM


CryptKai1/12/2020, 3:39:29 PM

Freedom. No orders from boss.

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:41:22 PM


CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:41:34 PM

this first swing should set some good things up

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:41:44 PM

unless weekly really shits the bed hard

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:42:07 PM

would be even better

CryptKai1/12/2020, 3:42:48 PM


CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:43:06 PM

we have a quick 300$ for now

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:43:43 PM

will probably close if it holds here and wait till 8200 retest and really short hard

CryptKai1/12/2020, 3:45:31 PMEdited 1/12/2020, 3:49:32 PM

Status: Kraken: LONG 1,774,751 XRP LONG 28.1275 BTC

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:45:41 PMEdited 1/12/2020, 3:45:42 PM

what price 28BTC

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:45:53 PM

for XRP all good so far

CryptKai1/12/2020, 3:47:05 PM

BTC bought at 8145

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:47:20 PM

ok let's see how this pans out

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:51:02 PM

closed for now till clear picture

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:51:08 PM

15 min swing 285$

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:51:12 PM

still a quick one

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:51:36 PM

as it's not crazy for now I prefer to wait

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:51:44 PM

was just a very quick swing to warm up

CryptKai1/12/2020, 3:52:02 PM

Before knowing you, i thought low TF is random non-trade zone πŸ˜‚

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:52:12 PM

it depends on what you trade

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:52:16 PM

some are no trade zones

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:52:20 PM

because too choppy

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:52:35 PM

but when you know what to do it's pretty easy to take some 10-15 min swings for 300-500 bucks

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 3:52:39 PM

like 10 times in a row

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 6:23:42 PM

just caught the top of the scam pump / hunt

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 6:23:59 PM

+1000 right now in less than 2 min

CryptKai1/12/2020, 6:31:37 PM

Unbelievable. You caught every move.

CryptKai1/12/2020, 6:32:33 PM

Can't imagine how much time you spent on chart.

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 6:38:48 PM


CryptHawk1/12/2020, 6:38:50 PM


CryptHawk1/12/2020, 6:39:02 PM

I just have my alerts on the fibs

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 6:39:07 PM

and had orders there

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 6:39:20 PM

Just got the alarm on my watch

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 6:39:23 PM

went to the computer

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 6:39:27 PM

and set more orders

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 6:39:29 PM

all got filled

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 6:39:35 PM

up 1500$ so far

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 6:39:40 PM

if this holds here I close

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 6:39:43 PM

otherwise 7700

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 6:40:32 PM

what takes me a lot of time is the first chart with the new data to determine where it goes

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 6:40:39 PM

then I apply without any emotion

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 7:02:28 PM

Really looking forward to 7,5-7,6k now

CryptKai1/12/2020, 7:02:56 PM

should I close all BTC and XRP

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 7:03:04 PM

I guess this would be better

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 7:03:10 PM

I don’t really like it so far

CryptKai1/12/2020, 7:03:16 PM


CryptHawk1/12/2020, 7:07:03 PM

we're up 1,8k so far

CryptHawk1/12/2020, 7:07:07 PM

gonna let this go

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 1:30:50 AM

So first day of scalp slow Sunday, 3 micro swings: $1,123.07 = 0.138 BTC

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 1:31:11 AM

nothing big just super small scalps max 15-30 min

CryptKai1/13/2020, 1:50:02 AM

Thanks John. I exited all BTC and XRP at breakeven. Now 100% in fiat at $607,668.

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 1:50:26 AM

just note that these are just test swings

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 1:50:33 AM

and quick stuff the time data comes in my algo for your account

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 1:50:42 AM

just a few bucks to start before the big money

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 1:50:55 AM

but 1000$ per day is 30k per month for now

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 1:51:05 AM

will increase the swings when better vola

CryptKai1/13/2020, 6:20:53 PM

I'm still 100% in fiat, at $607k.

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:21:17 PM

yeah no prob buy area should be 0.207-0.208

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:21:24 PM

just quick scalped on your account

CryptKai1/13/2020, 6:21:38 PM


CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:21:45 PM

30 min scalp = 666$

CryptKai1/13/2020, 6:21:51 PM


CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:21:56 PM

first of the day

CryptKai1/13/2020, 6:23:04 PM

I will set up buys at 0.207- 0.210 later today

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:23:13 PM

So 1880$ profits so far

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:23:15 PM

since we started

CryptKai1/13/2020, 6:24:53 PM

Thanks John.

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:25:00 PM

sure it's just the beginning

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:25:06 PM

I'm warming up

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:25:07 PM


CryptKai1/13/2020, 6:26:24 PMEdited 1/13/2020, 6:26:37 PM

Can't imagine potentially could grow 4x

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:28:23 PM


CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:28:25 PM


CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:29:47 PM

if symmetrical triangle I am aiming at 150k$ the swing

CryptKai1/13/2020, 6:30:27 PMEdited 4/1/2020, 6:56:11 AM

One if target we talked about later was $6 mil by end of this year. Now I just wish $3 mil.

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:30:49 PM

With this account I can bring some good money

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:30:53 PM

really really good

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:31:16 PM

working only on really small scalps to accumulate and big movements when it's time

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:31:26 PM

small scalps can bring 1500-2000$ daily

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:31:35 PM

then we catch some big moves

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:31:56 PM

This next move I really want 150k$ profits

CryptKai1/13/2020, 6:32:06 PM

That's why you said $300k to invest is more than enough.

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:32:12 PM


CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:32:31 PM

I should make the 150k on the next move pretty easily

CryptKai1/13/2020, 6:33:06 PMEdited 1/13/2020, 6:33:18 PM

John, do i still have time to get in $0.208-0.210? Do you still see xrp to 0.243?

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:33:14 PM


CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:33:19 PM

this is the swing I am aiming for

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:33:21 PM

+ scalps

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:33:30 PMEdited 1/13/2020, 6:33:31 PM

0.243 or more

CryptKai1/13/2020, 6:33:34 PM


CryptHawk1/13/2020, 6:33:34 PM

we'll see

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:08:08 PM

hey, aiming in going in a strong long when we retrace all the way up to potentially the big wave 3 up to 0.27 and 5 around 0.33 or so

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:08:23 PM

would be 450k$ profits and this is what I am targeting for a good RR

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:08:58 PM

Can we agree on a 20% profits commission for the trading? Open to negotiate otherwise so everything is clear before I start really playing for real like I do for me

CryptKai1/13/2020, 8:31:24 PMEdited 1/13/2020, 8:34:15 PM

Hi John, what about 15% for this trade ( XRP from 0.208 to 0.33) since I'm still in lose (-$300k) after paying 150k XRP for personalized strategy and needed $ for home purchase. For subsequent trades, I'm glad to share 20% profit.

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:31:41 PM

ok for me

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:31:49 PM

15% on the big trades

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:31:52 PM

fine with that

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:32:10 PM

requires a lot of time and a lot of work that's why. Will probably be multiple swings bug the result matters

CryptKai1/13/2020, 8:32:11 PM

This should be fair and well compensated for your work.

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:32:20 PM

Would like to swing from here to 0.24-26

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:32:24 PM

and catch the retrace for more

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:32:43 PM

Pretty sure we're going to 0.33-34 I want to at least top to 500k

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:32:44 PM

or so

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:33:03 PM

yeah I understand

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:33:25 PM

let's say 15% on all the big trades above 10k$ profits and will make this account up to more than a million by trading like it's mine

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:33:33 PMEdited 1/13/2020, 8:33:35 PM

the exact same results I have for mine

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:37:49 PMEdited 1/13/2020, 8:37:50 PM

on this account as soon as I am more than 200k$ I can run a lot of money non stop

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:38:00 PM

if I get that huge swing and make 500k this is it

CryptKai1/13/2020, 8:38:01 PM

What do you anticipate? Up to $1 mil this year? This is insane.

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:38:16 PM

here to 0.33 is 500k$

CryptKai1/13/2020, 8:38:56 PM

Also, you promise $ 6 mil gain this year. I will be happy with $3 mil.

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 8:39:12 PM

should be done

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:52:34 PM

scalp target reached for today 1350$

CryptKai1/13/2020, 9:52:50 PM


CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:53:09 PM

2500$ in less than 24h just on 15 min scalps

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:53:20 PM

on track

CryptKai1/13/2020, 9:54:46 PMEdited 1/13/2020, 9:54:56 PM

On track for $500k if symmetrical triangle, by March?

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:54:56 PM

for now all good

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:55:05 PM

for now I'm good with the scalps targets

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:55:10 PM

aiming at 1500-3000 per day

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:55:18 PM

and big moves depending on how it goes

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:55:31 PM

my goal is to have 2 strategies

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:55:41 PM

quick 15-30 min scalps while we're waiting for a big move

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:55:52 PM

and then the big moves over 20k$

CryptKai1/13/2020, 9:56:22 PM

Hope for big move to trade big $$ over $20k ...

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:56:34 PM

yeah me too

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:56:38 PM

but needs to be ready

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:56:42 PM

for now ranging and accumulation

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:56:47 PM

small scalps make more small $$

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:56:52 PM

to have more big $$ for the big moves

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:57:02 PM

1500-2000$ per day is huge for accumulation

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:57:13 PM

it goes pretty fast after when you play x5 or x10 a big move

CryptKai1/13/2020, 9:57:48 PM

Yes, indeed $1500-2000 per day is amazing.

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:57:50 PM

I am accumulating with small scalps to have more money

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:58:01 PM

7x1500 = 10,500

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:58:04 PM

x10 is 100k

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 9:58:07 PM

huge profits

CryptKai1/13/2020, 10:00:54 PM

If you really see big move coming and certain of direction, i can add more to the acct to do a quick profit and then out.

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:01:10 PM

I'm good with that so far

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:01:13 PM

can make a lot

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:01:21 PM

we will add more if needed when liquidity

CryptKai1/13/2020, 10:01:31 PM


CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:05:24 PM

I want to catch 8200 short

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:05:26 PM

or a bit above

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:05:34 PM

for 10-15k profits one shot

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:05:51 PM

getting ready

CryptKai1/13/2020, 10:11:42 PM

Nice. So much opportunities.

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:11:48 PM


CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:11:52 PM

day trading is about patience

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:11:57 PM

when you have a move like this you wait

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:11:59 PM

and ladder in

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:12:04 PM

low risk high reward

CryptKai1/13/2020, 10:17:26 PM

Also dedication and time involved. πŸ™

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:17:42 PM

yeah dedication but not much time

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:17:47 PM

see I was working on something else before

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:17:53 PM

had an alarm based on some orders going

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:18:01 PM

bought quickly 150K$ worth of XRP for you x5

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:18:07 PM

close 20 min later 600$

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:18:23 PM

it's all about alarms and waiting and not just really starring at the charts

CryptKai1/13/2020, 10:23:09 PM

Will login to the acct tonight to see what trades you did. Could be a long list of trades. πŸ˜‚

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:23:33 PM

yeah as I ladder multiple trades

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:23:51 PM

had a 300 XRP loss on fees only due to wrong button πŸ˜‰

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:24:17 PM

Computer lagged

CryptKai1/13/2020, 10:25:32 PM

300 XRP mistake is nothing, compared to mistake i had.

CryptHawk1/13/2020, 10:27:08 PM


CryptKai1/14/2020, 12:32:28 AM

Hi John, just wanted to assure you that I will login to my Bybit acct from time to time but I will NEVER pull the coins out of the account without notifying you and our mutual consent on the actual amt on the profit. Same to you as well.

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 12:32:58 AM

yeah of course did not doubt about that

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 12:33:11 AM

plus if in a trade this would be a pure danger

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:13:41 AM

Short BTC will average more soon got some room to go, did not have an amazing entry but not much to worry about

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:13:50 AM

will reduce a bit to better average too

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:14:01 AM

gonna long xrp soon on retrace for the big one

CryptKai1/14/2020, 3:14:09 AM


CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:52:47 AM

Averaged 100$ below so far

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:52:58 AM

now waiting a bit for a retrace to reduce and add on DT

CryptKai1/14/2020, 3:54:48 AM


CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:57:51 AM

Can you top me some BTC so I can average better seems like I have a daily limit for changing assets. So I have 60k stuck in XRP I can't change more for BTC daily

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:58:24 AM

wanted to switch and I can't

CryptKai1/14/2020, 3:59:31 AM

I just wired all the money $607k out to bank. My wife want secure for the home, that is closing in March πŸ˜‚

CryptKai1/14/2020, 4:00:03 AM

Bad timing John

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 4:00:16 AM

ok no prob

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 4:00:20 AM

I am all good

CryptKai1/14/2020, 4:00:38 AM

Sorry John.

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 4:00:42 AM

no no all good

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 4:00:43 AM

was for later

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 4:00:48 AM

I'm good so far

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 4:00:56 AM

just did not know about that daily limit

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 4:06:19 AM

wow nice

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 4:06:23 AM


CryptKai1/14/2020, 4:06:56 AM


CryptKai1/14/2020, 3:34:27 PM

Good morning John. Saw the liquidation price at $8.8k, let me know if need more fund.

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:34:39 PM

averaging right now

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:34:44 PM

because can't exchange some XRP

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:34:46 PM

which is a prob

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:34:50 PM

so I am averaging

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:35:03 PM

not really worried

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:35:07 PM

but I have to average

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:35:11 PM

if you have some BTC available go

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:35:14 PM

so I can top for now

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:35:21 PM

as I am averaging cross

CryptKai1/14/2020, 3:35:42 PM

Could scam pump to 8900 or even higher.

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:35:43 PM

but should stop here soon

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:35:53 PM

yeah that's why I have different average

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:36:07 PM

8720 was target normally

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:36:18 PM

but if you have 2-3 BTC I take that

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:36:20 PM

just to increase

CryptKai1/14/2020, 3:36:35 PM

I need to wire fund, take 1 to 2 days.

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:36:42 PM

ok so I will do my thing

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:36:48 PM

never mind all good

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:36:53 PM

still aiming at 7600

CryptKai1/14/2020, 3:36:59 PM


CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:37:13 PM

just scam pumped a bit more than expected

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:37:15 PM

but all good

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:37:49 PM

another day in BTC

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:37:52 PM

will average for sure

CryptKai1/14/2020, 3:51:21 PM

Ok, i cancelled my wire transfer, was in pending status. But need to go work now. Let me know if you need fund. If so, i buy XRP and send over to Bybit acct?

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:51:32 PM

all good for now

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:51:39 PM

averaged down by taking a bit more loss

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:51:43 PM

to make it back asap

CryptKai1/14/2020, 3:52:22 PM

I will wire later, just in case.

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:52:26 PM


CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:52:35 PM

liqui 9,6k so far

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:52:41 PM

reduced, better entry

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:52:52 PM

so this will balance

CryptKai1/14/2020, 3:53:00 PM

9,6k should be the max

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:53:09 PM

should not get there

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:53:17 PM

compensation with XRP short

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:53:23 PM

will recover loss on the average

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 3:53:28 PM

and make BTC profits

CryptKai1/14/2020, 3:53:33 PM


CryptKai1/14/2020, 6:01:15 PM


CryptHawk1/14/2020, 6:01:19 PM

yeah fuck me

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 6:01:25 PM

never mind will get it on the other way

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 6:01:34 PM


CryptHawk1/14/2020, 6:01:42 PM

will make that back here right now

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 6:11:19 PM

I'm like really mad BTC is putting XRPBTC down then it pumps out of nowhere

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 6:11:25 PM

not worried about recovering but not cool

CryptKai1/14/2020, 6:12:25 PM

XRP perfect wick to your sell target 0.2423

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 6:12:30 PM

yeah I know

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 6:12:35 PM

I am very mad

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 6:12:47 PM

and as I never get in when it's green

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 6:12:51 PM

I let it go and wait

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 6:12:52 PM

next one

CryptKai1/14/2020, 6:13:07 PM

I am worried about you. It could go 9600..

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 6:13:25 PM

got a stop

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 6:13:28 PM

will on the retrace

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 6:13:29 PM

and wait

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 6:13:37 PM

I've got 9k but we'll see

CryptKai1/14/2020, 6:14:05 PM


CryptKai1/14/2020, 7:41:02 PM

This is bull trap. Will crash at 10k, there is big resistance there.

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:41:14 PM

might hold 8,5 yes

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:41:19 PM

waiting for XRP to retrace a bit to long

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:41:26 PM

seems R/S flip soon

CryptKai1/14/2020, 7:41:26 PM

(image attachment not found)

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:41:28 PM

will be easy

CryptKai1/14/2020, 7:51:48 PMEdited 1/14/2020, 7:52:12 PM

Hi John, no pressure. If we make 2x ($160k) between now to Mid March, i plan to take out the principal amt of $80k, The home is $652,500 and so i need the $80k for cash purchase (in addition to $607k to be wired today) and some furnitures.

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:52:17 PM

seems doable

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:52:28 PM

just need to play the best move with some nice high leverage

CryptKai1/14/2020, 7:52:35 PM


CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:52:37 PM

catch the best wick and go

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:52:55 PM

if BTC goes for a spinning top I will likely test a short for a quick 15k$ scalp

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:53:01 PM

for XRP I will long the R/S flip

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:53:53 PM

R/S flip should go 0.255 0.26

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:54:03 PM

can go on a real confirmation and super tight stop with a 10x

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:54:21 PM

for 50-60k$

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:54:29 PM

I will see how this behaves first

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:54:42 PM

because XRP could also have topped but if we retest and succeed to hold so we have a go

CryptKai1/14/2020, 7:55:37 PM

Sound like a good plan.

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:55:47 PM

yeah gonna put some super tight stops

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:55:51 PM

I am pretty sure BTC wants 9k

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:55:54 PM

then retrace 8,4

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:55:57 PM

then continue

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:57:04 PM

gonna work on a laddering plan

CryptKai1/14/2020, 7:58:39 PM

Great, looking forward.

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 7:58:45 PM

yeah gonna work on something

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 8:00:24 PM

I think 9200-9300 wick will tap wave 3

CryptKai1/14/2020, 8:01:08 PM

Wave 5 at 10k then

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 8:01:15 PM

yeah or so

CryptKai1/14/2020, 8:01:54 PM

9,3k is another resistance in the 1M chart.

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 8:02:11 PM

it is indeed

CryptKai1/14/2020, 8:49:01 PMEdited 2/1/2020, 1:33:41 PM

Just to set the rule, whenever I withdraw a portion from my Bybit acct, it is as if I withdraw 100% out, you will simultaneously get 15% on the first and 20% on subsequent withdrawals (on whole portfolio minus principal), I will put the remaining amt back to the acct, as the new principal. Amt is calculated in USD. You may cash out whenever you want, as long as there is equity (whole portfolio minus principal is positive) there and principal will reset accordingly. Need to notify the other party prior to withdrawal. Current principal is $85k (400k XRP total, $0.2125 per XRP).

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 8:49:45 PMEdited 1/14/2020, 8:49:47 PM

yeah no prob

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 8:50:00 PM

I was just thinking in getting 15% off the profits on the trades anyways

CryptKai1/14/2020, 8:50:25 PM


CryptHawk1/14/2020, 8:50:46 PM

I need to quickly make the loss back due to BTC

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 8:50:49 PM

and we should be good

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 8:50:58 PM

will swing the rest

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 8:51:03 PM

swinging XRP wave 5

CryptKai1/14/2020, 9:44:18 PM

Made a minor adjustment to use USD as measure and also mention you can withdraw any time as long as there is profit there.

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 9:44:39 PM


CryptHawk1/14/2020, 9:44:45 PM

won't really withdraw for now anyways

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 9:44:49 PM

let's roll first

CryptKai1/14/2020, 10:03:16 PM

Haven't seen double digit return in many alt for a while and I'm cashing out. πŸ˜‚ It is what it is. I already made the decision and will grow the portfolio from $85k.

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 10:03:43 PM

yeah will work on that

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 10:03:47 PM

laddering in XRP for 5

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 10:03:49 PM

will tp

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 10:03:56 PM

then re-long

CryptKai1/14/2020, 10:04:07 PM


CryptHawk1/14/2020, 10:16:32 PM

Laddered in a fat long

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 10:16:44 PM

as we have confirmation of R/S flip

CryptKai1/14/2020, 10:16:56 PM

Love it!!

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 10:17:14 PM

0.258 or 0.268

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 10:17:30 PM

50k profits or 65k

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 10:17:33 PM

will depend on the TP

CryptKai1/14/2020, 10:21:18 PM

I am deciplined not to put money for the new home back in crypto. Crypto will fly for sure.

CryptKai1/14/2020, 10:21:43 PM

Make wife happy.

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 10:23:31 PM

yeah sure

CryptHawk1/14/2020, 10:23:36 PM

will try to make this shine

CryptKai1/15/2020, 12:38:59 AM

Recover really fast with 11x long XRP (2.4 mil XRP).

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:39:11 AM


CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:39:26 AM

but also dangerous

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:39:34 AM

so I took that one on the R/S flip confirmation only

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:39:39 AM

risk is 4k loss it's fine

CryptKai1/15/2020, 12:40:12 AM

Yeah liq price at 0.22

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:40:28 AM

yeah but SL immediately with the risk limit before

CryptKai1/15/2020, 12:43:47 AM

11x goes pretty wild. Was in good price :joy

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:43:57 AM


CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:44:01 AMEdited 1/15/2020, 12:44:02 AM

but need to be careful

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:44:07 AM

I opened a hell of a risk limit

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:44:10 AM

for the maintenance

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:44:14 AM

so I will reduce after this limit

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:44:18 AM

but R/R is good

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:54:22 AM

if 0.267 does not break I tp

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:54:26 AM

will be a good profit to start

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:54:32 AM

if it goes nuts I just hold till 0.30

CryptKai1/15/2020, 12:54:42 AM

Right, very risky and need to monitor like a patient in intensive care.

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:54:50 AM

0.268 is 80k$

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:55:00 AM

yeah I am monitoring very carefully

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:55:03 AM

but it's worth it

CryptKai1/15/2020, 12:55:11 AM


CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:55:12 AM

just have some reduce in case to re-enter

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:55:40 AM

I want the full push

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:55:50 AM

whatever the target I will market straight

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:55:57 AM

but should run soon

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:56:38 AM

0.269 is the 2.618 and MA200 daily

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:56:47 AM

if we pass it not even thinking about closing

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:56:57 AM

will go straight to 0.29388

CryptKai1/15/2020, 12:57:16 AM

That would be great John.

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:57:22 AMEdited 1/15/2020, 12:57:22 AM

yeah waiting now

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:57:28 AM

trigger ready to reduce in case

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:57:32 AM

but no reason to dip

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:58:08 AM

I will probably deleverage on the way up by taking some profits in between

CryptKai1/15/2020, 12:58:31 AM

I'm as excited as you are. Wish you all the good luck.

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:58:46 AM

Yeah really looking forward to that target

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:58:56 AM

and also ready to reduce if needed to add again later

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:59:40 AM

if only we could have like the swell pump

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:59:43 AM

would be amazing

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 12:59:46 AM

like in 2018

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:01:07 AM

it is possible

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:01:09 AM

it's crypto

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:01:13 AM

they can do what they want

CryptKai1/15/2020, 1:01:32 AM


CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:01:51 AM

yeah gonna put my orders in case to reduce

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:01:57 AMEdited 1/15/2020, 1:02:00 AM

but should have been 2

CryptKai1/15/2020, 1:02:48 AM

Anyway, i will have heart attack watching chart. I'll let you drive. Eyes off chart now.

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:02:58 AM

yeah sure

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:04:23 AM

it's stressful I know

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:04:31 AM

mostly when you have some goals

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:04:44 AM

I am pretty ok with that but when I play for someone else it's different

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:06:21 AM

they're looking at liquidity

CryptKai1/15/2020, 1:08:05 AMEdited 1/15/2020, 1:08:18 AM

Don't worry if my goal to cash out principal cannot meet by March. Worst case I will take equity line of credit from current home.

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:08:21 AM

point is I don't want to miss the whole run

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:08:27 AM

there is a hell of a potential run coming

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:08:31 AM

so they seek for liquidity

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:08:41 AM

if we have to run it all the way with this position we will

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:08:46 AM

I will just deleverage a bit when green

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:08:49 AM

so I am also at ease

CryptKai1/15/2020, 1:10:28 AM

Can't imagine i exited all my position during such amazing opportunity... Potential swell pump like of πŸ˜‚ run

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:12:05 AM

yeah at least the 0.30 would give you a nice profit

CryptKai1/15/2020, 1:12:11 AMEdited 1/15/2020, 1:12:32 AM

But with leverage and deleverage at right time and your expertise, $85k is equivalent to my full portfolio.

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:12:11 AM

which is very possible

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:12:26 AM

will just deleverage when profits

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:12:46 AM

you don't have any xrp left?

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:12:52 AM

you cashed out everything 100%

CryptKai1/15/2020, 1:12:55 AM


CryptKai1/15/2020, 1:13:20 AM

Yes 100% out to bank acct.

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:13:27 AM

at least it's cash

CryptKai1/15/2020, 1:15:27 AMEdited 1/15/2020, 1:15:46 AM

I am looking for longer term and be patient acumulating. Even starting of with $85k and with your help, still possible to reach freedom this or next year.

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:15:43 AM

yeah possible

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:15:50 AMEdited 1/15/2020, 1:15:52 AM

I won't always do these silly moves

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:16:01 AM

but when we reach 150k I can just play 5x

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:16:07 AM

and make each time 20k per week

CryptKai1/15/2020, 1:20:56 AMEdited 1/15/2020, 1:21:23 AM

I changed my financial goal. Stay "frugal" and simple life. I already debt free with current home paid off. And will pay cash for the new home ($652,500). Look to have 5 investment properties for peace of mind constant cash flow and some money for scalping.

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:28:09 AM

yeah being simple is important

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:28:22 AM

got into some very bad spots by the past with some of my companies

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:28:26 AM

got hit by the big crisis

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:28:29 AM

lost everything

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:28:36 AMEdited 1/15/2020, 1:28:38 AM

had to rebuild everything

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:33:33 AM

deleveraged a bit

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:33:39 AM

550$ profits on the deleveraging

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:33:44 AM

now I feel better

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:34:17 AM

so far 5k profits

CryptKai1/15/2020, 1:55:49 AM


CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:55:57 AM


CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:56:01 AM

so far loss recovered

CryptKai1/15/2020, 1:56:31 AMEdited 1/15/2020, 1:56:42 AM

Wow.. That was quick, after shower.

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 1:56:50 AM


CryptKai1/15/2020, 2:00:31 AMEdited 1/15/2020, 2:00:46 AM

Yeah, you talked about your big loss in the past during your live, vaguely remember the details. Hell lot of learning experience.

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 2:00:48 AM

lost my company due to the crisis

CryptKai1/15/2020, 2:00:56 AM


CryptHawk1/15/2020, 2:00:59 AM

clients couldn't pay anymore

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 2:01:01 AMEdited 1/15/2020, 2:01:02 AM

yeah 2008

CryptKai1/15/2020, 6:44:42 AM

Big shit dump may happen when MA 150 cross below MA600 on 1d

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai1/15/2020, 6:44:57 AM

In about March, maybe?

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 6:45:01 AMEdited 1/15/2020, 6:45:05 AM

yeah maybe

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 6:45:12 AM

still I should have closed before with the 17k$

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 6:45:17 AM

waiting for break even

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 6:45:20 AM

bad session

CryptKai1/15/2020, 6:46:04 AM

tomorrow ... another opportunity. Good night John.

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 6:47:14 AM

yeah I need to close first

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 6:47:17 AM

can't right now

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 6:47:19 AM

with that loss

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 6:47:24 AM

need to average

CryptKai1/15/2020, 6:49:58 AM

seems like just scam pump ...

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 6:54:14 AM

wave 4

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 6:54:16 AM

as planned

CryptKai1/15/2020, 6:55:04 AM

not as high as previously though.

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 6:57:33 AM

stop where it had to stop

CryptKai1/15/2020, 8:53:55 PM

Hey John. Like your hype today. Time for XRP to fly? What's the leverage you apply for current trade?

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 9:03:16 PM

I want 0.307

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 9:03:21 PM

but probably 0.27x first

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 9:03:22 PM

then we're good

CryptKai1/15/2020, 9:04:18 PM

Let's make good money!! Finally!

CryptKai1/15/2020, 9:55:22 PM

If bull scenario playout, what's the dollar amt could be in my Bybit acct? I'm hyped up too.

CryptKai1/15/2020, 10:14:02 PM

If bull trend is clear, I'm going to get back in $200k. Your thought?

CryptKai1/15/2020, 10:25:39 PM

Hi John. I just bought 1 mil XRP at 0.23825

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 10:25:48 PM


CryptKai1/15/2020, 10:25:50 PM

Kraken OTC

CryptHawk1/15/2020, 10:25:52 PM

ha ha ha greedy

CryptKai1/16/2020, 12:45:03 AM

I just bought and now out...

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 12:45:24 AM

price diff might not be big

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 12:45:33 AM

but remember some of my GTFO calls

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 12:45:36 AM

this was one just on time

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 12:45:39 AM

closed urgently

CryptKai1/16/2020, 12:50:42 AM

What do you see?

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 12:50:51 AM

we'll see

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 12:50:56 AM

but if we kick in with a 1

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 12:50:57 AM


CryptKai1/16/2020, 12:55:02 AMEdited 1/16/2020, 12:56:26 AM

If i close now with OTC, i lose $8250 for the 1 mil XRP trade. I can't sell in exchange yet as I'm wiring the money to them. I keep it and look for better exit.

CryptKai1/16/2020, 1:10:40 AM

BTC still has room to run up to $9100. Should be fine and have time to exit in small profit 🀞

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 1:10:55 AM

not that sure

CryptKai1/16/2020, 1:12:14 AM

I will wire them tonight and should have the coins in my acct tomorrow or day after. From there, will see what to do. It is what it is for now.

CryptKai1/16/2020, 1:28:54 AM

Another loss 3%... How bad it could be?

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 1:29:06 AM

never mind all good so far

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 1:29:09 AM

I see 0.22 holding

CryptKai1/16/2020, 1:29:31 AM


CryptKai1/16/2020, 1:30:20 AM

Did you take advantage to short it?

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 1:30:26 AM

BTC yes

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 1:30:28 AM

2k profits

CryptKai1/16/2020, 1:30:34 AM


CryptKai1/16/2020, 1:36:27 AM

I accidentally login to Bybit without VPN. Hope that's ok.

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 1:36:40 AM

hmm hope so

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 1:36:52 AM

yeah seems good

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 1:55:58 AM

Started to ladder again

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 1:56:00 AM

Better entry

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 1:56:01 AM

Feels good

CryptKai1/16/2020, 1:56:51 AM

I get used to your GTFO. πŸ˜‚

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 1:57:02 AM

Yeah but amazing difference

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 1:57:08 AM

Will be 15k difference on target

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 1:57:18 AM

Nobody says no to that

CryptKai1/16/2020, 1:58:14 AM

More is even better πŸ˜‚

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 2:25:54 AM

you said you bought 1Mil XRP?

CryptKai1/16/2020, 2:26:09 AM

Yes at 0.23825

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 2:26:19 AM

ok perfect

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 2:26:36 AM

can you top BYBIT with 20k please and withdraw when drop is over

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 2:26:44 AM

got in and I don't want to reduce

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 2:27:12 AM

just an in and out

CryptKai1/16/2020, 2:27:27 AMEdited 1/16/2020, 3:43:46 AM

I bought OTC, they still hold the coins until i wire to them. I don't have to coins now.

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 2:27:34 AM

ok I see

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 2:27:37 AM

all good

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 2:27:40 AM

gonna do something else

CryptKai1/16/2020, 2:29:03 AM

I don't have cash in my acct to buy even 1k XRP. πŸ˜‚

CryptKai1/16/2020, 2:37:18 AM

Near liquidation

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 2:37:27 AM

no all good

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 2:37:33 AM

I have different triggers

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 2:39:00 AM

now it's fine

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 2:39:06 AM

had an issue with the leverage

CryptKai1/16/2020, 4:16:10 AM

I bought at top again ... Pain

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 4:16:21 AM

should be good

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 4:16:23 AM

no worries honestly

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 4:16:28 AM

for now I am looking at it

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 4:16:36 AM

could be just a bullish retrace

CryptKai1/16/2020, 4:16:44 AM


CryptKai1/16/2020, 5:40:47 AM

It is hard to initiate a wire transfer ... can i default on the OTC trade ? ... I can't

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 5:41:08 AM

what do you mean it's hard

CryptKai1/16/2020, 5:42:05 AM

The 1 mil XRP buy at 0.23825 ... I need to wire the money from my bank acct $238,250 to Kraken OTC desk

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 5:42:21 AM

so you don't have them yet?

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 5:42:34 AM

or you can cancel the OTC?

CryptKai1/16/2020, 5:43:16 AM

After I wired to them and they received the money, then only I have the 1 mil XRP in my acct to sell. Cannot cancel once confirmed trade.

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 5:43:32 AM

ok I see

CryptKai1/16/2020, 5:43:53 AM

Can sell to cancel but the spread was a loss of $8500 ... now even more loss

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 5:44:11 AM

yeah not worth it

CryptKai1/16/2020, 5:44:33 AM

Bad trade.

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 5:44:39 AM

not that bad

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 5:44:42 AM

good chart so far

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 5:44:44 AM

held well

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 5:44:50 AM

can go as planned

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 5:44:56 AM

for now not bearish at all

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 5:45:01 AM

was short term

CryptKai1/16/2020, 5:45:09 AM

I sold 3.9 mil XRP at about 0.185 at bottom too

CryptKai1/16/2020, 5:45:20 AM

another bad trade

CryptKai1/16/2020, 5:47:02 AM

i will fulfill my obligation to wire them money. My wife doesn't know about it.

CryptKai1/16/2020, 5:47:30 AM

Will hopefully make it back and send money back to bank

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 5:47:44 AM

yeah not worried

CryptKai1/16/2020, 5:48:01 AM


CryptKai1/16/2020, 3:40:42 PM

Good morning John. I will hold the 1 mil XRP until BTC reach top 9300 - 9600, after this correction.

CryptKai1/16/2020, 8:43:21 PM

Really hopeful now. Bullish!

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 8:46:31 PM

looks good

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 8:46:32 PM

really good

CryptKai1/16/2020, 8:49:49 PM

What leverage you use for this trade (long XRP)? On equity of $40k i think.

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 8:51:58 PM


CryptHawk1/16/2020, 8:52:09 PM

waiting to take a quick 17-20k around 0.238

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 8:52:13 PM

and long on retrace

CryptKai1/16/2020, 8:54:02 PMEdited 1/16/2020, 8:56:15 PM

Return would be similar for me to exchange long $440k worth of XRP. But you said the funding cost is high currently.

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 8:57:12 PM

I want 0.307

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 8:57:15 PM

then will long back

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 8:57:23 PM

but there is a possibility to go straight to 0.32

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 8:57:33 PM

so I will be careful but will take profits on the way so we can long back

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 8:57:38 PM

I have 0.41-45 top of 5

CryptKai1/16/2020, 9:06:46 PM

Ok, follow this plan for my 1mil XRP.

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 9:07:20 PM

I will update you depending on MA200 daily

CryptKai1/16/2020, 10:51:00 PMEdited 1/16/2020, 10:51:11 PM

You make me want to buy another million XRP

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 11:53:31 PM

ha ha ha

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 11:53:33 PM

chill for now

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 11:53:35 PM

we have time

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 11:53:40 PM

let have a clear confirmation

CryptKai1/16/2020, 11:55:19 PM

Ok πŸ˜‚ with 11x leverage XRP long on 40k usd, i think it is good sizable amt.

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 11:55:30 PM

yeah for now all good

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 11:55:44 PM

want to swing some and then go on the big one

CryptKai1/16/2020, 11:55:52 PM

Thanks John.

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 11:56:07 PM

0.27 seems to be good pretty soon

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 11:56:31 PM

will be a first 90k

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 11:56:35 PM

and help for bigger

CryptKai1/16/2020, 11:56:50 PMEdited 1/16/2020, 11:58:11 PM

A one cent up, is another $10k profit towards my new home... Refer to my 1 mil XRP long

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 11:58:09 PM

CryptHawk1/16/2020, 11:58:13 PM

very likely this

CryptKai1/16/2020, 11:58:51 PM


CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:00:59 AM

You there

CryptKai1/17/2020, 3:01:05 AM


CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:01:07 AM

I am not home for 10 min

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:01:19 AM

In case it blows up be ready to close market on the bybit account

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:01:21 AM

Just in case

CryptKai1/17/2020, 3:01:40 AM


CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:01:52 AM

I will tell you normally max 10 min

CryptKai1/17/2020, 3:01:52 AM

Msg me too... I don't set alert

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:01:54 AM

But in case

CryptKai1/17/2020, 3:02:13 AM


CryptKai1/17/2020, 3:04:10 AM

Just click market there?

(image attachment not found)

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:04:19 AM

Yeah in case

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:04:22 AM

Home in 5

CryptKai1/17/2020, 3:04:59 AM

What price to close?

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:05:09 AM

For now all good

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:10:43 AMEdited 1/17/2020, 3:10:54 AM

I am home all good

CryptKai1/17/2020, 3:11:07 AM


CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:12:47 AM

shit it disconnected me

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:12:53 AM

can you give me the email again please

CryptKai1/17/2020, 3:13:08 AM


CryptKai1/17/2020, 3:13:30 AM

CryptKai1/17/2020, 3:13:54 AM


CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:14:25 AM

I have it

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:14:26 AM

all good

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:14:29 AM


CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:14:33 AM

so now let's moon

CryptKai1/17/2020, 3:14:43 AM

get back our money

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:14:55 AM

and more

CryptKai1/17/2020, 3:15:42 AMEdited 1/17/2020, 3:15:55 AM

Fact: hodler outperform us so far πŸ˜‚

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 3:15:49 AM

for sure

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 7:10:26 AM

stopped out for 8k$

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 7:10:31 AM

looking for re-entry

CryptKai1/17/2020, 7:10:35 AM


CryptKai1/17/2020, 7:24:17 AM

I haven't sold yet. Still holding 1 mil XRP.

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 7:24:26 AM

not needed

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 7:24:28 AM

run is coming

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 7:24:31 AM

will re-enter asap

CryptKai1/17/2020, 7:24:47 AMEdited 1/17/2020, 7:27:42 AM

pump ? ... much needed .. still underwater ... 0.23825 to breakeven

CryptKai1/17/2020, 7:38:10 AM

going to bed now ... got to work tomorrow ... leave it open ... i think

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 7:38:20 AM

sure have a good one

CryptKai1/17/2020, 7:38:27 AM

good night John

CryptKai1/17/2020, 8:24:31 PM

Excited to check the profit later today, with 11x leverage.

CryptKai1/17/2020, 10:49:12 PM

I was anxious when you said it hit SL at loss in Bybit. checked, it is near breakeven. All good. Must gain much better if without scam dump.

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 10:49:22 PMEdited 1/17/2020, 10:49:24 PM


CryptHawk1/17/2020, 10:49:27 PM

not breakeven

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 10:49:30 PM

hit SL at 4k

CryptKai1/17/2020, 10:51:08 PM

Total Equity = 78k USD, near breakeven at 85k. No?

CryptHawk1/17/2020, 10:51:19 PM


CryptHawk1/17/2020, 10:51:21 PM

on that yes

CryptKai1/18/2020, 12:07:11 AM

Got to go for dinner. Have a good day. We are going to outperform hodler soon.

CryptHawk1/18/2020, 1:41:03 AM

22k so far

CryptHawk1/18/2020, 1:41:05 AM

let's go

CryptKai1/18/2020, 1:41:25 AM


CryptHawk1/18/2020, 1:46:09 AM


CryptKai1/18/2020, 1:46:13 AM


CryptHawk1/18/2020, 1:46:24 AM

aiming at 70k at least

CryptKai1/18/2020, 1:46:46 AM

Tonight would be great

CryptHawk1/18/2020, 1:46:52 AM

we;ll see

CryptHawk1/18/2020, 1:46:56 AM

might take some hours

CryptKai1/18/2020, 5:09:45 PM

Hi John Good morning!! Good time indeed. Finally XRP's turn.

CryptHawk1/18/2020, 5:09:50 PM


CryptHawk1/18/2020, 5:09:56 PM

got in a quick swing

CryptHawk1/18/2020, 5:09:59 PM

2-3 times in a row

CryptKai1/18/2020, 5:11:07 PM

πŸ‘ What you did yesterday is good .. GTFO to reduce risk.

CryptHawk1/18/2020, 5:12:05 PM


CryptHawk1/18/2020, 5:12:09 PM

+ profits

CryptHawk1/18/2020, 5:12:11 PM

so all good

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 12:22:01 AM


CryptHawk1/19/2020, 12:22:04 AM

we're back on track

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 12:22:08 AMEdited 1/19/2020, 12:22:11 AM

balance at 92,7k

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 12:22:14 AM

let's roll now

CryptKai1/19/2020, 12:22:17 AM

πŸ‘ Nice!

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 12:25:53 AMEdited 1/19/2020, 12:25:58 AM

1 min trade lol

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai1/19/2020, 12:28:13 AM

1 min gain for you is 1 month work for me πŸ˜‚

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 12:28:24 AM

not for long

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 12:28:26 AM

this is you

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 12:28:28 AM

this was not me

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 12:28:32 AM

this was your account

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 12:28:35 AM

what I just did

CryptKai1/19/2020, 12:29:58 AM

Thanks. For that $8900 gain, i have to work one month for it, just saying πŸ˜‚

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 12:33:01 AM

which is still a nice salary

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 12:33:08 AM

at least I made you that in a minute

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 1:32:59 AM

another 3k

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 1:33:02 AM

2 minutes lol

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 1:35:53 AM

95,4k balance

CryptKai1/19/2020, 2:18:57 AM

100k in no time πŸ˜‚

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 5:20:50 AMEdited 1/19/2020, 5:20:53 AM

100k so far

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 5:20:56 AM

and not on target

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 5:20:59 AM


CryptKai1/19/2020, 5:21:05 AM


CryptHawk1/19/2020, 6:49:50 AM


CryptHawk1/19/2020, 6:49:51 AM

off to bed

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 6:49:53 AM

took profits

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 6:49:56 AM

I'm dead

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 6:50:01 AM

alarms ready if needed

CryptKai1/19/2020, 6:50:04 AM

good night ..

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 6:50:25 AM

9,2k just today it's perfect

CryptKai1/19/2020, 6:50:51 AM

great ... I'm keeping my long ... set stop loss to protect principal

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 6:51:02 AM

yeah will continue for sure

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 6:51:08 AMEdited 1/19/2020, 6:51:13 AM

just complex move

CryptKai1/19/2020, 6:51:19 AM

have great night John

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 6:51:26 AM

thanks you too

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 5:42:37 PM

3,6k profits this morning

CryptKai1/19/2020, 5:47:25 PM

Great Scalping πŸ‘

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 5:51:44 PM


CryptHawk1/19/2020, 5:51:47 PM

down in $ value

CryptHawk1/19/2020, 5:51:53 PM

but up in XRP

CryptKai1/20/2020, 3:28:02 AM

Not looking good. Thinking to reduce at loss.

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:28:10 AM


CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:28:12 AMEdited 1/20/2020, 3:28:14 AM

or me?

CryptKai1/20/2020, 3:28:18 AM

Me.. Should i

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:28:24 AM

this is what I am looking at

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:28:33 AM

watching if we can reduce on a quick bounce

CryptKai1/20/2020, 3:28:41 AMEdited 1/20/2020, 3:29:03 AM

You do your thing... Not to interfere

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:29:01 AM

I was also thinking about reducing

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:29:05 AM

instead of being stopped out

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:29:08 AM

as we're very close

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:29:13 AMEdited 1/20/2020, 3:29:14 AM

I think it needs to retest 0.23

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:29:19 AM

it did not yet since this morning

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:29:36 AM

does not mean it's bearish

CryptKai1/20/2020, 3:29:54 AM

The longer BTC flat, it looks more down to me

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:29:59 AM


CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:30:08 AM

that's why if we can get a little little bounce to close green

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:30:15 AM

XRPBTC is being sold like hell

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:30:37 AM

waiting for that resistance retest and reducing

CryptKai1/20/2020, 3:31:04 AMEdited 1/20/2020, 3:31:17 AM

This is real shit coin, other coins, say dash, doing much better

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:31:13 AM

it will go

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:31:17 AM

just needs more liquidity

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:31:41 AM

15 min XRPBTC finally going up

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:31:44 AM

curving on indicators

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:31:56 AM

so might have a bounce to retest

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:31:58 AM

I will see there

CryptKai1/20/2020, 3:32:29 AM

Yes, out of nowhere and i hope I'm lucky enough to be still in the long position

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:32:53 AM

this might be 2 of 5

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:32:57 AM

as I only count 4

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:33:11 AM

so at least 0.23350

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:33:13 AM


CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:33:37 AM

I am suspecting a hell of an accumulation

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:33:43 AM

and it's gonna come out of nowhere

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:33:50 AM

that's why I am not staying out too much

CryptKai1/20/2020, 3:34:43 AMEdited 1/20/2020, 3:35:05 AM

Ok, reduce a bit there at around 0.2335 or so. I still have cash sitting sideline to add but those are for home purchase, closing in mid March. Don't dare to use it to trade.

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:35:11 AM

yeah I know

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:35:19 AM

book is crazy good

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:35:24 AM

this is why I don't understand

CryptKai1/20/2020, 3:35:46 AM

Maybe just a little bit more patient.

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:35:52 AM

15 is curving a bit

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:36:00 AM

and double bottom for now

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:36:07 AM

so let see if we get a micro bounce

CryptKai1/20/2020, 3:36:19 AM


CryptHawk1/20/2020, 3:36:37 AM

won't be big bug enough

CryptKai1/20/2020, 4:55:42 AM

I haven't sell my 1 mil XRP yet ...hard decision as it is $5k loss

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 4:56:01 AM

took 11k loss on the trade ha ha

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 4:56:05 AM

gonna make it back on that wave

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 4:56:11 AM

did not want to close

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 4:56:12 AM

but hey

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 4:56:19 AM

now better price

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 4:56:32 AM

so this is gonna take 30 min to get that back

CryptKai1/20/2020, 4:58:52 AM

you sold at bottom ... 15 min ... sometimes it work this way ... against you

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 4:59:05 AM

yeah I know

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 4:59:09 AM

but got in straight

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 4:59:12 AM

SL was a bit tight

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 4:59:16 AM

and tired

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 4:59:23 AM

but got in again so should be better

CryptKai1/20/2020, 4:59:55 AMEdited 1/20/2020, 5:00:05 AM

i see .. better be safe than sorry .. 11pm there and you been talking whole days ... everyday ...

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 5:00:08 AM


CryptHawk1/20/2020, 5:00:13 AM

was expecting a hunt

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 5:00:21 AM

that's why I stopped myself

CryptKai1/20/2020, 5:00:21 AM

wow pumping

CryptKai1/20/2020, 5:05:11 AM

took a $5k loss ... this is part of home purchase money that I can't afford to loss

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 5:05:25 AM

yeah sure

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 5:05:31 AM

but better that before

CryptKai1/20/2020, 5:07:56 AMEdited 1/20/2020, 5:08:06 AM

To be exact: $4430 loss. Should have took $10k profit before. I'm done with play the home purchase money.

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 5:08:18 AM

yeah don't

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 5:08:22 AM

doing good with the trading

CryptKai1/20/2020, 11:17:28 PM

I was thinking to use the home purchase money again but resisted knowing that with your trading, I still can make some handsome return.

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 11:28:53 PM

gonna make a bank

CryptHawk1/20/2020, 11:28:54 PM


CryptHawk1/20/2020, 11:29:07 PM

I'm going 50Mil OTC if this shit closes as a Dragonfly doji

CryptKai1/20/2020, 11:29:23 PM

wow ...

CryptKai1/20/2020, 11:31:29 PM

ok ... I will follow up later to see if it is dragonfly doji.

CryptKai1/21/2020, 3:51:56 AM

should I get in?

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:52:11 AM

oh you're out

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:52:13 AM

thought in

CryptKai1/21/2020, 3:53:04 AM

market buy now will be 992K XRP, loss 8k XRP

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:53:20 AM

let me check the TF

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:53:38 AM

is it exchange or OTC

CryptKai1/21/2020, 3:53:46 AM


CryptKai1/21/2020, 3:53:53 AM


CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:54:43 AM

would have loved you to have a better price

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:54:57 AM

as I don't know if we're going to reject or not 0.247

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:55:06 AM

wait a bit for confirmation

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:55:12 AM

then we go on a retrace properly

CryptKai1/21/2020, 3:55:25 AM

ok ... impulsive now'

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:55:40 AM

yes but I still have an ABC

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:55:41 AM

or a 1

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:55:46 AM

so plenty of time to get in

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:55:52 AM

need to check resistance

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:55:59 AM

if we succeed we're good

CryptKai1/21/2020, 3:56:06 AM


CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:56:16 AM

I am in on Bybit

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:56:27 AM

we are 6k already in profits

CryptKai1/21/2020, 3:57:00 AM

7x leverage ..ok

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:57:06 AM


CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:57:11 AM

pure profits

CryptKai1/21/2020, 3:59:23 AM

In Bybit, is it possible to swap XRP for USDT, when we see uncertainty/non-trade zone to avoid loss in USD?

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:59:37 AMEdited 1/21/2020, 3:59:38 AM


CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:59:42 AM

this is what I did last time

CryptKai1/21/2020, 4:00:02 AM

i see ..

CryptKai1/21/2020, 4:00:29 AM

man .. should be in profit if only i keep my XRP ...

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 4:00:40 AM

yeah I know

CryptKai1/21/2020, 4:00:46 AM

short term trade really sucks

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 4:00:48 AM

doing that for you

CryptKai1/21/2020, 4:01:26 AM

my mindsset is different this time since I'm playing house money.

CryptKai1/21/2020, 4:02:15 AM

Thanks John.

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 4:19:05 AM

boom 17k$

CryptKai1/21/2020, 4:20:44 AM

only we can keep it ... so far .. great!!

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 4:20:56 AM

took profits at the top

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 4:21:00 AM

will long later the retrace

CryptKai1/21/2020, 6:44:13 AM

Good night John. Thanks for the frequent update.

CryptKai1/21/2020, 3:10:04 PM

Good morning John. I will try scalping on my Kraken acct, with 300k XRP. Thanks for the opportunity.

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:10:15 PM

hey there

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:10:19 PM

hope you're doing well

CryptKai1/21/2020, 3:10:42 PM

I'm doing good.

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:10:51 PM

for now going to be a slow day so no rush

CryptKai1/21/2020, 3:11:23 PM

ok ... will do at noon. Got to go to work. Have a good day.

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:11:28 PM

you too

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:11:46 PM

will scalp on Bybit when I see something

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:11:50 PM

for now boring

CryptKai1/21/2020, 3:12:39 PM

BTC 1 hr just horizontal ... Don't know it will scam pump or dump but it is coming πŸ˜‚

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:12:50 PM

yeah for sure

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:12:57 PM

for now XRP should hold 0.233

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:13:01 PM

and go for the next leg

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:13:24 PM

pretty sure that BTC is going parabolic again soon

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:13:30 PM

golden cross and shit

CryptKai1/21/2020, 3:14:01 PM

to 9300 - 9600, or even 10k then dump

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 3:25:00 PM

even 10,4

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:10:09 PM

Seems like another 15k right now running

CryptKai1/21/2020, 10:42:26 PM

What?! BTC to 15k will have hugh alt pump...

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:43:12 PM


CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:43:16 PM

15k profits

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:43:30 PM

Not over yet

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:44:07 PM

Probably 13k as it dipped a bit

CryptKai1/21/2020, 10:44:16 PM

Haha.. Both are good ...

CryptKai1/21/2020, 10:47:07 PM

Bought 27 BTC scam coins at 8640 today morning for quick in and out. Will take profit at about 9600.

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:51:21 PM


CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:51:32 PM

I couldn't do what you did

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:51:36 PM

buying BTC

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:51:44 PM

it takes too much courage ha ha

CryptKai1/21/2020, 10:52:40 PM

Yes, especially using the house money take caurage. Has been debate within me for a while.

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:53:00 PM

yeah but pump was obvious

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:53:17 PM

and still good money

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:53:24 PM

we're 14k$ profits for now

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:53:26 PM

balance at 120k

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:53:32 PM

feels good!

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:53:59 PM

should make 60k on that one

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:54:13 PM

so we will have doubled

CryptKai1/21/2020, 10:54:27 PM

With this trend, not far from 2x i guess... I have thank you everyday i guess πŸ˜‚

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:56:07 PM

let's bring that to 500k

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:56:27 PM

for now the trend we have is the trend I have since 7 months

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 10:56:42 PM

so should be pretty easy to reach 1 Mil by march / april if volatility allows it

CryptKai1/21/2020, 11:02:34 PM

500k is a dream come true John!! If you did that, I will fly to Florida to shake your hands.

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 11:03:15 PM

for sure and we'll have a hell of a lunch

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 11:03:23 PM

but should no be very hard after that

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 11:03:35 PM

once we double we have kinda like everything all clear to get to 500k

CryptKai1/21/2020, 11:05:43 PM

1 mil !!

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 11:06:13 PM

so once we get 500k it's easy for the million

CryptHawk1/21/2020, 11:06:16 PM

it goes even faster

CryptKai1/22/2020, 11:33:08 AM

Sold BTC at breakeven and set buy at 8200. Because there is no continuation after breakout and it failed, BTC might go down to 8200 before going up to 9600.

CryptKai1/22/2020, 10:54:19 PM

Hi John. It looks like it's just relief rally and will have capitulation you talk about before, in the next few months.

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 10:54:52 PM

yeah starting to look like shit

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 10:55:05 PM

waiting for a bounce and rejection to eventually short a top with tight SL

CryptKai1/22/2020, 10:56:16 PMEdited 1/22/2020, 10:58:42 PM

Back to be the bearish Hawk, which fine, you are great at short.

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:01:51 PM

just not confident in shorting right now

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:01:59 PM

to be honest I am not bear on that yet

CryptKai1/22/2020, 11:02:58 PMEdited 1/22/2020, 11:03:08 PM

Yes, agree not right now, tight BB channel it could go either direction, i think

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:03:23 PM

I've got my fingers ready anyway

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:04:09 PM

dump could just go for 8,5 tho

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:05:17 PM

I would have loved a scam pump to 8,8

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:05:41 PM

for XRP 4h MACD was trying to cross but failed again

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:05:50 PM

RSI is above 50 which is not bad at all

CryptKai1/22/2020, 11:05:59 PMEdited 1/23/2020, 12:08:16 PM

A quick scam pump would be appreciated. To be on safe side, i just put a random buy order for BTC at 8228, a lucky number for the Chinese new year.

CryptKai1/22/2020, 11:08:03 PM

Yes, no follow through. I am not risking the house money anymore.

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:09:57 PM

what's weird is how XRPBTC is consolidating and how daily flips

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:10:03 PM

so it could stay like this for days

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:11:14 PM

still very tempting to short some BTC of course

CryptKai1/22/2020, 11:12:24 PM

Just looking at the naked chart, the scam coin could go either direction.

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:12:32 PM

bounces on XRP have a lot of volume

CryptKai1/22/2020, 11:14:11 PM

But it really feels like we are heading capitulation in 2020.

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:14:25 PM

yeah could have been a hell of a dead cat

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:16:55 PM

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:16:56 PM

see this

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:17:14 PM

looks like it's gonna go for a continuation pattern

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:18:03 PM

or we reload at 0.224

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:18:34 PM

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:18:38 PM

4h flat rsi above 50

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:19:15 PM

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:19:25 PM

daily is at 60 and MACD says I am not done

CryptKai1/22/2020, 11:19:59 PM

Davos announcement brewing? Would love to have a swell pump before it crash.

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:20:13 PM

I have 0.255

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:20:32 PM

that's why I think I am going to open a very small long and increase if I see something brewing more

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:20:35 PM

no specific risk

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:21:32 PM

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:21:35 PM

holding far too well

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:21:51 PM

USD should make C

CryptKai1/22/2020, 11:24:05 PM

Yes, agree. All looking good so far for XRP. Quite a few major alt have 2-3x from the low late last year. XRP could come at the end.

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:24:21 PM

A liquidity pump and down

CryptKai1/22/2020, 11:25:47 PMEdited 1/22/2020, 11:25:56 PM

I think you said adoption still few year ahead (2022?), so just pump and dump for now.

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:25:56 PM


CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:25:57 PM

not before

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:29:44 PM

my guts tell me to long

CryptKai1/22/2020, 11:32:14 PM

A calculated risk with the charts, just do it. πŸ‘

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:32:41 PM

SL is tight so not worried

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:32:57 PM

TF are bugging me

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:32:58 PM

it wants to go

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:37:43 PM

if a small down I'll get in

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:37:50 PM

if not will ladder slowly

CryptKai1/22/2020, 11:39:43 PM

I will just watch you trade. Whichever the outcomes, you have done your best projection. All good.

CryptHawk1/22/2020, 11:40:00 PM

thing is my guts following indicators tell me huge pump

CryptHawk1/23/2020, 12:00:02 AM

ok gonna pass for now

CryptHawk1/23/2020, 12:00:11 AMEdited 1/23/2020, 12:00:12 AM

see where this leads us to confirm an ABCDE or not

CryptHawk1/23/2020, 12:00:54 AM

confirmation should come fast anyways

CryptKai1/24/2020, 4:00:20 AMEdited 1/24/2020, 4:00:32 AM

Hello John. Great opportunity. I have 27.8 BTC now. Plan to convert it to XRP when XRPBTC bottom.

CryptHawk1/24/2020, 4:00:32 AM

hell yeah

CryptHawk1/24/2020, 4:00:33 AM

that's good

CryptKai1/24/2020, 4:01:12 AMEdited 1/24/2020, 4:01:29 AM

May I know what XRPBTC price to set to limit buy at Kraken?

CryptHawk1/24/2020, 4:01:49 AM

2600 or so

CryptHawk1/24/2020, 4:01:53 AM


CryptHawk1/24/2020, 4:01:56 AM

the wick

CryptHawk1/24/2020, 4:02:00 AM


CryptHawk1/24/2020, 4:02:04 AM

not 100% sure

CryptKai1/24/2020, 4:02:22 AM

ok ... i will set some higher and some lower, spread out

CryptKai1/24/2020, 4:00:31 PM

Good morning John!! All my XRPBTC buy orders filled. The major order is set at 0.00002606. Now, holds 1,068,528 XRP

CryptHawk1/24/2020, 4:01:19 PM

looks pretty good

CryptKai1/24/2020, 4:01:44 PM

looking for your moonshot scenario, hope it plays out in Feb

CryptHawk1/24/2020, 4:02:00 PM

yeah 2580 for your last orders

CryptHawk1/24/2020, 4:02:02 PM

should be filled

CryptHawk1/24/2020, 4:02:16 PM

even 2575

CryptKai1/24/2020, 4:02:22 PM

got to go work ... u hv good day .. taking care of kids while your wife in Vegas ?

CryptHawk1/24/2020, 4:02:48 PM

yeah going out with the kids

CryptKai1/24/2020, 11:22:07 PM

CryptKai1/27/2020, 1:27:32 AMEdited 1/27/2020, 1:27:39 AM

Hi John. I sold before the break out. Any good reentry?

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 1:27:40 AM

no gonna short soon

CryptKai1/27/2020, 1:27:59 AM

Ohh... Still have time to buy low πŸ‘

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 1:28:07 AM


CryptKai1/27/2020, 4:56:32 AM

Hi John. I'm out, all cash at $241k. Waiting for the big dump XRP to buy at dirt cheap. What do you think the prices to set to fill the buy orders at Kraken? I'm thinking to spread around 0.18 - 0.198.

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 4:56:49 AM

big question

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 4:56:53 AM

I need that damn wave 1 first

CryptKai1/27/2020, 4:56:55 AM


CryptKai1/27/2020, 4:57:55 AM

the December low is 0.17401 at Kraken. So, thinking any price below 0.20 and above December low is a safe bet.

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 4:58:05 AM

pretty sure it will

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 4:58:14 AM

when I have 1 I have the targets

CryptKai1/27/2020, 5:00:10 AM

maybe not catching the absolute bottom but not gonna miss the big run up after BitMex launch XRPUSD quanto swap in Feb 5. I will set between 0.18 - 0.198 for now.

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:00:27 AMEdited 1/27/2020, 5:00:29 AM

still thing we could dump to 0.14 as a flash crash

CryptKai1/27/2020, 5:01:02 AM

Yes, I agree 0.14 is a possibility, for real.

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:01:12 AM

if they dump XRPBTC

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:01:16 AM

to swap it will happen

CryptKai1/27/2020, 5:02:00 AM

that would be amazing. Will wait for your data then.

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:02:08 AM

yeah I just need 1

CryptKai1/27/2020, 5:02:35 AM

yes, will be very patient to catch big fish.

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:02:44 AM

this will be a hell of an opportunity

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:03:35 AM

I'd like to catch a BTC short for bybit

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:03:37 AM

something pretty big

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:03:40 AM

for a quick ride

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:03:57 AM

so waiting for the last bounce

CryptKai1/27/2020, 5:04:02 AM

Given this scenario would you move XRP to USDT in the Bybit account?

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:04:11 AM

I went to BTC for a short

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:04:21 AM

so we can accumulate

CryptKai1/27/2020, 5:04:27 AM


CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:04:38 AM

we have to much to be able to move to USDT

CryptKai1/27/2020, 5:05:40 AM

i see.

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:05:50 AM

8,700 would be nice

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:05:56 AM

huge short easy bucks

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:06:00 AM

accumulation for the bottom

CryptKai1/27/2020, 5:07:06 AM

8600 level is a resistance level, if it form support there, it could go up to 9300 - 9600 very quickly.

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:07:19 AM

yeah but looks weak

CryptKai1/27/2020, 5:07:30 AMEdited 1/27/2020, 5:07:56 AM

hopefully no scam pump out of nowhere then

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:07:32 AMEdited 1/27/2020, 5:07:38 AM

won't get there till at least some liquidity at 8k

CryptKai1/27/2020, 5:09:15 AM

Have a good night, John.

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 5:09:24 AM

you too

CryptKai1/27/2020, 8:09:22 PM

it formed support and wanna go 9300

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 8:09:34 PM

should just stop at 8995 or so

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 8:09:46 PM

TF can't handle more

CryptKai1/27/2020, 8:10:15 PM

still in cash ... patient to catch the bottom

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 8:10:29 PM

yeah closed the short even

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 8:10:31 PM


CryptKai1/27/2020, 10:01:41 PM

I'm thinking to diversify to BAT.

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 10:01:54 PM

I am working on a plan

CryptKai1/27/2020, 10:01:55 PM

Might take a position in BAT

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 10:01:57 PM

should be finished soon

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 10:02:03 PM

with different alts

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 10:02:09 PM

got a 3-4 alts ready

CryptHawk1/27/2020, 10:02:15 PM

with a real good interest and volume

CryptKai1/27/2020, 10:02:53 PM

Ok... Looking forward..

CryptKai1/28/2020, 1:48:06 PM

Good morning John. Double top at 9100 level. Seems top could be in.

CryptKai1/28/2020, 1:49:15 PM

We are most likely going now for a small retracement to $8800-8900.

CryptHawk1/28/2020, 1:53:54 PM

Alts are gonna fly

CryptKai1/28/2020, 1:55:28 PM

Not if BTC crash but if BTC behave sideway then XRP turn finally, hopefully.

CryptHawk1/28/2020, 1:55:41 PM

Should stay sideways

CryptKai1/28/2020, 2:30:04 PM

still in cash $241k. Do you still expect flash crash for XRP?

CryptHawk1/28/2020, 2:30:38 PM

DT or so but waiting for confirmation

CryptKai1/28/2020, 2:30:45 PM


CryptKai1/28/2020, 9:02:30 PM

The lagger XRP seems impulsive.

CryptHawk1/28/2020, 9:02:38 PM

more than ever

CryptKai1/28/2020, 9:03:12 PM

Are we ready in the bybit acct?

CryptHawk1/28/2020, 9:03:22 PM

already long

CryptHawk1/28/2020, 9:03:26 PM

a bit higher on 1

CryptHawk1/28/2020, 9:03:29 PM

but all good

CryptKai1/28/2020, 9:04:53 PMEdited 1/28/2020, 9:05:07 PM

Hopefully can make 2x for this impulsive move. I'm try to hold my emotion, not to add any long position. Still all in cash.

CryptHawk1/28/2020, 9:05:02 PM


CryptHawk1/28/2020, 9:05:08 PM

wait till a retrace

CryptHawk1/28/2020, 9:05:15 PM

I will tell you when I confirm we're going for 3 of 3

CryptKai1/28/2020, 9:05:51 PM

Please, i will have big buy from Kraken OTC then if confirmed

CryptKai1/28/2020, 9:06:09 PM

For a quick profit, in and out quick

CryptHawk1/28/2020, 9:06:23 PM

yeah will tell you

CryptKai1/28/2020, 9:06:30 PM

Thanks John

CryptKai1/28/2020, 10:00:41 PM

XRP just follows BTC. Not much distinctly different, for now. I will refrain to fall in the trap. I really think 9600 - 10400 is GTFO.

CryptKai1/29/2020, 1:24:16 AMEdited 1/29/2020, 1:24:44 AM

XRP only need 2x, our portfolio will be 12x ... Just do it XRP

CryptKai1/29/2020, 8:02:29 PMEdited 1/29/2020, 8:04:13 PM

Hi John, I think we can definitely short BTC when it reach 9650. It probably retest the MA200 at around 8830 for the February low. Then, the next leg up, in March(??), will be to around 10400.

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:20:11 PM

yeah this is what I am looking at

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:23:06 PM

9,6 to 8,8 or so

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:23:11 PM

then long to 10,4k

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:26:46 PM

I might start changing some XRP to BTC at this price

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:26:49 PM

instead of 9,6

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:26:53 PM

still have more BTC

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:27:41 PM

just don't know if it dips first here

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:27:43 PM

then 9,6

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:27:45 PM

then real drop

CryptKai1/29/2020, 8:30:16 PM

It is uncertain if it want to go to 9600 now or drop straight to 8800.

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:30:24 PM


CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:30:29 PM

funding for longs is terrible

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:30:31 PM

could push one more

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:30:34 PM

and they close

CryptKai1/29/2020, 8:31:14 PM

hopefully funding info give us a good indicator

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:31:21 PM

yeah too many longs

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:31:25 PM

point is they can push again

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:31:30 PM

because shorts pilling up for funding

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:31:33 PM

and they squeeze

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:38:13 PM

changed 2BTC

CryptKai1/29/2020, 8:38:25 PM


CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:39:08 PM

maybe will change a bit more to get ready to take a good x5

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:47:01 PM

gonna try to catch that damn wick

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:47:06 PM

kind of a hell of a job

CryptKai1/29/2020, 8:47:40 PM

Wish you best of luck

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:48:01 PM

probably ladder slowly on the way up

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:55:49 PM

now ready

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:55:51 PM

changed 100k XRP

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:55:54 PM

aka 2.52 BTC

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:55:59 PM

when it's time

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:56:02 PM

this will be glory

CryptKai1/29/2020, 8:56:33 PM

Wow... πŸ€‘

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:57:59 PM

let's see where this leads us

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:58:13 PM

9780 wick maybe

CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:58:14 PM


CryptHawk1/29/2020, 8:58:27 PM

I have a 1.618 there too

CryptKai1/30/2020, 1:39:20 AM

BTC is down.

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:40:58 AM

yeah changed the BTC before

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:41:01 AM

did not like it

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:41:05 AM

but did not want to short

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:41:10 AM

in a XRP long not that bad

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:41:16 AM

just some volume

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:41:20 AM

I longed the support

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:41:27 AM

it dipped below but not really much

CryptKai1/30/2020, 1:41:35 AM


CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:41:37 AM

currently 0.2324

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:41:39 AM

in at 0.2355

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:41:41 AM

so ....

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:41:56 AM

not much to worry about for now

CryptKai1/30/2020, 1:42:40 AMEdited 1/30/2020, 1:42:56 AM

Seem BTC want 8800 - 8900 level bottom, longer term

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:44:59 AM

yeah for now it's fine

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:45:03 AM

I just see a A

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:45:06 AM

so will bounce for sure

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:45:10 AM

could also range now here

CryptKai1/30/2020, 1:45:25 AM


CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:45:34 AM

could be good for alts

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:45:37 AM

all the ranging etc

CryptKai1/30/2020, 1:46:30 AM

Hopefully but BTC want 8900 in February

CryptKai1/30/2020, 1:36:32 PM

Hi John. It is more certain than before, the vertical pump is coming.

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:38:40 PMEdited 1/30/2020, 1:38:41 PM

I guess it is

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:38:49 PM

Just waiting on XRPBTC

CryptKai1/30/2020, 1:39:02 PM

XRPBTC coiled to corner

CryptKai1/30/2020, 1:41:34 PMEdited 1/30/2020, 1:42:02 PM

Weekly XRPBTC BB in most narrow channel, compared to past 2 yrs .. waiting to explode

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:42:06 PM

yeah apex on USD is here

CryptKai1/30/2020, 1:53:58 PM

BB channel could stay narrow longer than we thought. The explosion happens at the announcement of bull market back in late March 2017. If this happens again, we have to wait after BTC above 10500 ... Just a thought.

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:56:49 PM

yeah it's always different

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:56:54 PM

I don't think we go from here big time

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 1:57:04 PM

but a decent push at least to pass resistance and hold above

CryptKai1/30/2020, 2:04:23 PM

With 6.5x, a decent push will be a decent gain. There is still very probable BTC could push a bit to 9600 before weekend.

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 2:06:09 PM

we're not fully in thos

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 2:06:18 PM

was looking at the availability

CryptKai1/30/2020, 7:37:03 PM

BTC top is near?

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 7:37:11 PM


CryptHawk1/30/2020, 7:37:14 PM

it's weirdo

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 7:37:24 PM

9,7 maybe

CryptKai1/30/2020, 7:38:23 PMEdited 1/30/2020, 7:38:32 PM

Wondering what's your plan When it crash: move to USDT or hedge with short?

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 7:38:33 PM

maybe short

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 7:38:35 PM

but 1x

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 7:38:39 PM

just to lower the risk

CryptKai1/30/2020, 7:38:44 PM


CryptHawk1/30/2020, 7:38:51 PM

so we still keep the US value high

CryptKai1/30/2020, 7:39:20 PM

Yes preserve the hard earned USD

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 7:39:31 PM

still it wants to go

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 7:39:33 PM

it's very weird

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 7:39:36 PM

XRPBTC holding it

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 7:41:10 PM


CryptHawk1/30/2020, 7:55:00 PM

wondering if I take a crazy long as it could break up

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 7:55:04 PM

and super super tight SL

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 7:55:14 PM

debating very hard with myself

CryptKai1/30/2020, 7:56:47 PM

Your previous msg did not appear. Weird. Something about crazy long?

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 7:56:56 PM

wondering if I take a crazy long as it could break up and super super tight SL debating very hard with myself

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 7:57:04 PM

that's what I was saying

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 7:57:10 PM

indicators going well

CryptKai1/30/2020, 7:58:49 PM

I see. That's a difficult choice especially when BTC near top and weekend coming

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 8:08:12 PM

ok I fomoed with a very very tight SL

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 8:08:15 PM

in at 0.2403

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 8:08:21 PM

already 2k in profits

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 8:08:29 PM

indicators are telling me go in motherfucker

CryptKai1/30/2020, 10:00:56 PM

You made it !! haha

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:01:05 PM

yeah ha ha

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:01:09 PM

small scalp 30 min

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:01:11 PM

10x ha haha

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:01:17 PM

had a tiny stop

CryptKai1/30/2020, 10:04:30 PM

Hopefully we don't loss the USD value when correction.

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:04:41 PM

yeah gonna look at it

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:11:59 PM

Balance at 104,6k

CryptKai1/30/2020, 10:13:43 PM

Great! I saw it.

CryptKai1/30/2020, 10:35:30 PM

Hi John. I think we should keep XRP and try to accumulate as much XRP as possible even though we might lose USD value temporarily as the coiled spring could be release soon. Just my thought.

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:37:29 PM


CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:37:40 PM

I can do that by working on shorts and longs

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:38:22 PM

how do you want to work for the commissions as we agreed on the profits

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:38:32 PM

you send me the commissions

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:38:37 PM

or we use bybit

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:38:39 PM

whatever suits you

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:39:02 PM

just need to see how I withdraw them so I can work with my accountant on how I withdraw on my side

CryptKai1/30/2020, 10:39:29 PM

I can send you the commissions.

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:39:48 PM

it's up to you if you want me to grow the bybit and use the same capital etc

CryptKai1/30/2020, 10:42:18 PM

For now, we definitely want to grow XRP on the Bybit account. I don't know but seems we have a chance of a bull run starting March (still early and things could change). I do not intent to withdraw until at least early March.

CryptKai1/30/2020, 10:42:28 PM

What's your thought?

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:47:22 PM

Might go before april for sure

CryptKai1/30/2020, 10:47:31 PM

The profit is still small about $20k. So better to grow it?

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:47:47 PM

if this money is not needed I would say we could grow it far longer

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:47:57 PM

we have a short on the top wave 1 if the bull run is starting

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:48:02 PM

and then the big wave 3 for the run

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:48:14 PM

we can double easily and at least withdraw the capital

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:48:30 PM

might be done by early february as soon as we break the resistance

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:48:42 PM

we will still have a wave 2 it's inevitable so there is a nice opportunity too

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:49:00 PM

I am also gonna scalp BTC and ETH now which will open more possibilities

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:49:31 PM

profits is for now 24,5k which is nice after a month but we can do far better volatility is not top notch yet

CryptKai1/30/2020, 10:50:36 PMEdited 1/30/2020, 10:51:04 PM

I need another $85k for closing the home and other expenses by mid March. In fact, I'm thinking to take an equity line of credit ($300k to invest in XRP personally) for this run. I really think XRP is really after Wave 2.

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:51:08 PM

I am expecting far bigger moves early February, when I will see something happening I can take a x10 and make 50-60k in one trade

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:52:09 PM

ok so we can still withdraw and on this equity you can put 100k on Bybit eventually

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:52:25 PM

ok so we can still withdraw and on this equity you can put 100k on Bybit eventually

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:52:35 PM

and I can continue to run and double

CryptKai1/30/2020, 10:52:46 PM

Wave 2 move?

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:53:11 PM

my goal is still to triple by mid march on this balance

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:53:11 PM

should not be hard

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:53:33 PM

my goal is still to triple by mid march on this balance

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:54:57 PM

the wave 2 will take it down to 0.20x for sure

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:55:02 PM

question is when

CryptKai1/30/2020, 10:55:35 PM

Yes, grow the Bybit. I will not take any money out from Bybit account since we have such great opportunity. Only start to withdraw some capital from Bybit account after 3x.

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:55:47 PM


CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:55:56 PM

something is brewing

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:56:01 PM

for sure this won't be in a day

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:56:08 PM

but we might really start this big wave 1 here

CryptKai1/30/2020, 10:57:10 PM

Should I just OTC buy now at current price. Not hold you accountable if the price drop hard later. Just want your opinion.

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:57:16 PM

not here

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:57:29 PM

will tap 0.25 at least and go 0.23 retest

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:57:35 PM

not interesting

CryptKai1/30/2020, 10:57:57 PM

ok ... still have time to buy from exchange at around 0.23 during wave 2.

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:58:03 PM


CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:58:12 PM

for now I am not very bullish till we show some volume

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:58:14 PM

still shy

CryptKai1/30/2020, 10:58:27 PM

shy hawk πŸ™‚

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:58:37 PM

the market πŸ˜‰

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:58:40 PM

still very shy

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:58:53 PM

till people realize it's bullish for real

CryptHawk1/30/2020, 10:58:57 PM

still PTSD from the bear

CryptKai1/31/2020, 1:53:27 AMEdited 1/31/2020, 1:54:12 AM

Hi John. There seems to have a little cool off in sometimes in February (early Feb ?) to about 9160 before the next run up to at least 9600 again. As you said, wave 2 ?

CryptHawk1/31/2020, 2:14:45 AM

wave 2 has to be deeper

CryptHawk1/31/2020, 2:14:53 AM

9,1 is not enough

CryptHawk1/31/2020, 2:15:19 AM

the 3 white soldiers on daily are pretty strong

CryptKai1/31/2020, 2:59:09 PM

Hi John, 9160 will fail very likely. Next support at 8830 in early February, follow by 8375 in around mid February. Probably time to protect our USD value.

CryptHawk1/31/2020, 3:02:14 PM

hmm I don't see any dump right now

CryptHawk1/31/2020, 3:02:29 PM

I don't know who's your source but this does not look like it's gonna dump

CryptKai1/31/2020, 3:02:38 PM

This info comes from I'm a permanent premium member since they launched back in October 2017.

CryptHawk1/31/2020, 3:02:54 PM

how reliable are they

CryptKai1/31/2020, 3:02:55 PM

Just to provide another perspective.

CryptKai1/31/2020, 3:03:00 PM

(image attachment not found)

CryptHawk1/31/2020, 3:03:19 PM

because indicators show sideways

CryptHawk1/31/2020, 3:03:28 PM

and monthly shows engulfing

CryptHawk1/31/2020, 3:03:44 PM

problem is many of them are perma bear due to bear PTSD

CryptHawk1/31/2020, 3:03:50 PM

and don't really look at the big pic

CryptKai1/31/2020, 3:04:02 PM

They made the call of 9600 back when BTC at around 7000 level.

CryptHawk1/31/2020, 3:04:14 PM

9,6 was easy

CryptHawk1/31/2020, 3:04:16 PM


CryptHawk1/31/2020, 3:04:28 PM

but we also broke the needed pivot to not have to retrace

CryptHawk1/31/2020, 3:04:42 PM

that's my prob here and data says 4.236 has to be tapped then correction

CryptHawk1/31/2020, 3:05:04 PM

I see a correction not a prob

CryptHawk1/31/2020, 3:05:14 PM

but I mostly see sideways first and probably alts rising

CryptKai1/31/2020, 3:10:15 PM

Got to go work soon. Have a good day John.

CryptKai2/1/2020, 1:22:39 AMEdited 2/1/2020, 1:22:50 AM

As you have expected, XRP at 0.24!!

CryptHawk2/1/2020, 1:22:55 AM

expecting a bit more

CryptHawk2/1/2020, 1:23:04 AM

0.244 or straight to 0.25x

CryptKai2/1/2020, 1:23:49 AMEdited 2/1/2020, 1:24:04 AM

Hopefully still have time to get in after it correct.

CryptHawk2/1/2020, 1:24:02 AM

we still correct no worries

CryptKai2/1/2020, 1:24:17 AM


CryptHawk2/1/2020, 1:24:25 AM

yeah or 0.218

CryptHawk2/1/2020, 1:24:29 AM

it depends on what it does here

CryptKai2/1/2020, 1:24:40 AM


CryptHawk2/1/2020, 1:24:56 AM

might tap 0.244 or 0.245 or it tests 0.25 first

CryptKai2/1/2020, 1:25:20 AM

$120k now?

CryptHawk2/1/2020, 1:25:29 AM


CryptHawk2/1/2020, 1:25:31 AM

for now

CryptHawk2/1/2020, 1:25:56 AM

indicators showing 0.255 but can't tell

CryptKai2/1/2020, 1:26:09 AM

Great!! Heading there.

CryptKai2/1/2020, 5:55:09 AM

saw you close it live !!

CryptKai2/1/2020, 5:55:24 AM

Good night John

CryptHawk2/1/2020, 5:57:39 AM

SL in profits

CryptHawk2/1/2020, 5:57:46 AM


CryptKai2/1/2020, 2:04:22 PM

Yesterday's trade was great, you caught near daily low and high, with 7x leverage is badass gain !!

CryptHawk2/1/2020, 2:05:19 PM

Yeah I was 100% sure that’s why I did 7x

CryptHawk2/1/2020, 2:05:38 PM

It just was a bit too long

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 2:09:39 AM

Hey there got raped by SL never mind will have lower

CryptKai2/2/2020, 2:12:09 AM


CryptHawk2/2/2020, 2:15:04 AM

Cheaper XRP

CryptKai2/2/2020, 2:17:13 AM

Waiting for BTC to shit the bed to 8900 (next week or 2), should be possible, but XRP probably can't wait to "moon" to 0.45?

CryptKai2/2/2020, 2:17:52 AM

Still all fiat. Maybe ladder in slowly from here.

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 2:17:54 AM

Yeah it’s pretty hot

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 2:18:01 AM

Wait a bit I have 0.227

CryptKai2/2/2020, 2:37:01 PM

too late?

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 2:37:15 PM

was a bear trap and that's why I got stopped out

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 2:37:19 PM

yeah too late for now

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 2:37:24 PM

we will still have 4

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 2:37:25 PM

no rush

CryptKai2/2/2020, 2:46:03 PM

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 2:46:22 PM

yeah that's my count

CryptKai2/2/2020, 2:46:23 PM

4 to 0.245 -.0.25 ?

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 2:46:31 PM

but 0.248-0.251 likely

CryptKai2/2/2020, 2:47:08 PM

5 to 0.29 - 0.295

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 2:58:09 PM

not that sure

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 2:58:16 PM

would be above EMA200

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 2:58:23 PM

I don't see that happening before a while

CryptKai2/2/2020, 2:59:28 PMEdited 2/2/2020, 2:59:38 PM

not sure 5 to 0.29 - 0.295 ? IT could stay below 0.29 for a while?

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 2:59:46 PM

could even not pass 0.266

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 2:59:56 PM

I don't expect EMA200 to let it go here

CryptKai2/2/2020, 3:01:12 PM

It is just recovering from last half year of brutal bear.

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 3:02:46 PM

except till above MA200

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 3:02:49 PM

there is no bull

CryptKai2/2/2020, 3:03:05 PM


CryptKai2/2/2020, 3:17:16 PM

yes, XRP daily EMA200 is a monstrous resistance, it could break above it but only temporarily (historically, 2 weeks to 2 months).

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 3:17:37 PM

for now

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 3:17:45 PM

I was not expecting a clear break

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 3:18:03 PM

just laddering some scalp

CryptKai2/2/2020, 3:19:00 PMEdited 2/2/2020, 3:19:15 PM

great ...with the aim of increase XRP bag before the real bull (after February ?)

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 3:19:07 PM


CryptHawk2/2/2020, 3:19:14 PM

working on this

CryptKai2/2/2020, 3:32:01 PM

From another source: XRP can go straight to 3700-4000 sats if it breaks above 2800 (that’s the 10w MA on Binance. All the bots buy on those 5/10w MA crosses and they sell on the bearish cross with the same two MAs)

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 3:36:33 PM

yes it is

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 3:36:44 PM

and it can

CryptHawk2/2/2020, 7:40:43 PM

loading a nice short on BTC

CryptKai2/3/2020, 5:16:37 AM

Hi John. Good short term trade for ETH now?

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:16:48 AM


CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:16:55 AM

watching for now not that sure if BTC shits the bed

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:17:04 AM

got 2 swings in a row for BTC

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:17:07 AM

easy 6k

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:17:20 AM

the easiest 6k I've ever made

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:17:23 AM

3 min each lol

CryptKai2/3/2020, 5:17:29 AM


CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:17:44 AM

in an XRP long

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:17:47 AM

for a scalp

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:17:50 AM

but I don't like it

CryptKai2/3/2020, 5:18:47 AM

u have a 5x XRP long scalp

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:19:17 AM

yeah same as mine

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:19:28 AM

entry is cool

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:19:32 AM

but not a big fan

CryptKai2/3/2020, 5:20:06 AM

I'm 100% fiat now. Waiting for BTC to shit for real

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:41:34 AM

might not take very long

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:41:38 AM

maybe one scam pump

CryptKai2/3/2020, 5:41:51 AM

buy now ETH?

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:42:04 AM

I don't know

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:42:09 AMEdited 2/3/2020, 5:42:10 AM

it's like it wants

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:42:16 AM

but I was skeptical due to BTC

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:42:29 AM

put SL

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:42:41 AM

but I think it's the most bullish one

CryptKai2/3/2020, 5:42:51 AM

buy now and sell at 200 for scalp?

CryptKai2/3/2020, 5:43:02 AM

ETH ...

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:43:02 AM


CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:43:05 AM

4h is shit

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:43:07 AM

BTC might dump

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:43:13 AM

we buy on the retest

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:43:17 AM

180 or so

CryptKai2/3/2020, 5:45:57 AM

ok .. will set limit buy orders for ETH at 180 - 183. Thanks John

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:46:06 AM

don't set them

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:46:09 AM

wait till BTC settles

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:46:14 AM

I don't know something is not good

CryptKai2/3/2020, 5:46:36 AM

BTC might shit?

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:48:07 AM

yeah I still have 8,4

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:48:25 AM

once we clear 9,7 all good

CryptKai2/3/2020, 5:49:19 AM

That's why I'm all in fiat ... since 8,4 is more than possible

CryptKai2/3/2020, 5:50:57 AM

with all the BTC sideway, really hurt to see alt run without me ....

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:51:13 AM

yeah I know

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:51:25 AM

ETH looks good here

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:51:27 AM

really good

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:51:35 AM

except 4h

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:51:37 AM

this is the prob

CryptKai2/3/2020, 5:53:48 AM

hmm ... will wait for better entry when BTC reach 8,4 -8,9 next few weeks.

CryptKai2/3/2020, 5:54:23 AM

Good night John.

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 5:54:31 AM


CryptKai2/3/2020, 9:36:48 PM

CryptKai2/3/2020, 9:37:15 PM

Dude made 30x+ gains on TSLA call options

CryptKai2/3/2020, 9:41:27 PM

Imagine you are right about shorting credit card company, mortgages....

CryptKai2/3/2020, 9:41:58 PM

Your swap is much lucrative

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 9:46:58 PM


CryptHawk2/3/2020, 9:47:12 PM

Brokers already contacting me to buy my swaps 2 times

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 9:47:17 PM

They know what’s coming

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 9:47:20 PM

I said no

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 9:49:57 PM

Made a quick 6,1k today too

CryptKai2/3/2020, 9:50:22 PM


CryptKai2/3/2020, 10:30:35 PMEdited 2/3/2020, 10:30:45 PM

Are you interested in looking into Tezos? Many belief it to be one of the top performers in coming bull cycle.

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 10:35:01 PM

Not till we have the final correction

CryptKai2/3/2020, 10:36:01 PM

BTC correction?

CryptHawk2/3/2020, 10:36:06 PM


CryptHawk2/3/2020, 10:36:19 PM

bull cycle if it has started won't go hard before correction for everything

CryptKai2/3/2020, 10:39:38 PM

I always tell myself that i can't miss this coming correction entry point.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:20:20 AM

Hey there, closing my profits commissions with the other members I am working with. Total profits for now: 43,371$US So commission would be 15% as agreed together: which is 6,505.65$US Do we withdraw from bybit or you want to send it from somewhere else so I close my january accounting? Thanks

CryptKai2/4/2020, 1:27:19 AMEdited 2/4/2020, 1:27:44 AM

Withdraw from Bybit but XRPUSD rate is not set yet until time for withdrawal, in XRP. Do you want today? I also will withdraw the profit as well. Reset everything to $85k.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:27:47 AM

ok so gonna do that

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:27:56 AM

Give me an XRP wallet

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:28:07 AM

then you will have to confirm the 2 emails

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:28:53 AM

I'll withdraw mine in ETH but you can in XRP

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:30:38 AM

I just need your XRP address or something else to add it

CryptKai2/4/2020, 1:31:35 AM

Use this ETH address

CryptKai2/4/2020, 1:31:40 AM


CryptKai2/4/2020, 1:31:57 AM

I want ETH as well.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:32:06 AM

ok address added

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:32:13 AM

you should receive 2 messages to confirm in a few

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:32:37 AM

We double confirm the wallet

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:32:37 AM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:37:19 AM

first email should arrive to click on the link

CryptKai2/4/2020, 1:37:29 AM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:37:43 AM

when confirmed I can do the second one

CryptKai2/4/2020, 1:39:56 AM

The profit as of now is $31,185. It is still float until time to withdraw.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:42:30 AM

we started with 80k$

CryptKai2/4/2020, 1:42:44 AM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:43:01 AM

Oh I thought it was 80k

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:43:05 AM

no prob

CryptKai2/4/2020, 1:43:14 AM

$0.2125 x 400,000 XRP

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:43:38 AM

no prob you know better

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:43:46 AM

going to cancel the withdrawal

CryptKai2/4/2020, 1:43:52 AM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:43:59 AM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:44:23 AM

so 4677.75$

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:44:37 AM

24.561 ETH

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:45:10 AM

email should arrive

CryptKai2/4/2020, 1:45:24 AM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:45:42 AM

exchanging the rest

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:46:03 AM

we should easily on the next move go from 85 to 100k+ again in a few days

CryptKai2/4/2020, 1:46:40 AM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:46:54 AM

second one will be in 2 transactions

CryptKai2/4/2020, 1:47:01 AM

can you send the remaining to my ETH address ?

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:47:06 AM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:47:11 AM

it will be 2 transactions

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:47:21 AM

there is a reset of the counter in a few hours

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:47:42 AM

first transaction 20,853.64$

CryptKai2/4/2020, 1:47:51 AM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:48:03 AM

second 12275.99$

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:48:18 AM

109.31446978 ETH

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:48:33 AM

second email sent

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:48:53 AMEdited 2/4/2020, 1:48:57 AM

bybit processes the next batch at 8 am UTC so in 7h

CryptKai2/4/2020, 1:49:01 AM


CryptKai2/4/2020, 1:49:24 AM

How much remain in my Bybit acct?

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:49:29 AM

for now 97k

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:49:41 AM

will be 85k when I exchange the rest when the counter resets

CryptKai2/4/2020, 1:50:00 AM

ok ... that's great. Reset to $85k

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:50:05 AMEdited 2/4/2020, 1:50:06 AM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:50:12 AM

will do the rest when the counter is ok

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:50:19 AM

we can exchange 100kXRP at the time

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:50:30 AM

you should have the second email

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:53:14 AM

reset is nice 85k and this time to 150k πŸ˜‰

CryptKai2/4/2020, 1:53:38 AM

what's coming next?

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:53:46 AM

I guess 0.265 short

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:53:55 AM

and I think retrace first to 0.244 bear trap

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:54:01 AM

so first I will long to 0.265

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 1:54:04 AM

should make 20k

CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:10:45 AM

Moving forward, let's take profit monthly near month end or early next month.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:10:54 AM

yes for sure

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:11:09 AM

I'm good for every month

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:11:35 AM

maybe a bit before this month too as I might have some shit to pay for my move to Florida but not sure

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:11:42 AM

still have a payment down to do too

CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:12:23 AM

Sure ... no problem ... I have a ton of shit to pay for my new home too.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:12:42 AM

that's crazy how many shit we have to pay in a life

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:12:53 AMEdited 2/4/2020, 2:12:54 AM

probably got 400k$ out since january

CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:13:26 AM

Wow ... You pay cash for home ?

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:14:06 AM

the home yes

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:14:10 AM

but had to pay other stuff

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:14:16 AM

the moving company

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:14:17 AM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:14:28 AM

got 134k of taxes for 2020 Q1

CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:14:41 AM

me too ... same as yours but I'm moving within the same city.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:14:42 AM

house taxes here to sell

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:16:12 AM

yeah that's cool

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:16:14 AMEdited 2/4/2020, 2:16:22 AM

"free home"

CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:16:36 AM

indeed. Next is retirement. Need your help.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:17:07 AM

yeah with 85k I won't make huge miracle but still

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:17:11 AM

I will do some pretty good shit

CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:18:09 AMEdited 4/1/2020, 6:54:56 AM

How much you need to make miracle ? LAst time you promise $ 6 mil. What about just $3 mil this year.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:18:55 AM

I mean I still can make a lot with 85k

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:19:04 AM

but I have to play higher leverage which I do not really like

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:19:09 AM

to pull out some good profits

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:19:18 AM

but when you start playing 150-200k

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:19:31 AM

at this time I can play lower leverage and sometimes bigger and have double profits easier

CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:19:45 AM

All within Bybit ?

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:19:54 AM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:19:59 AM

I'm pretty good on it

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:20:08 AM

I can switch and increase leverage when all is confirmed

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:20:11 AM

so it's pretty easy

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:20:52 AM

85k to 120k was easy and short term but played some higher leverage to pull out that amount

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:21:05 AM

when you play a bit more you can just play 2-3x and make far more as you play bigger

CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:22:10 AM

I really need $3 mil. Can you cancel my profit withdraw, reset the base capital higher for this month and let it grow.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:22:27 AM

I do indeed

CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:22:46 AM

thanks John

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:22:55 AM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:23:44 AM

gonna flip back to XRP

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:23:54 AM

or maybe BTC

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:23:57 AM

to catch THE SHORT

CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:24:00 AM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:24:04 AM

because I still think we're going to correct

CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:25:21 AM

Base capital is $118,152

(image attachment not found)

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:25:30 AM

I just switched to BTC

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:25:33 AM

the ETH

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:25:36 AM

because couldn't in XRP

CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:25:45 AM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:26:27 AM

so we freeze the capital as of now at : $118,000

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:26:36 AM

as it's changing depending on BTC

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:26:54 AM


CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:26:57 AM

Your subsequent commissions are 20%. I keep my promise.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:27:17 AM

sure of course not that I really don't mind about 15% if it's needed for you

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:27:47 AMEdited 2/4/2020, 2:27:48 AM

so now is BTC gonna hunt 9,440

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:27:51 AM

or go higher big question

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:28:02 AM

4h is starting to look good

CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:28:31 AM

BTC neeed to go down

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:28:40 AM

yeah point is ... look at 4h

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:28:48 AM

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:28:53 AM

does it look like it wants to go down?

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:29:19 AM

so I think we get a hunt around 9,440

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:29:22 AM

and it's over

CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:31:16 AM

Turning up a bit

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:31:24 AM

yeah might hunt 9,4

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:32:07 AM

I might swing it a bit

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 3:32:02 AM

Took a quick long scalp on btc

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 3:32:09 AM

First time ever I long scalp that shit ha ha

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 3:32:13 AM

I do it for you

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 3:32:19 AM

So far 200$ in profits

CryptKai2/4/2020, 3:33:28 AM

Haha... Would even long bitcoinnect when it had parabolic run...

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 3:33:36 AM

Ha ha

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 3:33:43 AM

Except that I really don’t long btc normally

CryptKai2/4/2020, 3:34:12 AM

Ya, you hate it... But can't hate money

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 3:34:22 AM

That’s why

CryptKai2/4/2020, 4:00:21 AM

Jan 2020 Performance (technically 2 weeks) after commission : 38.8% = ($118k-$85k)/$85k. If you can maintain minimum 35% return every month for next 11 months, then your promise to help me to achieve financial freedom of $3 mil will be achieved by end of this year. πŸ™

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:01:03 AMEdited 2/4/2020, 4:01:04 AM

this was a shit month πŸ˜‰

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:01:07 AM

can do far better

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:01:10 AM

vola was down

CryptKai2/4/2020, 4:02:04 AM

There will be some down vol months, all depends on market.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:03:03 AM

I still can maintain the basic

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:03:07 AM

this month was a basic month

CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:58:52 PM

Thinking to buy $241k worth of XRP. Good time to buy? Saw you put 7x leverage on bybit.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:59:06 PM

yeah it's an average with a tight reduce

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:59:11 PM

I am sure you can get 0.244

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:59:16 PM

but even buying here looks pretty decent

CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:59:22 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 2:59:37 PM

should tap 0.244-0.255 but looks ok

CryptKai2/4/2020, 2:59:48 PM

good ...

CryptKai2/4/2020, 3:55:28 PM

100% in 968k XRP at 0.2498

CryptKai2/4/2020, 3:55:48 PM

let's pump

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 3:55:53 PM

man see that long

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 3:56:01 PM

balance at 141k

CryptKai2/4/2020, 3:56:17 PM

great ... more please ... how far it could go? 0.30 ?

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:05:14 PM

161k balance

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:05:17 PM


CryptKai2/4/2020, 4:09:51 PM


CryptKai2/4/2020, 4:10:47 PM

Wow... More to go, i hope

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:10:53 PM

yeah but closed

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:10:57 PM

will buy the flag

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:11:04 PM

USD value goes up alone now

CryptKai2/4/2020, 4:15:30 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:16:52 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:16:54 PM

that's crazy

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:16:57 PM

how I got in hard

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:17:02 PM

because of my markup

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:17:05 PM

85k to 161k

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:17:07 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:17:11 PM


CryptKai2/4/2020, 4:17:16 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:47:02 PM

I told you we would get above 100k immediately

CryptKai2/4/2020, 4:48:07 PM

Glad I listened to you. Saw your 7x trade in the morning and decided to get back in.

CryptKai2/4/2020, 4:48:41 PM

Wow 7x really feels good

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:49:03 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:49:08 PM

I had a markup yesterday

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:49:13 PM

balance playing 165k

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:49:15 PM

now we talk

CryptKai2/4/2020, 4:49:36 PM

What you mean markup..

CryptKai2/4/2020, 4:49:56 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:50:20 PM

I had a LVN (low volume node) yesterday to trigger the bot

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 4:50:26 PM

I knew pump would start from that 1

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:00:20 PM

So I guess we just blew up the monthly goal

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:18:20 PM

what I am gonna do is now each time we make profits I will withdraw mine so we have a clear balance and I can keep track properly and focus on only your profits

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:18:32 PM

I will only keep a balance with your money

CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:21:27 PM

Good idea.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:22:36 PM

Yeah that’s what I do with tom

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:22:43 PM

He prefers that

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:22:51 PM

So we have a balance only with his money

CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:23:17 PMEdited 2/4/2020, 5:23:26 PM

Do i need to approve the withdrawal?

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:23:23 PM

I did not do it yet

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:23:26 PM

Will do in a few

CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:23:41 PM

Let me know the profit.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:23:49 PM

Road to 200k my boy

CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:31:55 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:32:09 PM

40k away

CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:32:19 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:33:16 PM

Then easy to go to 500k

CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:36:19 PM

Thanks John.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:36:48 PM

We all have a wife to negotiate with

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:36:52 PM

Dear wives

CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:37:13 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:41:44 PM

so profits: 145935.61 XRP

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:41:56 PM

Commission: 29187.122 XRP

CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:42:26 PM

What's the portfolio value?

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:42:35 PMEdited 2/4/2020, 5:42:43 PM


CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:42:38 PM

How much XRP?

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:42:57 PM

I mean I calculate direct on this trade it's easier

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:43:05 PM

so we have a clean balance on XRP

CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:43:05 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:43:23 PM

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:44:42 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:45:31 PM

email should be on the way

CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:48:16 PM

Something not make sense. Base capital is $118k. Portfolio value now is $162,408. So profit is $44,408 but why profit is $145,935.61

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:48:28 PM

was 116k before long

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:48:33 PM

as USD value went a bit down

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:48:36 PM

longed down there

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:49:02 PM

and now you see the balance with the pending withdrawal

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:49:03 PM

that's why

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:49:19 PM

see the screenshot above for the profits

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:49:29 PM

long at 0.2503 exit 0.2626

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:49:33 PM

145935.61 XRP

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:50:04 PM

that's why now it's easier to take on the XRP profits and not the $ value moving otherwise it fucks the trading balance

CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:50:52 PM

Ohh. Not USD but in XRP. Make sense now.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:50:57 PM


CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:51:07 PM

My bad

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:51:07 PM

bybit always show XRP profits

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:51:11 PM

or BTC or ETH profits

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:51:21 PM

soon they enable USD trading

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:51:24 PM

will be even better

CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:51:50 PM

Yez, let's do it onwards.

CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:52:12 PM

But what about loss?

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:52:28 PM

what do you mean loss?

CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:53:20 PM

My method is easy to know the base capital but just a little more work to calculate the profit.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:53:37 PM

prob with bybit is the price going down

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:53:44 PM

so it makes the balance go down

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:53:48 PM

but the XRP value stays the same

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:54:30 PM

hmm wait

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:54:47 PM

no it's fine

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:55:00 PM

I remember we cancelled your withdrawal

CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:55:12 PM

You have to account for loss.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:55:24 PM

I count only on XRP

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:55:28 PM

as I can go to USDT in case

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:55:30 PM

or short

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:55:37 PM

so I can keep the USD value up

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:55:45 PM

while I am increasing the XRP value

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:56:01 PM

so for now trade commission and profits is good

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:56:23 PM

145935.61 at 0.2626 = 38322.691$

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:56:33 PM

as you keep in XRP and price will go up

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:56:40 PM

USD value is gonna go up too

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:56:42 PM

so more profits

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 5:57:32 PMEdited 2/4/2020, 5:58:07 PM

the xrp profits stay the same anyways so if XRP goes to 1$ here the 145kXRP will be worth more

CryptKai2/4/2020, 5:59:44 PM

I see.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:00:05 PM

the more XRP we make on bybit as we're not playing USD the more you make in USD when it goes up

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:00:15 PM

so balance can rise without trading just because we're in XRP

CryptKai2/4/2020, 6:05:05 PMEdited 2/4/2020, 6:06:33 PM

The only problem i see if using your profit calculation method, let say for a hypothetical scenario that you have 2 trades: Today 1) loss 10 ETH valued at $100/ETH. Next day: 2) gain 1 XRP valued at $1/XRP Do you still receive 0.2 XRP commission? How to account the big loss yesterday is my only problem. That's why i am using base capital calculation method.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:06:17 PM

initially for now it's the same as the price goes up

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:06:26 PM

when I see a drop I preserve the capital by going to USDT

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:06:34 PM

so initially we don't lose on the base capital

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:06:42 PM

or I do short which makes more XRP

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:06:57 PM

so that's why I calculate on the XRP profit immediately

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:07:32 PM

if I count on the base capital for yesterday you owe me more as the $ value is higher

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:07:59 PM

but that's not fair as XRP went up more and I took profits a bit below

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:08:27 PM

for this commission example it's: 7664.5382$ by taking the XRP profits only

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:08:48 PM

if I count on the balance it's 162300$ - 118000 = 44300

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:08:58 PM

which would be 8,860$ commission

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:09:19 PM

it's 1,200$ more as the price went up

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:09:34 PM

so I don't think it's really fair

CryptKai2/4/2020, 6:16:38 PM

I still prefer our agreed upon monthly (or even weekly or byweekly if you prefer) calculation and commision withdrawal method. All profit convert to USD at the withdrawal time and also reset the base capital. What do you think?

CryptKai2/4/2020, 6:18:11 PMEdited 2/4/2020, 6:18:28 PM

It gets complicated to track if commission is taken on each trade. Just calculate commission and profit on monthly/biweekly/weekly in USD. After all, USD is the true money as you said before.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:19:00 PM

that's fine with me, just this one would be nice

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:19:05 PM

as I explained I need to pay some shit

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:19:12 PM

then I am good for the monthly non stop

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:19:15 PM

if it's fine for you

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:19:42 PM

leaving tomorrow to Florida I need to close everything with the down payment etc so I will be all good and can wait

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:20:07 PM

I'll be at 200k$ anyways by probably end of the week

CryptKai2/4/2020, 6:20:53 PMEdited 2/4/2020, 6:22:29 PM

Yes, I'm fine for more frequent withdrawal. Everything is calculated in USD (profit, commissions, base capital reset) . Sometimes you get more USD, and some situation i get more USD, due to currency fluctuation. All fine with me.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:22:48 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:22:50 PM

so what do I do

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:22:58 PM

I keep this withdrawal on the XRP value

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:23:03 PM

or I have to change and USD value

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:23:12 PM

I mean it's 1200$ I don't care

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:23:29 PM

let's say it's to allow the withdrawal for today an exception

CryptKai2/4/2020, 6:24:50 PMEdited 2/4/2020, 6:25:30 PM

During withdrawal, we fix the currency rates. Calculate the commision in USD and the amount of corresponding currency you will withdrawal using the fixed rate. And reset base capital. All in USD.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:25:38 PM

ok so we keep this one like this ok

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:25:43 PM

it's like 1200$ difference

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:25:46 PM

I don't care

CryptKai2/4/2020, 6:25:50 PM

Same as what we did yesterday.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:26:06 PM

I let you keep these 1200$ diff

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:26:08 PM

I don't care

CryptKai2/4/2020, 6:26:40 PM

Let me know if you are not happy. I want you to be happy.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:26:47 PM

nah I am good

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:26:52 PM

this withdrawal is ok

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:27:06 PM

so you can confirm it anyways I will make more just today and tomorrow

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:30:57 PM

I need to send a new email

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:31:00 PM

seems like it's expired

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:32:09 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:32:11 PM

I cancelled

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:32:16 PM

gonna send another one

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:32:20 PM

made a mistake ha ha

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:34:16 PM

do going to initiate the withdrawal again

CryptKai2/4/2020, 6:35:08 PMEdited 2/4/2020, 6:36:12 PM

For each withdrawal (as frequent as you like as long as current portfolio value > base capital. Fixed all cyrrency rate. Profit = portfolio value - base capital Commission = profit x 0.2. Convert to the currency using the fixed rate. New Base capital = profit x 0.8 + old base capital.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:35:21 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:35:45 PM

I send the withdrawal now and you can confirm

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:36:17 PM

capital when I started the long today was 116500$ we keep it to what we said yesterday at 118k

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:36:37 PM

+43200$ right now

CryptKai2/4/2020, 6:36:53 PM

What's the new base capital?

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:36:56 PM

20% is 8640$ as of now

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:37:00 PM


CryptKai2/4/2020, 6:37:24 PM

Withdraw in XRP? What is the fixed XRP rate?

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:37:37 PM

I withdraw in XRP yes

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:38:17 PM

8640$ right now price is 0.2655

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:38:35 PM

won't go much lower as I am about to long to 0.28

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:38:42 PM

so there is another 40-60k$ profits incoming

CryptKai2/4/2020, 6:38:49 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:38:58 PM

32542.37 XRP withdrawal

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:39:26 PM

you just have to confirm it's sent

CryptKai2/4/2020, 6:39:54 PM

Ok checking now.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:40:03 PM

should be the last message

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:40:07 PM

others are cancelled

CryptKai2/4/2020, 6:44:04 PM

Give me 10 mins.

CryptKai2/4/2020, 6:57:05 PM

ok I'm here. Current portfolio: 1) 575044.43 XRP fixed at $0.2655 per XRP. Total Portfolio value = $152,674.29

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 6:57:37 PM


CryptKai2/4/2020, 6:57:38 PM

Current Base Capital is $118,000

CryptKai2/4/2020, 6:59:58 PM

Profit = $152,674.29 - $118,000 = $34.674.29 Commission = $6934.86 You may withdraw $6934.86/0.2655 = 26120 XRP

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:00:18 PMEdited 2/4/2020, 7:00:19 PM

it's more than 152k

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:00:29 PM

you see the number already with the pending withdrawal

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:00:30 PM

that's why

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:00:44 PM

was 162300

CryptKai2/4/2020, 7:01:46 PM

Everything is fine. We just need to agree on the fixed rate, which is $0.2655 per XRP.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:01:56 PM

yeah was it

CryptKai2/4/2020, 7:02:19 PM

You ,may change the fixed rate if you want. Then I can recal everything

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:02:20 PM

just note that the balance you see is with the withdrawal

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:02:35 PM

we good let's keep it that way for now

CryptKai2/4/2020, 7:07:03 PM

1) Current portfolio: 575044.43 XRP fixed at $0.2655 per XRP. Total Portfolio value = $152,674.29 2) Profit = $152,674.29 - $118,000 = $34.674.29 3) Commission = $34.674.29 x 0.2 = $6934.86 4) You may withdraw $6934.86/0.2655 = 26120 XRP 5) New Base Capital = $34,674.29 x 0.8 + $118,000 = $145,739.43 Agree?

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:07:30 PM

ok no

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:07:34 PM

let's do it again

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:07:43 PM

you have the withdrawal already included

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:07:47 PM

otherwise balance is far more

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:07:51 PMEdited 2/4/2020, 7:07:54 PM

not 152k

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:08:11 PM

there is 32542.37 XRP withdrawal

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:08:14 PM

to what we said earlier

CryptKai2/4/2020, 7:08:17 PM

ohh ... sorry

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:08:22 PM

so now the balance you see is the correct one

CryptKai2/4/2020, 7:08:23 PM

got it

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:08:45 PM

you confirmed the withdrawal I think

CryptKai2/4/2020, 7:12:22 PM

1) Current portfolio: 607,586.8 XRP fixed at $0.2655 per XRP. Total Portfolio value = $161,314.29 2) Profit = $161,314.29 - $118,000 = $43,314.29 3) Commission = $34.674.29 x 0.2 = $8662.86 4) You may withdraw $8662.86/0.2655 = 32628 XRP 5) New Base Capital = $43,314.29 x 0.8 + $118,000 = $152,651.43 Agree ?

CryptKai2/4/2020, 7:12:37 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:14:09 PM

all good

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:14:16 PM

withdrawal seems to be approved already

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:14:23 PM

32542.37 it was let keep it that way

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:14:26 PMEdited 2/4/2020, 7:14:33 PM

it's fine

CryptKai2/4/2020, 7:16:25 PM

ok I'm happy now as it is all clear and fair for you and me. There is a minor difference 85.63 XRP less in your commission.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:16:35 PM

I don't care

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 7:16:40 PM

you already confirmed

CryptKai2/4/2020, 7:19:03 PM

BASE CAPTIAL now is $152,651.43

CryptKai2/4/2020, 7:23:52 PM

Will add 85.63 XRP to your next withdrawal.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 8:23:48 PM

Made some quick calculation with that balance we reach 250-300k pretty fast

CryptKai2/4/2020, 8:24:31 PM

What's the XRP price used in this scenario?

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 8:24:34 PM

Another 3k here on a swing probably 10k

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 8:24:38 PM


CryptKai2/4/2020, 8:24:42 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 8:27:44 PM

5k again here

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 8:27:59 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 8:28:00 PM

Ha ha

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 8:28:02 PM

Easy money

CryptKai2/4/2020, 8:28:12 PM

Man... Love the volatility

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 8:29:42 PM

Balance at 157k

CryptKai2/4/2020, 8:30:21 PM


CryptHawk2/4/2020, 8:31:02 PM

Gonna be good the next big move

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 8:31:29 PM

Quick swings quick profits more money to long

CryptKai2/4/2020, 8:32:45 PMEdited 2/4/2020, 8:33:06 PM

What leverage will you apply? I'm afraid of the scam wick dump hard that will mess our leveraged long. I saw it today at Kraken, that was how i got filled.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 8:33:32 PM

that's why I am going to be very careful

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 8:33:34 PM

and watch

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 8:40:36 PM

158k balance now! Feels good road to double now

CryptKai2/4/2020, 8:41:39 PM

12k to go for 2x.

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 8:44:21 PM

yeah I mean for the second time

CryptHawk2/4/2020, 8:44:59 PM

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai2/4/2020, 8:47:05 PM


CryptKai2/5/2020, 1:08:01 AM

As you said, another 2x incoming for total of 250k-300k USD .. feels good.

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 1:15:08 AM

175k$ balance

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 1:15:10 AM

gooooooo fuck it

CryptKai2/5/2020, 1:15:26 AM


CryptHawk2/5/2020, 1:15:36 AM

I entered before I pushed it

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 2:01:08 AM

24h before we were back at the initial balance

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 2:01:10 AM

now let's roll

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 2:01:15 AM

I love this vola

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 2:01:17 AM

200k inc

CryptKai2/5/2020, 2:01:58 AMEdited 2/5/2020, 2:03:26 AM

another profit opportunity tomorrow for potential 200k+ USD total portfolio value?!!

CryptKai2/5/2020, 2:02:08 AM


CryptHawk2/5/2020, 2:04:24 AM


CryptKai2/5/2020, 2:04:59 AM

I'm out to USD in Kraken. Will follow your foot step to re-enter later.

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 2:05:10 AM

you made 22k correct?

CryptKai2/5/2020, 2:05:17 AM

Yes, in kraken

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 2:05:18 AM

we made 15727.79$ on Bybit on that one

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 2:05:22 AM

so pretty good day

CryptKai2/5/2020, 2:05:30 AM


CryptKai2/5/2020, 4:37:34 AM

hear you said get in now?

CryptKai2/5/2020, 4:37:46 AM

just market buy ?

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 4:37:47 AM

it's 50/50

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 4:37:54 AMEdited 2/5/2020, 4:37:59 AM

I can't confirm

CryptKai2/5/2020, 4:38:02 AM


CryptHawk2/5/2020, 5:47:35 AM


CryptKai2/5/2020, 5:47:58 AM

listening you live now ... haha

CryptKai2/5/2020, 5:48:39 AM

the night is young waiting to blow

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 5:48:45 AM


CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:31:18 AM

hope you're ready for a big one this time

CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:31:38 AM

should I otc buy more?

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:31:53 AM

a bit risky but looks amazing

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:31:56 AM

till 0.30

CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:32:22 AM


CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:40:04 AM

I'm already in at 957k XRP. Asked OTC for 1 MM XRP buy, they quote $0.283 ... not worth.

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:40:38 AM

ha ha

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:40:39 AM


CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:46:21 AM

0.4 for real?

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:46:30 AM

yeah if we blow 0.30

CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:46:30 AM

i mind otc buy for 0.283

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:46:31 AM

it's gone

CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:47:07 AM

ohh ...

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:47:17 AM

from 0.30 resistance

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:47:19 AM

if we pass

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:47:20 AM

it's gone

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:47:24 AM

looks like we're gonna do it

CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:47:40 AM

i.c. ... all depends on whether break 0.30 or not

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:47:46 AM


CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:47:51 AM

0.29-30 will be tough

CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:47:58 AM


CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:48:51 AM

hmm .. not worth risking the home money ... With the profit from Bybit and my 957k XRP, should have good profit.

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:48:57 AM


CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:49:02 AM


CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:49:04 AM

for now

CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:49:09 AM


CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:49:30 AM

more to come

CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:51:58 AM

if succeed this time, your estimate for portfolio worth is $250k-300k ... That's a heck of good start for February.

CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:52:57 AM

90 mil XRP long ... how do you find such liquidity ... who the dump guys sell you this much?

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:53:12 AM

multiple exchanges

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:53:15 AM

not only Bybit

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:53:30 AM

kraken, binance, bitfinex, coinbase pro

CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:54:20 AM

Ok, your bots buy it. Can't imagine 4 combined exchanges have such liquidity.

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:54:27 AM


CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:55:10 AM

weird volume in Kraken doesn't reflect such buying activities.

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:55:22 AM

I am otc on kraken

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:55:27 AM

same finex

CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:56:01 AM

got it ... I asked otc Kraken too ... they quote me 0.283 for 1 MM XRP

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:56:21 AM

I bought before

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:56:24 AM


CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:57:00 AM

i see

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:57:12 AM

I'd love a breakout of 0.30

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:57:19 AM

consolidating here would push hard

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:57:25 AM

straight to 0.32-34

CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:58:19 AM

You can just got a mansion for "free" in Florida ... haha

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:58:29 AM


CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:58:36 AM

but I am a simple guy

CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:59:09 AM

keep it simple ... less troublesome maintenance.

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:59:21 AM

if we could just pass 0.30

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:59:27 AM

it goes straight to 0.43

CryptKai2/5/2020, 7:00:04 AM

you got whatever you want, and I got an early retirement. Good deal.

CryptKai2/5/2020, 7:00:51 AM

Actually you already got whatever you want with this money. hahaha

CryptKai2/5/2020, 7:01:46 AM

But when I had $20 MM worth of crypto back in 2017, I want more ... haha

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 7:02:50 AM

ha ha

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 7:02:53 AMEdited 2/5/2020, 7:02:55 AM

always more

CryptKai2/5/2020, 3:36:56 PM

Do you see big dump coming?

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 3:46:09 PM


CryptHawk2/5/2020, 3:46:20 PM

No 0.289 coming

CryptKai2/5/2020, 4:03:54 PM


CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:04:19 PMEdited 2/5/2020, 6:11:57 PM

Hi John. Here's a simple spreadsheet showing monthly return of 44% needed to achieve the target $3MM by end of year:

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:05:33 PM


CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:05:35 PM

Let’s do it

CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:05:43 PM

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:06:40 PM

The February target already met. Thanks John.

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:06:58 PM

So let’s double it

CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:07:06 PM


CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:07:10 PM

In case some months are slow

CryptKai2/5/2020, 6:07:24 PM

Yes, of course.

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:07:30 PM

March will be done too

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:08:05 PM

Yesterday usd value was 206k

CryptHawk2/5/2020, 6:08:13 PM

So 20k to go on the next pump

CryptKai2/5/2020, 9:56:37 PM

Binance Futures Will Launch XTZ/USDT Perpetual Contract With Up to 50x Leverage

CryptKai2/5/2020, 11:41:50 PM

I went fomo in, OTC buy another 1 MM XRP at 0.28105

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 12:06:28 AM

ha ha

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 12:06:31 AM

you couldn't resist

CryptKai2/6/2020, 12:38:27 AMEdited 2/6/2020, 12:38:59 AM

Haha... Can't resist money, seeing alts are running and XRP's turn soon. The only risk is BTC shit the bed.

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 12:55:13 AM

could go up to 180%

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 12:55:15 AM

from here

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 12:55:17 AM

once we break

CryptKai2/6/2020, 12:56:21 AM


CryptKai2/6/2020, 1:15:56 AM

BTC shitting!

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 1:16:01 AM


CryptHawk2/6/2020, 1:16:02 AM

all good

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 1:16:10 AM

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 1:16:12 AM

healthy retrace

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 1:16:20 AM

giving us wave 2

CryptKai2/6/2020, 1:17:17 AM

Ok... Was all in... Could have wait an hour... Anyway it is what it is. Holding tied.

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 1:17:42 AM

not really worried for now

CryptKai2/6/2020, 1:17:42 AM

Still have $90k left. Not going to touch it.

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 1:17:45 AM

yeah but hey

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 1:18:28 AM

we're down here for now but not gonna complain so far

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 1:18:36 AM

controlling it

CryptKai2/6/2020, 1:19:59 AM

Hope by March 15 deadline considered as plenty of time for XRP to pump.

CryptKai2/6/2020, 1:20:35 AM

Closing in March 23

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 1:20:43 AM

should bounce here

CryptKai2/6/2020, 1:22:17 AM

I will walk away.... Not looking the later John.

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 1:22:40 AM


CryptHawk2/6/2020, 5:07:59 AM


CryptHawk2/6/2020, 1:20:23 PM

Hey Kai

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 1:21:02 PM

Leaving for Florida in a few hours, I would clear the profits when we can this morning so I can plan on putting the orders for what’s coming next and be ready before leaving

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 1:21:06 PM

Let me know when here

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:12:49 PM

Im here.

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:12:55 PM


CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:12:57 PM

how are you

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:13:12 PM


CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:13:29 PM

About to leave for Florida snowing af here

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:13:41 PM

Glad im buying more

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:14:12 PM

so yeah before leaving I'd like to put some new orders etc

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:14:13 PM

Nice swimming pool and the snow πŸ˜‚

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:14:16 PM

so I want to clear the balance

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:14:29 PM

so I know what I am playing with again

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:14:52 PM

balance as of now is 206k exactly

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:14:52 PM

Play ground i guess..

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:15:29 PM

Lets take screenshot of balance and fixing the rates

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:15:50 PM

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:15:53 PM

I need to take kids to school now

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:15:58 PM

no prob

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:16:02 PM

screenshot done

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:16:09 PM

base balance was : 152,651.43

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:17:31 PM

(image attachment not found)

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:17:41 PM

yeah it varies right now

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:17:46 PM

now 206

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:17:51 PM


CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:17:52 PM

etc etc

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:17:58 PM

small small red

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:18:05 PM

not easy to have a proper screen

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:18:15 PM

it goes between 206 and 206,2

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:18:22 PM

so we fix at 206k

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:18:23 PM

(image attachment not found)

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:18:28 PM

round number

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:18:50 PM

if you're good with that

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:19:10 PM

Fix rate at $0.283

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:19:45 PM

Got to take kids to school soon. Can you wait 40 mins?

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:19:50 PM


CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:19:51 PM

no prob

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:19:58 PM

I leave in 2h max

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:20:24 PM

I come back in 40 mins...

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:20:29 PM

no prob take your time

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:26:09 PM

- 728174.80 XRP at a rate of $0.283 = $206073.4684 - Balance was: $152,651.43 - Profits are: $53422.0384 - Commission is: $10684.40768 at a rate of $0.283 /XRP = 37,754.09 XRP Waiting for confirmation

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:33:43 PM

Yes, i confirmed. All good.

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:35:00 PM

Im out now. Back in 15 mins

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:35:08 PMEdited 2/6/2020, 2:35:11 PM

no rush

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:35:27 PM

will convert to ETH so it's ready

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:37:14 PM

Now Balance is 690400.71 XRP at 0.283 = $195,383.40

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:46:51 PM


CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:47:27 PM

withdrawal request sent

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:47:49 PM

What's ETH rate fixing you use?

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:48:14 PM

Shitting now....

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:48:56 PMEdited 2/6/2020, 2:49:05 PM

Keep the fixed rate ... No need to change.

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:50:08 PM

With out profit calculation method, we can fix at any time. And reset base capital.

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:50:28 PM

Moon shot time?

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:50:37 PM


CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:51:24 PM

It is BTC shitting

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:52:25 PM


CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:52:26 PM


CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:53:00 PM

got a system frozen during the wick

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:53:09 PM

orders went through but not the best price but in

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:55:26 PM

ok good now

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:55:36 PM


CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:55:41 PM

so about the rate for ETH

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:55:43 PM

did not use rate

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:55:45 PM

just the XRP

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:55:52 PM

converting the same amount that's it

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:56:00 PM

Yes.. Make it simple

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:56:08 PM


CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:56:12 PM

you should have the email

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:59:03 PM


CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:59:07 PM


CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:59:10 PM

this is gonna be a nice trade

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:59:15 PM

did not get the best best price

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:59:22 PM

due to system being fucked

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:59:27 PM

but pretty happy I got in the support

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 2:59:31 PM

it's not crazy but good

CryptKai2/6/2020, 2:59:50 PMEdited 2/6/2020, 3:00:45 PM

This will be fun

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 3:25:31 PM

15k in the morning

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 3:25:32 PM

not bad

CryptKai2/6/2020, 3:33:22 PM

Please confirm

(image attachment not found)

CryptKai2/6/2020, 3:34:05 PM

CryptKai2/6/2020, 3:34:29 PM

You may use this spreadsheet.

CryptKai2/6/2020, 3:37:06 PM

Very good for 15k USD

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 3:38:05 PM

30k now

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 3:38:05 PM


CryptHawk2/6/2020, 3:38:11 PM

let's roll

CryptKai2/6/2020, 3:38:16 PM

yes ...

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 3:38:22 PM

smells good

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 3:38:26 PM

we're gonna blow the goals

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 3:38:48 PM


CryptHawk2/6/2020, 3:38:50 PM

you asked

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 3:38:56 PM

I am your genie in the lamp

CryptKai2/6/2020, 3:39:51 PMEdited 2/6/2020, 3:40:18 PM

Use the spreadsheet if you find it helpful. Just enter the data in green regions

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 3:40:21 PM

all good for now

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 3:44:19 PM

I want 100k$ min on that one

CryptKai2/6/2020, 6:32:10 PM

Moon time!!

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 6:43:24 PM

I guess boooooom

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:31:19 PM

When you can freeze the balance

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:31:42 PM

So we exclude the profits and I know how much I can play with for the next trade

CryptKai2/6/2020, 7:31:52 PM

I'm busy now

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:31:56 PM

Not now

CryptKai2/6/2020, 7:32:00 PM

After work

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:32:11 PM

I mean when we can because I will enter a trade before end of the day

CryptKai2/6/2020, 7:32:13 PM

In 5-6 hrs

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:32:26 PM

Yeah all good

CryptKai2/6/2020, 7:33:11 PMEdited 2/6/2020, 7:33:23 PM

Ok... Will calculate using the spreadsheet and post here for you to confirm

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:33:57 PM

It’s just isolate and not play with it

CryptKai2/6/2020, 7:35:20 PM

What curency for your withdrawal? ETH or XRP?

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:35:35 PM


CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:35:43 PM

We need to exchange but no rush

CryptKai2/6/2020, 7:35:58 PM

Ok, will do after work

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:36:17 PM

No rush

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:36:21 PM

It’s mostly the balance

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:36:26 PM

As I will trade again

CryptKai2/6/2020, 7:36:44 PM


CryptKai2/6/2020, 7:37:53 PM

You 2x the XRP value!! Great milestone

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:38:25 PM

Yeah I think we’re close to March goal

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:39:06 PM

Or we’re on it

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:39:15 PM

I think it was 237k or so

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:40:05 PM

Was 227 just checked ha ha

CryptKai2/6/2020, 7:40:18 PM

Yes, $227k. When BTC near 10k, really need to hedge the downside risk.

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:40:20 PM

I guess we’re on track

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:40:35 PM

Downside will be shorted

CryptKai2/6/2020, 7:41:34 PM

You are expert at short. πŸ‘

CryptHawk2/6/2020, 7:41:47 PM

Yeah for sure but won’t short for a while

CryptKai2/6/2020, 7:43:09 PM

Hopefully not needed much.

CryptKai2/7/2020, 12:49:27 AM

I tried to exchange XRP to 38.8 ETH, but it doesn't allow me due to exceed 24 hrs exchange limit.

CryptKai2/7/2020, 12:50:28 AM

Let me know if you want to re-do above when you are avail. Have safe trip in NY.

CryptHawk2/7/2020, 12:56:56 AM


CryptHawk2/7/2020, 12:57:03 AM

Check if my XRP wallet is on it

CryptHawk2/7/2020, 12:57:19 AM

No prob to send XRP but normally you can exchange XRP to eth

CryptKai2/7/2020, 12:57:23 AM

sure, one sec

CryptHawk2/7/2020, 12:57:28 AM

But it’s 20k per 20k

CryptHawk2/7/2020, 12:57:43 AM

Up to 100k

CryptKai2/7/2020, 12:58: